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Poker Plus - And the Game Goes On…

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As I sit here, writing this, I am in a H-O-R-S-E and NLH tournament on PokerStars. Not that this is unusual, many players, in fact, play way more than two tourneys at a time. What amazes me is that I am able to do this at all!

Thinking back, not all that many years ago, if we wanted to play we had to get dressed, hop in the car and drive to the local palace of poker. Now, all we have to do is fire up the pc and click the mouse. If anyone had told me years ago that this day would come, I would have called them a lunatic.

The internet is a place of amazement and wonder. There is nothing you can think of that you can’t read about, learn about or do…all with a few clicks, within seconds, on this wonder we call the internet.

And computers, how we can laugh now, when we watch some old movie where a scientist shows off his latest, futuristic technology, a super-duper computer and it fills a huge room? I can’t help but think of what that scientist would say if he saw me sitting at my deck, with a computer on my lap, playing poker.

When you think of how the internet has completely changed the face of poker, it is mind boggling. Without the internet, just how big would the WSOP be? How many young faces would there be at the tables? And would poker even be televised like it is now, if not for poker on the internet? I don’t think so. If not for internet poker, players like Chris Moneymaker probably would never have attended and won the WSOP, at least not without saving up $10k to buy-in.

When you think of the way the internet has changed the world, it makes you realize how it has totally changed the game of poker as well. The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, for serious poker players, it is a great thing. Once you adjust to the differences between live and online play, the profit potential is unlimited. No matter what time of the day, or day of the week, there is a game going you can jump into, with a simple few clicks of your mouse. And, not just a few games either, but hundreds of them, everything from 1¢/ 2¢ limit up to big No-Limit games. And for tournament players, playing online is really a goldmine.

Tournaments are starting virtually every minute at limits everyone can afford, from Freerolls to buy-ins of thousands of dollars. You won’t find regular tournaments at your local poker room where you could invest just $1 and end up with a seat to the WSOP. When you play online, you can find them easily, and not just a few, but too many to count.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making money with little or no investment playing online, which is just not an option in a B&M poker room. The only freerolls offered in my local poker room are hour’s tourneys, where you have to play a certain amount of hours to get a seat. This is hardly a real freeroll, as you pay rake when you play to earn those hours. Online however, you don’t have to play in a cash game to play in freerolls; they are really free for everyone.

The greatest freerolls online are the step tournaments to live events like the WSOP. Almost all poker sites have these freerolls, which are the first step to a free seat worth $10k to the main event. And, if you don’t make it in the freerolls, other satellite tournaments start at just $1. Can you imagine having a seat at the WSOP and facing off against the pros…and you got there for free? This is a dream come true for most poker players.

Even if you have no aspirations of being the next bracelet winner, there are still a multitude of ways to make some serious money online. Tournaments with small buy-ins of just $10 attract thousands of players, but coming in first could pay you in the $25k range. Build up your bankroll and there are many no-limit, pot-limit and big limit games like $1,000/$2,000 you can get into.

Not only that, when was the last time you bought chips in your favorite casino and they gave you a bonus buy-in? It doesn't happen. But online poker rooms give you deposit bonuses and reload bonuses all the time. Free money and freerolls, how can you go wrong when you pick an online poker room?

So, is there a downside? Yes, and it is that many players find it too easy to play, therefore, they play too much and lose more than they should. As with everything in life, moderation is the key.

It doesn’t matter what your schedule, time zone, work hours or bankroll…there is always a game waiting for you online. Yes, the internet is an amazing thing, and online poker? It is simply a poker players dream come true.

Grab a chair…see you there!

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