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2008 World Poker Open - $10,000 WPT Event, Day 1B

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Johnny Grooms kicked things off the same as he did yesterday... with the standard announcements and rules. 142 players started play today, only 25 more than the previous day, a surprisingly low turnout. This brought the total number of entrants to 259 for a total prize pool of $2,512,000. 27 players will be paid with 1st place receiving $892,413.

Among the notable names that started play today were:

Bill Edler
Men Nguyen
Chau Giang
Lee Markholt
Tony Ma
Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi
Robert Mizrachi
Kathy Liebert
Josh Arieh
John Phan
Vanessa Rousso
Erick Lindgren
Gavin Smith
Jerry Yang
Andy Black
T.J. Cloutier
John Racener
Chad Brown
Todd Brunson
David Williams
Alex Jacob
Barry Greenstein
Tom Franklin
Darrell Dicken

Players were filtering in late and signing up at the last minute. One of the side effects of this was the creation of a new table by taking players who were going to be in the big blind at another table. The new table that was created was enough to cause one of it's members, T.J. Cloutier, to shake his head and say to anyone who could hear “look at this table.” In addition to Cloutier, the table included John Racener, Todd Brunson, David Williams, and Gavin Smith. Fortunately for T.J., the table would not stay in place long.

2007 WSOP main event winner Jerry Yang's visit to Tunica was short lived. He was eliminated by Barry Greenstein when he decided to gamble with an open ended straight draw against Barry's set. Jerry seemed visibly upset that Barry did not give him an autographed copy of his book after donating his chips to him (just kidding).

Darrell Dicken arrived late. He would have been better off staying in bed as his day was short lived when his 9's lost to pocket jacks.

Here is your chance to play a hand in the early stages of a WPT main event. You are dealt pocket queens in the cutoff and Barry Greenstein has opened for 700 with the blinds at 100/200. You decide to make it 2600 to go. The small blind moves all in for over 20,000. Barry folds. What do you do?

In this instance, the player in question was Vanessa Rousso... and she folded. Tough one, but I think a good decision.

Jerry Yang's straight draw didn't arrive but that was no consolation to Todd Brunson whose opponent's straight draw did in order to eliminate him and his over pair (10's).

Some of the players came into today's play suffering visibly from jet lag. One of these players is Barry Greenstein who appears to be taking naps in between hands. Phil Ivey must have decided to take a nap in his room because he didn't show up until over 4 hours have passed. He still had plenty of chips left though with 14K in chips and the blinds at 100/200 and a 25 ante.

Those chips did not last long (in fact, I didn't even have time to go take his picture... that's how quick his elimination was), however, as he arrived just in time to get a cooler. On an A-8-3 flop, him and his opponent get it all in. Ivey has A-8 for top two but his opponent has one of the few hands that beats him... pocket 3's. No ace or 8 - and just like that Ivey is done. Perhaps he should have come 5 hours late?

Comments and observations from the tournament floor:

Alex Jacob as John Racener is moved off his table - “Yea, get that guy out of here.”

Kathy Liebert talking about her play of late - “I've been playing bad for the last year. Let me tell you about the worst one.” She tells me a story about a hand at Niagara Falls where she re-raises Peter Feldman with 6-3 and he moves all in and she calls. “The whole table just looked at me as if I was nuts. They didn't say a word to me. I just got up and left.” I asked her why she made the call and she said that even though she knew he had something big, there was so much money in the pot, that she convinced herself that he might have something like A-K.

Kathy Liebert has a last longer bet with Barry Greenstein. Barry moved tables and Kathy was unaware that he had done so.
He had been in plain sight of Kathy but now moved one table over with his back directly behind her. David Williams took the opportunity to mess with Kathy.

“Kathy, I got him,” David said, pointing out the empty chair at his table.

“Oh really?” she said, excited, and started to offer David money for helping her win the bet.

“You can take care of it later,” David said, keeping his composure.

Meanwhile, Greenstein is snickering at his table and Kathy finally catches on and looks over. David's entire table busts out laughing and Kathy knows she's been had.

An opposing player to John Phan who has been playing almost every hand “John, don't you need to go get some food?”

Newest member of the Not a Fan of Gary Gibbs Fan Club:

Lee Markholt, after raising in early position with kings, only to be called by Gibbs in the small blind with Q-7 offsuit that flopped two pair. Markholt's day is over after that hand.

Off to impressive early starts are Erick Lindgren, Chad Brown, and T.J. Cloutier. On the struggling end of the spectrum (but at least they are still alive) are Michael Mizrachi, Alex Jacob, and Tom Franklin. The Mizrachi brothers ended up finding themselves at the same table at one point but T.J. Cloutier took care of the brotherly love fest when he knocked out Robert. The very early chip leader is relatively unknown (at least in live poker) professional Mike Postle with nearly 80K in chips.

Vanessa Rousso and Barry Greenstein have been butting heads a number of times and Vanessa was the latest victor in this battle. Barry raised pre-flop and was called by Vanessa, in position, and Gavin Smith, in the big blind. The flop came K-9-2 with two hearts. Gavin checked, Barry bet, Vanessa called, and Gavin called. On the 4 turn, Gavin checked, Barry bet 6K, Vanessa called, and Gavin folded. The river was another king and this time Barry checked.

Vanessa asked Barry how much he had left and made a small bet of 6K. That was enough to get Barry to fold and Vanessa took a deep sigh of relief and showed J-10 of hearts for a busted draw. Not sure showing that was a good thing, but nice bet by the soon to be Mrs. Chad Brown.

Other notable players eliminated throughout the course of the day included Josh Arieh, Chau Giang, and Andrew Black.

Speaking of Chad Brown, he saw Mike Postle with all of those chips and got stack envy. Thanks to the brand new, super duper, stack pump he bought off of Ebay, he was up to nearly 110K in chips with under an hour to go before the end of play for the day. This handy contraption helps you to get pocket aces when some grumpy old man has had enough of your bullying and calls you with A-2. But wait!!!! There's more!!!! For just an additional $9.95, the device will bring you a flop of A-J-2 to ensure your opponent must call the bet you make to set him all in. Get your own stack pump now by calling 1-800-I-LIKE-CHIPS today! Postle's trying to hang at approximately 100K but he can't just keep up with the machine known as Chad Brown.

Angle play of the day:

John Phan is involved in a pot with an unknown player. The action goes Phan bet, raise, Phan call on the flop. On the turn Phan checks, and he waits several minutes for his opponent to make a decision. Suddenly, Phan throws 4,100 in chips into the middle and his opponent immediately moves all in. Phan laughs and tells his opponent that he had already checked and just wanted to see if he knew. His opponent wins the pot minus the 4,100 in chips that Phan bet.

I have to admit this baffles me – if he wanted to see if his opponent knew that he had checked, why not just ask? By putting the bet out there like he did, knowing that he checked (and probably aware that his opponent did not know that he had checked), he gains additional information. If his opponent moves all in, he can correctly deduce he is beat. If he accidentally folds, he wins a pot because his opponent's hand will be ruled dead if the cards hit the muck. If he just calls, John gets to see the next card at the reduced cost he created. I'll have to ask Johnny Grooms the next time I see him about this one.

The say what? award of the day:

A player verbally announces he is raising to 1,500 but instead of throwing out three 500 chips, tosses out three 5,000 chips. He catches his error quickly and reaches out to correct his error but the action had moved on so quick that the floor had to be called. The two players to the raisers immediate left had folded but the player after that quickly moved all in. Johnny Grooms was brought over to make a ruling and after listening to the dealer and the players describe the sequence of events decided that since the raise was verbalized at 1,500 that this amount would be the initial raise amount and that players who still had cards in front of them would be allowed to make a decision based on that amount.

Here's the say what part... the player who quickly moved all in... now folded. Say what? He was willing to move all in over the top of a 15,000 raise but now folds to a 1,500 raise?

Play ended with 83 players remaining, meaning 144 players will continue play tomorrow. The unofficial day 1B chip leaders are:

Chad Brown 113K
Brett Faustman 108K
Michael Postle 85K
Jae Chang 78K
Micah Raskin 71K
Lyle Vincent 70K
John Racener 65K
Gabe Costner 64K
Sean Burstein 62K
Jim Rumpitz 62K

Other notable chip counts include:

Erick Lindgren 58K
T.J. Cloutier 52K
Brett Jungblut 44K
Barry Greenstein 40K
Kathy Liebert 38K
John Phan 38K
Bill Edler 32K
Paul McKinney 29K
Vanessa Rousso 29K
David Williams 28K
Men Nguyen 26K
Michael Mizrachi 20K
Alex Jacob 14K

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