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2008 World Poker Open – WPT Main Event, Day 3

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A running commentary of the day's events...

12:15 p.m. 2008 World Poker Open, Day 3 of the World Poker Tour Main Event where play will be starting at 1 p.m. Here are the tables, seating assignments, and chip counts as we begin play:

Seat 1 - Jimmy Tran - 204,000
Seat 2 - T.J. Cloutier - 191,000
Seat 3 - Brett Faustman - 91,000
Seat 4 - Sean Burstein - 173,000
Seat 5 - Dutch Boyd - 440,000
Seat 6 - John Spadavecchia - 223,000
Seat 7 - Jim Rumptz - 134,000
Seat 8 - John Phan - 169,000
Seat 9 - Gary Gibbs - 133,000

Seat 1 - Brian Taylor - 132,000
Seat 2 - David Tran - 69,000
Seat 3 - Men Nguyen - 323,000
Seat 4 - Greg Boe - 80,000
Seat 5 - Jonathan Tare - 59,000
Seat 6 - Erick Lindgren - 498,000
Seat 7 - Jose Rosenkrantz - 80,000
Seat 8 - Neal Hensarling - 62,000
Seat 9 - Freddy Deeb - 324,000

Seat 1 - William McMahon - 265,000
Seat 2 - Brandon Steven - 31,000
Seat 3 - Hoyt Corkins - 185,000
Seat 4 - Barry Greenstein - 280,000
Seat 5 - Michael Baas - 247,000
Seat 6 - Ken Christopher - 118,000
Seat 7 - Johnny Price - 153,000
Seat 8 - Gary Flur - 122,000
Seat 9 - Gabe Costner – 402,000

1 p.m.

The set up for the final three tables is nice. They've sectioned off the big conference room into a small playing area with bleachers so spectators can come in and watch. There is plenty of space between the tables so you can easily see what is going on.

Blinds started at 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante. Only an hour remaining in this level.

They didn't waste any time getting things rolling as players have been busting as quickly as you can turn around. First out was the short stack Brandon Steven. Didn't catch the hand but his seat was empty and he only came in with 5 big blinds so I figured he'd be making a move early.

At another table, Greg Boe opens for 17,000. Freddy Deeb asks him how much he has left and says “I make it as much as he got” -- this amount would be 75K total. David Tran from the small blind moves all in for 76K total. Boe says “guess I gotta gamble” and makes the call. Deeb has 10's, Tran A-K, and Boe is in last place with his A-Q. The flop comes 7-7-3 and Deeb is looking good to take out two players. That possibility looks even better on the 6 turn but a queen spikes on the river to triple Boe up. Deeb wins the 2K in the side pot to knock out David Tran in 26th place.

Jonathan Tare had won a WPO preliminary event and made another final table. Cashing in the WPT event on top of those two feats is a remarkable accomplishment. Tare's day was short lived and he was our 25th place finisher.

After losing a huge pot to Men Nguyen, Erick Lindgren was eliminated the very next hand to none other than Men when his A-7 lost to Men's A-9. Lindgren finishes a disappointing, and shocking, 24th place. Chip leader to out in under 30 minutes. That's how crazy NLHE tournaments can be.

Men, the card rack, keeps at it and takes out Brian Taylor with another flopped set of queens against another nut flush draw. How many times can Men fade the flush draw? Taylor finishes in 23rd place and Men's well on his way to the final table. Let there be celebrations all across the land!

John Phan was the next to leave us in 22nd place. Rumor has it he wasn't drunk enough yet and that led to his demise. The actual truth is he got it all in against Brett Faustman with A-K and found he was in bad shape as Faustman had kings.

2:30 p.m.

If Faustman keeps this up, he's going to have to change his name to Ahhhhh-naaaalllddddd, because he's turning into the Terminator. Faustman took out T.J. Cloutier in 21st place. T.J. was short and moved in with K-Q and needed to improve against Faustman's A-4.

A few moments later, on a flop of 7-5-4 with two spades, Faustman and Gary Gibbs checked. The turn is an 8 of spades and the two get it all in. Faustman has A-6 of diamonds for a straight. Gibbs has kings with the king of spades. He needs a spade to stay alive. He doesn't get it and is our 20th place finisher and Faustman takes out his 3rd player in a row.

Dutch Boyd started off the day 2nd in chips but nothing has been working for him so far. He's down under 200K in chips and is making some marginal calls (he called a short stack's all in with 5-4 and lost the hand).

Gary Flur had been patient thus far and it paid off when he picked up aces and doubled through Barry Greenstein and his pocket 5's. Greenstein is still in great shape despite the loss with 250K in chips. Flur is up to 175K after his win.

Flur doesn't like chips though. He decided to donate them all to Hoyt Corkins shortly after his double up when he moved all in on a J-J-5 flop with 8-7 of diamonds. Hoyt was more than glad to look him up with kings. Flur was our 19th place finisher. They redraw for the final two tables.

3:30 p.m.

Even the pro's get coolers. Barry Greenstein opens from under the gun for 24K and is called by Michael Baas and Brett Faustman. Freddy Deeb moves all in... a huge over bet and Greenstein calls. Baas and Faustman fold and the two well known pro's are heads up. Greenstein has queens but Deeb has kings and the additional luxury of having Greenstein covered. No miracle for Greenstein and he is our 18th place finisher. Deeb jokes to Greenstein “I finally got your book. I could not afford to buy it.”

In the meantime, Neal Hensarling finishes in 17th place when his pocket 6's lose a race to Michael Baas' A-K.

4:30 p.m.

Jim Rumptz is an unfortunate victim of Hoyt Corkin's penchant for aces and hitting them. He open raises with queens and Hoyt raises enough to set him all in. Jim calls and sees he is up against A-J. At least his pain and misery is over early when the ace is the first card revealed. Jim Rumptz finishes in 16th place. Jimmy Tran hung around with a short stack as long as he could but his luck finally ran out and he is our 15th place finisher.

Ken Christopher doubles up through Freddy Deeb. He picked up aces at the right time and Deeb's measly pair of 3's was no match. It was Dutch Boyd's turn after that. Boyd who had fallen under 100K at one point moved all in over the top of 4 limpers. Michael Baas feels Boyd is bluffing and makes the call. Everyone else folds. Boyd has A-K and is way ahead of Baas and his A-J. An ace flops... no jack comes... and Boyd is up to 250K after the hand.

The ‘stick it in and pray’ hand of the day:

Jose Rosencrantz is short and moves all in from the cutoff for 78K. Johnny Price calls from the small blind. Rosencrantz has 5-2 off, Price A-K. Rosencrantz hits a deuce and doubles up.

The ‘what the heck was he thinking?’ hand of the day:

Greg Boe limps in from the cutoff as does Men Nguyen. Dutch Boyd pops it to 60K from the small blind. Boe moves all in for an additional 50K. Nguyen folds and Boyd, as expected, calls. Boe's hand? 7-6 of spades. He still had over 100K if he would have folded... but to each their own. Boyd had 9's and Greg Boe was our 14th place finisher.

The eliminations happen in rapid fire fashion. Ken Christopher was next when he moved his short stack all in with A-J and was called by Freddy Deeb's Q-10. The flop came 10-9-8 putting Deeb slightly in the lead. The turn and river were rags and Ken Christopher finished in 13th place.

John Spadavecchia doubled up through Gabe Costner with K-Q against 8's. Again all the money was in pre-flop and this time the board came K-4-4-Q-3.

Johnny Price was the next unlucky player to go all in when he decided to call Costner's shove from the small blind (Costner had him covered nearly 4:1) with pocket 2's. Costner only had Q-7 and at first it looked like Price was going to double up when the flop and turn came K-10-6-9 but the jack on the river was enough to beat Price's small pair and Johnny Price was our 12th place finisher.

Brett Faustman starts to move some chips and picks up two big pots when his opponent's fold. In the first hand, he check raises Freddy Deeb all in on a Q-J-7-4 board. Deeb had thrown out an 80K bet on the turn but decided he was behind and folded. A few hands later it was Faustman and Nguyen tangling and this time Nguyen folded to a 100K turn bet after calling a 50K flop bet from Faustman.

John Spadavecchia raises to 35K and William McMahon flat calls leaving himself 20K. McMahon predictably moves all in on the flop and even has a piece of it... top pair with his Q-J on a Q-5-2 flop. A pair of queens does not beat a pair of kings, however, and that's what Spadavecchia had. No jack or queen to save the day and William McMahon finishes in 11th place.

6 p.m.

We're close to the “TV” table but still need to get rid of four more players. The newly drawn final table with seating assignments and chip counts:

1. Freddy Deeb – 560,000
2. Brett Faustman – 885,000
3. Sean Burstein – 429,000
4. Men "The Master" Nguyen – 1,200,000
5. Gabe Costner – 530,000
6. Hoyt Corkins – 737,000
7. Dutch Boyd – 232,000
8. Jose Rosenkrantz - 142,000
9. Michael Baas – 370,000
10. John Spadavecchia – 265,000

Jose Rosenkrantz was short stacked and decided to go for ‘ye olde under the gun steal’ by moving all in for his last 110K. The problem with moving all in under the gun is everyone is still to act... which means someone will usually wake up with a hand. Brett “The Terminator” Faustman did just that with pocket kings and Jose was in bad shape with his J-2 of diamonds. Jose Rosenkrantz didn't receive the luck of the shark, (Humberto was sweating his good friend), and finished in 10th place.

Winner of ‘the wrong time to make a move’ award:

Sean Burstein opens for 50K and Freddy Deeb makes it 150K to go from the small blind. Burstein calls and the flop comes A-7-4. Deeb makes a weak lead of 50K into the nearly 350K pot and Burstein moves all in. Deeb insta-calls with a flopped set of aces. Burstein has 6's. Oops. Another 4 on the turn eliminates any hope and Sean Burstein finishes in 9th place winning $28,943.

Dutch Boyd and Brett Faustman get involved in a big pot that might leave you scratching your head. Dutch raised pre-flop and was called by Brett from the cutoff. The flop came J-3-2 with two spades. Dutch bet 48K and was called by Brett. The turn is the 9 of spades and Dutch leads out for 90K. After contemplating what to do for several minutes, Brett makes it 200K to go. It's Dutch's turn to think now and he takes just as long before he makes the call, leaving himself with less than 60K. The river is a 3 of hearts. Dutch checks and Brett bets enough to set Dutch all in. Dutch eventually folds what I later heard was A-Q with the ace of spades.

Two hands later, Men Nguyen opens the pot and Dutch moves all in. Baas moves all in as well and Men gets out of the way. Dutch has aces and Baas A-Q of spades. Things are looking good for Dutch to triple up but the flop is one of nightmares... K-J-10 with two spades. Dutch had been the monster favorite but was now the monster dog. He needed one of three queens or some runner runner full house. Neither of those come to save the day for Dutch, and he walks quietly out of the tournament area in disbelief. Dutch Boyd finishes in 8th place winning $48,239.

Men tries to steal Hoyt's big blind twice from the button. Hoyt re-raises both times and Men folds.

John Spadavecchia doubles through Gabe Costner with aces. The loss makes Gabe the short stack at 225K but he quickly changes that when he slow plays queens successfully against Freddie Deeb and doubles up.

A while later, it is folded to Gabe in the small blind who completes. The big blind is Hoyt Corkins and I just know he's going to raise. I wonder to myself if Gabe has ever watched Hoyt on television and knows his aggressive tendencies out of the blinds. Sure enough Hoyt makes it 80K to go. Gabe flat calls. Interesting, I think. The flop is 9-3-3 and both players check. The turn is an ace and Gabe check calls a medium sized bet from Hoyt. The river is a 4. Gabe checks again and Hoyt bets 150K. Gabe moves all in and Hoyt quickly calls. Gabe flips over aces for a turned full house. Ah, I thought, he HAS watched Hoyt on television. Hoyt mucks but says after the fact that he had 7-3 off. “I was stealing and got lucky but got unlucky,” he said. After the hand Hoyt was down to 400K and Gabe was over 1 million in chips.

Our last hand of the day involved Mike Baas and Freddy Deeb. Deeb raised pre-flop and was called by Nguyen and Baas. The flop came 8-5-2 with two spades. Baas quickly announced he was all in and said “I have outs.” Deeb asked for a count of the all in bet and found out that it was 334K. Deeb counted out 334K from his stack... he would have 460K left if he called and lost the hand. No one can ever say Deeb's not a gambler for he eventually made the call with nothing but 10-9 of spades. Baas was ahead with his 9-8 off but the jack of spades on the turn meant his dreams of making it on television were over. Deeb wins the big pot and Mike Baas is our 7th place finisher winning $72,358.

The final 6 players and chip counts for the televised final table are:

Seat 1: Freddy Deeb - 1,345,000
Seat 2: Brett Faustman -1,282,000
Seat 3: Men Nguyen - 729,000
Seat 4: Gabe Costner - 1,181,000
Seat 5: Hoyt Corkins - 395,000
Seat 6: John Spadavecchia - 256,000

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