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World Poker – Brazil

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Officially, it is the Federative Republic of Brazil, but to the rest of the world, it is simply Brazil. There is nothing simple about this country however. Since Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, it is a complex land mass as varied as its people and terrain.

Brazil is considered to be the “heart” of South America, since it borders every country on the South American continent except Chile and Ecuador. The east coast sets along the Atlantic Ocean, giving Brazil a beautiful coastline stretching over 9,770 miles.

When Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500, he made it a colony of Portugal. It remained a Portuguese colony for over 300 years, until 1822 when it became independent. Brazil re-established their Democratic status in 1988 with the enactment of the Federal Constitution. Today, Brazil retains their historical influences of Portugal, with the official language still being Portuguese.

Brazil can boast of having one of the most diverse topographical regions in South America. Within its borders you will find mountains, highlands, savannas, plains, scrublands, rainforests and incredible coastlines. Rainforests in Brazil comprise most of the northern area, with the most famous being the Amazon region. Sadly, every year, logging in the rainforest wipes out entire areas the size of a small country. This swath of destruction kills not only trees and plant life, but several species of animals, including precious endangered species.

Brazil has been a favorite destination of nature lovers for decades. One reason is the abundance of plant and animal life found throughout the country. The Brazilian rainforests are home to the largest primate colony on earth. From butterflies to whales, many of the largest specie habitats in the world can be found in Brazil.

Many of the beautiful examples of flora and fauna can be found along the famous Amazon River. This wild and untamed river is the largest in the world in terms of water volume, and ranks second in length.

Brazilian economic survival depends largly on exports of products such as; coffee, automobiles, aircraft, steel, orange juice, iron ore, soybean, textiles, footwear, electrical equpitment and surprisingly, corned beef. Eco-minded visitors will be impressed with Brazil’s mass production of Ethanol fuel. Since Brazil is the 10th largest consumer of energy in the world, they balance their consumption with production. Not only is Brazil the largest Ethanol producer in the world, but they are a big exporter of oil and natural gas as well.

The Brazilian people are classified as middle class in terms of standard of living. But when you look at the statistics, this classification is misleading. An alarming 20% of Brazilians live below the poverty level. In large urban areas like São Paulo, which is home to 20 million people, or Rio de Janeiro with 6 million residents, the slums are teeming with the poor. Urban violence, poor or no public services, mounting social security debts, and the pitifully low minimum wage are some of the serious problems the citizens and government face daily.

Rich or poor, one thing all Brazilians seem to share is their love of Soccer. They have good reason to love the game and be proud, the Brazilian National Football Team is currently ranked first in the world. The Brazilian team has also brought home a record breaking five World Cup victories. Although gambling is illegal in Brazil, there are plenty of private bets being placed when the Brazilian Soccer Team hits the field.

The Brazilian government has fought hard to keep gambling out of the country, saying that casinos would cause more crime, corruption and invite organized crime, like the Mafia. At various times, Bingo has been legal, and there is a government run lottery, but there are no casinos.

Just because there are no casinos in Brazil, doesn’t mean there are no poker players. If you don’t believe it, just look up the day three, player roster for the 2007 WSOP final event. On that list, you will find such Brazilian poker players as Christian Toth, Gualter Salles, Edson Esquio and Robert Chiró, all battling on the green felt for their place in history.

If there are no poker rooms in Brazil, where did these players hone their skills? One common assumption would be home or private games. The other logical conclusion would be, they play online. While many sites cater to certain players by having special tournament events, just for residents of a particular country, PokerStars goes a step further.

PokerStars hosts blog/chat boards and one of them is the PokerStars Brazilian Blog. This is where Brazilian players can exchange ideas, talk about hands, announce upcoming events and share poker stories, all in their native language. And of course PokerStars offers the option of displaying their site in Portuguese, which makes the Brazilians feel more at home.

Even without casinos or Poker Rooms, Poker is big in Brazil. There is said to be a Brazilian Poker Magazine and even Brazilian Poker Teams. Every year we see more and more Brazilian poker players showing up at the WSOP, EPT, and WPT other major events.

And, even though Brazilians do not have any casinos of their own, their neighbors have a slew of them.

If Brazilians want to gamble, they have to visit the bordering countries that have casinos, which are: Venezuela (6), Peru (11), Chile (7), Uruguay (10), Ecuador (4), Colombia (1), Argentina (25) Paraguay (1) and Suriname (13).

When Brazilians want to play poker, they just go online, to a site like PokerStars. No packing, no driving, no travel expenses, and they are in action within a few minutes.

Want to play with the Brazilians and other players from around the globe? Download PokerStars and use bonus code: First2007 You will receive $25 FREE plus a deposit bonus of 100% up to $50!

Also check our Brazilian PokerWorks version.

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