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The Round Table – Sean McCabe

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He’s open, he’s honest, and he tells it like it is. Prop betting, acting and poker playing persona Sean McCabe sits down at The Round Table to share his thoughts and talk about how he lost $25,000 the other night at the tables.

KL: What do you feel like is your greatest poker accomplishment?

Still being here because people don’t understand how hard it is to actually get to and maintain this level of play. You see flash in the pans, you see kids come in and blow their whole bankrolls and I’ve had some good financial successes and I do well in the cash games. To be able to maintain a living is one thing, but to be able to come and maintain a living at this level is another. It’s really a lot harder than it looks. Some people very recently that have asked me for advice on being a pro and my first response is don’t. It’s not worth it; it’s not what it seems to be. All they see on the camera or in the magazines is the glamorous side of it. They don’t see the curled up in the fetal position in your bathtub sprinkling Xanax over your head trying to feel better. It’s not as easy as it appears. My next greatest accomplishment will be getting out.

KL: There are a lot of vices in poker, how do you avoid the fast lifestyle?

Will power. A lot of people say it doesn’t exist, but when you make a decision not to do something or to do something the Greek root of the word decision is decide which means nothing else is even an option. I make a decision that I am not going to drink, that I am not going to get high and when it is in front of me it is just not even an option and that’s how I look at it. You have to be stable at the table and away from the table. If you are not in either place then you are going to have a problem in this business; either the pits are going to get you, the drugs are going to get you or the game is going to get you.

KL: Do you play any games:

I will play single or double deck blackjack only.

KL: Have you ever gotten in trouble for counting anywhere?

Yes! [Laughs]

KL: You got involved in a pretty interesting prop bet recently in Turks and Caicos, do you prop bet a lot?

Not very much but if I am going to do it I am going to make it worth it.

KL: What made you decide to say you could stand in the ocean for 24 hours?

Because I know I can. Everyone said, oh that can’t be done. I am a rescue diver and I know the physics of core heat loss in water and I knew the temperature of the water. I had been swimming around for 6 or 8 hours the night before and was fine. I said I can do it and I started walking towards the water. They said hold on so then we renegotiated the terms but the money against ended up backing out so we are putting it back out there for 48 hours in Turks and Caicos this time for $500,000. I would like to get it to be the biggest prop bet in history. I am that confident I can do it. I’ve got the money lined up behind me; I just need someone to bet against me. FYI Rhynie Campbell and I are having a BMX ramp built at the end of the pier at Turks and Caicos and we are going to be doing a BMX freestyle. Yeah, someone’s going to get hurt. It’s going to be fun!

KL: Do you play online?

As little as possible. I have been playing some PLO on Full Tilt Poker lately and the action there is sick but my gift in poker, my special thing is to be able to look at somebody and see through their cards. Some days I can do it and some days I can’t. Online I don’t have that ability it just kind of comes down to the math more. It feels a little bit like video poker to me, it just doesn’t feel like money. I have had nights where I have lost $50,000-$70,000 which isn’t a lot for some players but it’s a lot for me and I’m just grossed out by these ridiculous beats that I take. I look at it a bit like I look at the super deep cash games I have been playing at Bellagio that are low limit. I lost $25,000 in a $10-$20 the other night. How does that happen?

KL: How does that happen? Were you overplaying?

No, I forgot about my rule that I can beat a table with 3 bad players, I can’t beat a table with 8 bad players and that’s what was going on. I played well, I just got unlucky. A few key hands were all it took because these guys were willing to get it all in with a naked ace.

KL: How do you play against players like that?

When I realized that I was upset enough that I was emotionally unbalanced I got up before I did anymore damage. I should have been, in retrospect, playing in a bigger game. I looked at that game and saw how deep it was and thought it would be simple, but didn’t give myself time to see the table dynamic and see how loose the table was playing. I probably could have beaten the game if I was smarter about it, but I didn’t give myself enough time. If I had gone and played the $100-$200 or the $200-$400 I probably would have had a lot more success there, because those guys know when to fold and a lot of people don’t understand the language of betting and understanding how to interpret the betting versus how the action went and to put someone on a hand. They are just playing level one poker and just looking at their cards. A lot of times they are just going to shove and pray.

KL: Have you been acting lately?

I’ve done some and doing more. I think that part of it is me not wanting to play so many tournaments and I am fortunate that a major well known director in Hollywood is a friend of mine. I won’t say that he kicked open the door but lightly opened the door for me to get my foot in. I have done a few minor things in the past. I guess I’m told I do ok on camera. I guess I’m ok at talking. You never know from the inside looking out. There are a couple of amazing opportunities coming up early next year and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully it works out. I would love to be able to do both.

KL: Are you working with Shannon Elizabeth? Is she helping you?

Shannon is showing me some of the ropes. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but yeah, Shannon has been working with me and I have been working with her. There is a chance that we might be doing something together. That would be really cool, but I don’t like to jinx things.

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