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Play This Tournament With Me - $24+2 Pot Limit Omaha Full Tilt

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This event was the 4K guaranteed PLO tournament at Full Tilt Poker . 279 players started, 27 got paid. It was a double stack event meaning we started with 3,000 in chips and blinds of 15/30. I end up taking 15th winning $66.96 but it should have been more (as you will see on the hand that crippled me) but in poker you have to take the good (and I got lucky a couple of times so I had some of the good) with the bad and just move on.

Hand #1 – I limp in middle position with 10d-9h-8h-5c , after another limper. One other person limps and the small blind completes. The big blind pots it to 180 total. The original limper folds, I call, the other limper folds and the small blind calls and we have 600 in the pot pre-flop. My reason for calling was because I have a hand that contained cards that were likely not being held in the raiser's hand. In most cases when a player makes a big pre-flop raise like this with multiple people already in the pot, they have a hand containing A-A or K-K. My hand plays easily post-flop and people often have a hard time folding A-A/K-K type hands in PLO so I am hoping to take advantage of mistakes they will make. The flop comes 10h-10c-4d. The small blind and the pre-flop raiser check. I'm not going to give them a free card so I bet ½ the pot. They both fold and I am up to 3,420 after the hand.

Hand #2 – I limp in first to act from middle position with Kd-Qs-Jh-6s. I'll limp in a lot more in PLO than I would in NLHE and play a much broader range of hands. Three broadway cards, with one of them suited, is usually a good enough hand for me early in the tournament when the stacks are deep. Five of us end up seeing the flop in an unraised pot. The flop came Ah-10h-6d giving me a semi-wrap as any king, queen, or jack would give me a straight. The two hearts are problematic, however, but fortunately for me it is checked around. The turn is the Kc giving me the nut straight but there are still a lot of ways for me to lose this hand so I am going to play it somewhat cautiously until I am sure I am safe on the river. It is checked to me and I bet ½ pot... 100... and am raised pot from another player. I call the additional 400. The river is a safe card... the 8c. My opponent checks and I bet the pot. They fold... so in hindsight I should have bet less in order to get a call. I am up to 4,040 after the hand.

Hand #3 – I limp in with Kc-10c-10s-8s. Another player limps and a player in late position pots it. I call and the other limper folds. The flop comes 8c-5s-4s. I check and my opponent bets 400 into the 675 pot. It's a bit risky playing non-nut draws in PLO but I also have outs to another 8, any 10, and I think a king will also put me in the lead as I think my opponent has A-A-x-x. The turn is the 9c. I check and my opponent makes a huge mistake and checks as well giving me a free card (I would have folded to a big bet here). The river is the Qs giving me the non-nut flush I was a bit wary of but I go ahead and lead out with a ½ pot bet. My opponent moves all in. I really don't like it but I go ahead and make the crying call knowing that they cannot bust me. They have As-Ah-7h-5c. Not sure what they were thinking pushing with that hand on that board but I eliminate them and am up to 6,330 after the hand.

Hand #4 – I limp in with Kh-Kc-Jh-8h. Five of us see the flop of Ks-Jc-10c. Even though I have top set this is again another one of those precarious hands. With five people seeing the flop it's almost a certainty that someone has a straight and also almost as certain that someone has a club draw. I know that I'm not going to fold but I am going to take the cautious route in proceeding. Everyone checks to the button who bets 150 into the 300 pot. One player calls and I call. The turn is a decent card for me... the Kd... ok so a little bit more than decent as I now had quads. Of course I don't bet and it is checked around. The river is the 7d. I bet ½ the pot and receive one call from a person who had flopped the 2nd nut straight. I am up to 6,685.

Hand #5 – The blinds are 30/60 now. I limp in with Ac-9h-7c-6d after a limper. Three other players limp, the small blind completes, and the big blind pots it to 480 total. The original limper calls. I call. One other limper calls and there is 2,160 in the pot pre-flop. Good times! And you might be thinking that this is a loose call... and it is... but I'm looking to win big pots and I have some cards that will likely play (the 9-7-6) plus a suited ace. The flop is one with all kinds of fun possibilities... Kc-8c-7s. I've flopped the nut flush draw plus an open ended straight draw. Nope, I'm not going anywhere. I'm more than willing to put all my chips in on this kind of flop and that's exactly what I end up doing.

The big blind moves all in for 860. The player before me minimum raises to 1,720. I move all in for 6,205 total. The player to my immediate left calls all in for 5,205 total. The minimum raiser folds. Wow... big pot. The big blind has Kh-Ks-6s-2h for top set. The player that called me has Jd-10d-9d-5s. Wow, he called for his whole stack with nothing but a straight draw. That's just silly. The Kings has a 48% chance of winning the pot, I have a 37% chance, and the straight draw 15%. I'm more concerned about the side pot though as that's the bigger pot and I'm a 3:1 favorite to win that one.

The turn is the 3c and it looks like I'm about to scoop a monster pot but the board pairs on the river and I have to settle for the side pot of 9,310 (the main pot was 5,540). I am up to 10,430 after the hand.

Hand #6 – I lost about 1.5K on a hand where I flopped trips with a short stack who flopped trips but hit one of his kickers to hit a full house. I win that back and a bit more when I hit quad kings again and am up to 11,670. The blinds are now 60/120.

The hand that I want to discuss though is proof positive of why slow playing in PLO is such a bad idea. I limp in with Ac-Ad-Jc-4d... one of the better hands you can have in PLO (aces double suited)... hoping someone behind will raise and I can make a big raise pre-flop to make the pot as big as possible. Two others limp, the small blind completes, and the big blind minimum raises to 240. I pot it... pretty much telling the table I have a big pair type of hand... and everyone folds but the raiser who calls. There is 2760 in the pot.

The flop is Kc-10h-9s. This is a bad flop for me against the kind of hand that would raise pre-flop and call my re-raise. My opponent checks and I gladly check behind him. The turn is the As. That makes things a bit more interesting as I now have top set but I'm still wary and only flat call the 1,260 bet my opponent makes. The river is a king, giving me the 2nd nuts (only quad kings could beat me). My opponent checks. I'm pretty sure he either has a straight or a smaller full house and will pay me off so I bet pot of 5,040. My opponent moves all in for an additional 1,200 and I quickly call. He has Ah-Qd-Js-8d... he had flopped the nut straight but because he didn't bet (and I would have folded to a pot sized bet on the flop) he ends up busting himself. I am up to 21,277 after the hand which puts me 2nd in chips in the tournament... the next biggest stack at my table has 6K.

Hand #7 – I double someone up when I have the 2nd nut full house and they have quads but it only put me down to 17K. I leak off a few chips with a series of 2nd best hands and am down to 10K before I know what has happened and I think I've doubled up every player at my table in the process. A fairly loose player opens from middle position to 1,125 with the blinds at 250/500. The small blind calls and getting over 4:1 on my money I make the call from the big blind with a marginal hand... Qc-6h-5c-5h. The flop is Ah-Kc-3h and everyone checks. The turn is the 7s and we check to the pre-flop raiser who bets 1,000 into the 3,375 pot. I decide to call with my small flush draw and gutshot straight draw as I feel that if my opponent had aces or kings, they would have bet the flop and/or bet larger here. The river is the Kh and I check to the pre-flop raiser who bets 3500 into the 5,375 pot. I hit the flush and I just don't think he has a hand that beats that based upon the way he has acted throughout the hand. I make the call and he turns over Qd-10d-10h-8c and proceeds to say “omg u call with a 6 high flush. Amazing.” as I rake in the pot. I am up to 17,777 after the hand.

Hand #8 – Of course I proceed to lose 4K back a few hands later when I flop top set and someone hits a flush. I kept the pot small though and didn't lose too much. With the blinds at 400/800, I limp in from the cutoff after a middle position limper with Ah-Qd-6h-5c. The flop comes Ac-As-7d. The original limper bets 3,200... the pot size... and I call thinking that he likely has an ace but unless he has an A-K in his hand that I am ahead with my kicker. The turn is a king and he bets all in for 6,942. Well if he has A-K, I'm drawing dead but I think if he had an A-K-x-x type of hand he would have raised pre-flop so I make the call. He has Ad-Js-5s-2s and as long as I can fade a jack or 2 on the river I'm going to bust him. The river is is the 7c and I win the pot and am up to 26,869 after the hand.

Hand #9 – I steal the blinds a couple of times and get a bit lucky to win a big pot. With the blinds at 400/800, I limp in with Ks-Js-10h-7h. Two others limp and the big blind makes it 4,000 to go. I like the double suited straight potential of my hand and make the call. The flop is Jd-5s-2s. My opponent bets pot of 9,600 leaving him with another 9,600. Normally I would jam on this kind of flop as I think hitting any of my kickers would give me the win but I want to leave myself an out and possibly save 10K if the turn is a bad card. I just call. The turn is the Jh though and I instantly call his all in bet (which I just know is aces). It is aces... As-Ad-Kc-7d... and he has two outs to stay alive. The river is a 10 though and I eliminate him as he types in the chat “ridiculous” as he leaves the table. I have 54,155 now after the hand.

Hand #10 – Just to show you all I'm not a complete calling station in PLO (I know it might look that way sometimes), I fold after betting 2,000 into a 4,000 pot on a Qd-3s-3h flop when I have Ks-6s-6d-3d (I was in the big blind in an unraised pot) and one of the limpers makes it 10,000 to go. I thought there was too good a chance that he had either Q-Q, Q-3, or A-3 and decided I didn't want to play a big pot.

Hand #11 – We are down to 28 players (1 away from the money) and the blinds are 800/1,600. It is folded to the small blind who completes, leaving himself with 4,686. I have nothing in the big blind but know that he isn't likely going to risk his entire stack this close to the money so I pot raise it to 4,800 total. Much to my surprise he calls, leaving himself with 1,486. The flop is 9s-9c-5d and he checks. I have a 5 but nothing else but go ahead and bet 1,600. He folds and I win the pot and am up to 60K after the hand. A good example of taking advantage of the bubble.

Hand #12 – I give away 20K (and I mean give away) and have 40K with the blinds at 1,000/2,000. A player raises pot to 7,000 and I pot it to 24,000 with Ac-Ah-9d-7c. The initial raiser calls all in for their last 10K with Qd-10h-10s-9d. He doesn't hit any of his cards and I eliminate him and am up to my highest point of the tournament at 77K.

Hand #13 – Remember when I said earlier that slow playing in PLO is a bad idea? Well I should listen to my own advice sometimes. With the blinds at 1,200/2,400 I limp in with As-Jh-6s-5h and flop the nut flush on a Qs-10s-4s board. I decide to be greedy though and check. It is checked around and the turn is the 3s. This time I bet ¾ pot but get two callers. The river is another 4 pairing the board and I am smart enough to check behind the two callers. Sure enough one of them has 3-3 for a turned set and a rivered full house (the other player has Q-10). If I had bet the flop there is no way the 3's would have stayed in the hand. I am down to 59K after the hand.

Hand #14 – In early position I open for a pot raise of 8,400 with Kc-Kh-9h-5h. The big stack at the table re-pops it to 27,600. If I had a hand like K-K-Q-J I might have gone for it but decide that I'm not going to gamble with a pair of kings with not much backup help. I fold and am down to 51K.

Hand #15 – The following is one of those hands that will make you contemplate quitting poker. With the blinds at 1,500/3,000, I open for 10,500 with Ad-Ac-Kd-Kc. It doesn't get much better than that. I am called by the small blind. The flop comes Js-6d-4c and the small blind leads out for the pot... 24,000... leaving himself with 6,592. Well if he hit a set, so be it, I think... and I set him all in which he calls. He has Kh-Ks-8c-3h. Running this hand on I am a 98.29% favorite to win the hand. Ah but you already know what's going to happen. The 8h on the turn gives my opponent a few outs. Any 8 or 3 will win it for them now and I am only a 87.5% favorite to win the hand. When the 3 comes on the river I'm a 0% favorite to win the hand and I am crippled with only 6K in chips left after the hand. Had I won the hand I would have been 2nd in chips with 15 left. I mutter not so quietly under my breath. It's frustrating for sure but there is nothing I can do about it so I just have to regain my composure and try and recover.

Hand #16 - Not much to say about my bust out hand. The blinds were 1,500/3,000 and I had posted the big blind leaving myself with 3K. There was a pot raise and a caller and I go for the triple up with As-6c-5d-2d but the board came all high cards and I was eliminated in 15th place.

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