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2008 World Poker Open – Event #12, $300+40 Women's NLHE

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I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of women's only poker tournaments. Before you go thinking I'm a sexist pig, it's because I think it degrades women poker players and their abilities. To me, it's saying to women “you can't play with the men, so here play against nothing but women.” I've known, played against, and taught many women to play, over my years in poker and I know personally that nothing could be further from the truth. As long as we perpetuate this image with women's only events, however, women aren't going to get the credit they deserve and I think it will keep poker a male dominated world, which is a shame.

And I have to admit the over exuberance of hugs after every elimination and cheering after EVERY hand just seems silly. If I've finished 5th place in a tournament that I could have won, the last thing I want is 10 people hugging on me, and I'm as emotionally sensitive and touchy feely as any woman. Cheering a hand where it goes all in, fold, fold, fold? Come on. Cheer for the hands that mean something.

Don't even get me started on the rail. Over anxious husbands and boyfriends watching their girl's every move - sometimes too much. “Honey, honey, come here!” is overheard every couple of minutes as they try and give their woman advice. I'm not saying it's this way for every woman, because it's not, but it happens... a lot.

Something I've always wondered about, as I walked through the tournament earlier in the day, why do women wear low cut shirts revealing their ample cleavage in a women's tournament? I'd completely understand it in a mixed event... use every “weapon” you have I say, but not sure I get it in a women's tournament. It's like they are saying “check out my bodacious ta ta's” in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage. Just something that amuses me... but I'm easily amused.

So it was with these reservations that I covered the final table of Event #12 of the 2008 World Poker Open... the $300+40 Women's NLHE event. 236 women started and 18 were paid. Our in the money finishers prior to the final table were:

10th: Kelley Reynolds $940
11th: Shari Milligan $940
12th: Shari Bryan $940
13th: Julie Barfield $806
14th: Lyndsi White $806
15th: Toukkata Galindo $806
16th: Stephanie Lolley $672
17th: Jennifer Colin $672
18th: Martha Sims $672

Final table participants were as follows:

Seat 1: Dorothy Gant
Seat 2: Michelle Nyers
Seat 3: Diane Hughes
Seat 4: Judi Glidewell
Seat 5: Christy King
Seat 6: Barb Watson
Seat 7: Helen Ellis
Seat 8: Pam Dukus
Seat 9: Della Jones

With all my reservations about women's events, I do have to voice one complaint on their behalf. For all other $300+40 events, the structure contained 40 minute levels and the event was a two day event with the final table being played the following day. Not the case here. 30 minute levels, one day event. They paid $340 as well... why the difference?

Maybe it's the 30 minute levels that made the women feel as if they had to gamble... gamble they did. The final table was a series of big hands and eliminations... it took maybe 25 hands to complete the entire final table. I would finish writing down one bust out and another one would take place. As the tournament director Jessi told me... “this is crazy.” And it was.

Our first elimination took place on the first hand of 9 handed play. Judi Glidewell moved all in and was called by Diane Hughes. Judi had A-J and Diane had Q-J. I always like it when I am dominated and I flop the nuts. This is exactly what Diane did as the flop came 8-9-10.
Judi Glidewell finished in 9th place winning $1,344.

Diane and Della were members of a group called Hold Em Hotties. According to, hottie is defined as “a physically attractive person.” Now I know that I'm no hottie so it's easy for me to say that neither was one single member of this group as it was a group of older women. Gotta love them though they were there to support their friends and did it with exuberance and passion. Can't wait for their pin up calendar.

How long did it take to lose our next player? Try one hand. Barb Watson moved all in with A-7 on an A-Q-6 flop and was called by Pam Dukus who had A-J. No help for Barb Watson and she was our 8th place finisher winning $2,015.

Dorothy Gant and Diane Hughes decided to lock horns next as they got it all in pre-flop. Dorothy had A-Q and Diane pocket 4's. The flop came 10-10-7 and Diane maintained her lead. The turn was a 6. The river came and the Hold Em Hotties went nuts for their member Diane Hughes. Only one problem... it was a 6. The board had paired twice and her 4's were counterfeited. Needless to say, the cheers became moans as they realized their error when the dealer sent the chips Dorothy's way.

Pam lost a big pot to Christy King and on the very next hand, raised in early position. Christy made a minimum raise from the big blind and Pam called. The flop came K-K-10 and Christy led out for 20K. Pam moved all in. The stacks were about even but Christy seemed resigned to make the call, probably thinking to herself “if she has a king, so be it” as she had pocket jacks. Her timing was good as Pam didn't have a king... she had A-10. No ace or 10 came and Pam Dukus finished in 7th place winning $2,687.

Christy was now the overwhelming chip leader and, is from what I can tell, playing the best poker at the final table. Despite this, she shows her inexperience when she mucks her hand on an A-A-K-5-5 board when she would have split the pot with the other two players in the hand because the board played.

Diane Hughes had already lost one big raise to A-Q so when she was dealt A-Q, she must have liked her chances as she moved all in. Helen Ellis had not heard Diane say that she was all in and said “I raise” and started to place a bet into the middle. When the dealer told her that Diane was all in she said “oh, well then I call,” and turned over A-K. The board came 6-5-5-3 and Diane needed a 3 or 6 to split the pot or a queen to win it. None of those magical cards arrived and Diane Hughes was our 6th place finisher winning $3,359.

It took only one more hand for us to lose two more players. I told you the ladies were here to gamble...

Dorothy Gant moved all in first to act and was called by Michelle Nyers and Christy King. Michelle's call left her under 20K, and after Christy checked the 10-4-3 flop, she moved the rest of her stack in. Christy beat her into the pot with her flopped set of 10's.

Dorothy had flopped top pair with A-10 but needed runner, runner aces to stay alive. Michelle had A-Q and needed runner, runner straight cards in order to keep herself in the running for the title.

Neither miracle arrived. Christy padded her huge chip advantage. Because Dorothy had fewer chips at the beginning of the hand, she received the lower finish. Dorothy Gant was our 5th place finisher winning $4,031. Michelle Nyers was our 4th place finisher winning $5,374.

During Dorothy and Michelle's bust out hand, the Hold Em Hotties had shrieked as their member Della had suddenly moved up two more pay spots. Della looked at her piece of paper telling her how much she was now guaranteed. “Oh my God,” she said when she realized she was now going to get no worse than 6.7K.

And that was all she would get as she moved all in with A-9 of diamonds and was called by Christy with K-9 of hearts. It was definitely Christy's tournament as she hit a king on the turn. Della Jones was our 3rd place finisher winning $6,718.

Heads up play started with Christy holding a massive chip advantage over Helen Ellis. Helen put a dent in that when she called an all in from Christy with A-5. Christy had 10-9 of clubs. Helen started to rub the dealers back hoping for some luck to come her way and he obliged by putting an ace out on the flop. Helen gave the dealer a small hug as she doubled up. Christy, however, still had a 2:1 chip advantage.

Helen evens things up when she raises pre-flop to 34K and is re-raised by Christy to 68K. Helen calls and the two ladies see a 3-2-2 flop. Christy check folded to Helen's 60K bet and now the two were nearly neck and neck in chips.

Is poker 80% luck and 20% skill or the other way around. If you asked Helen Ellis today she'd probably tell you 100% luck, 0% skill. Christy raised to 60K and Helen moved all in. Christy called with K-6 of hearts but was facing certain near elimination as Helen had pocket kings. The flop gave Christy a small amount of hope as it contained two hearts. You already know what came next... the third heart. Helen shrugged as if to say “what else could I do?” Not a thing Helen... not a thing. She needed the case king or one of two 3's on the river to win the hand but her luck wasn't as good as Christy's. Helen Ellis was our 2nd place finisher winning $12,226 for her fine effort.

Christy King combined skillful play with a lot of luck to take home the title for Event #12 of the 2008 World Poker Open. After the final hand, she showed her live tournament inexperience as she tossed two $1,000 tournament chips to the dealer as if to tip him. Regardless of her inexperience, she was the ultimate victor. Christy King finishes in 1st place winning $22,168.

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