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The Round Table – Andrew ‘Good2CU’ Robl

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Andrew Robl is a 21 year old bold personality in online poker. He is a member of the ‘Ship it holla ballas,’ a group of young online players that have brought their successes live as well, and is proving his own worth. He is an accomplished online cash game player and is just trying to keep a level head on his shoulders amidst a lot of money and success.

KL: Why poker?

Well I kind of just fell into poker. I stated playing in home games with friends in high school and I wasn’t very good at it. Now, at my age, it basically comes down to money. I don’t know any other industry I could be making this much money with so little experience or a college degree. It really doesn’t compare to anything else. Also, beyond the money, I just love playing poker, I love the competition. I have always loved playing games and you can learn a lot about yourself playing poker.

KL: What was the transition like from online to live?

Some people say there is no transition, a lot of the young internet guys. I see a lot of the young players giving off a lot of tells. How the actual playing of the cards, how you bet your hands is no different live than online.

KL: Tell me about ‘ship it holla ballas.’

We are a group of 7-8 young internet players and we have all been friends for like 3 years. We all used to play in sit-n-go’s together online and started out with a bunch of the guys in $55 sit-n-go’s. We would be hanging out and talking about poker hands and it’s kind of amazing because 3 years ago we were all low stakes players and everyone since then has become really successful. We are just a group of young guys that like to play poker and have a good time.

KL: Is it a partying group too or just a poker thing?

It’s a poker thing but we definitely like to go out and party too. We like to go to the clubs and have a good time.

KL: Craziest thing you have ever done or bought?

I have a $15,000 bar at my condo. It’s pretty impressive so I think that would have to qualify. I have quite the collection of every type of top end liquor you could imagine. I have a lot of nice wines and champagnes.

KL: How do you stay level headed or does that even matter?

It’s definitely unfortunate; you see a lot of young guys that make a lot of money playing poker. The thing about poker is you have to be mentally focused and mentally stable all the time. You see a lot of guys that get really heavy into the club scene and the drugs and then their poker game definitely stats to suffer because of it and many of them end up going broke, actually. I think it is important to stay level headed and keep things in perspective with how lucky you are. Make sure it’s just not all poker all the time. In my opinion it’s very important to do live a balanced life, have a good social life, work out, not just be totally focused on poker.

KL: What do you think of all the pages about you on websites like 2+2? Does the attention bother you?

I’m not the most popular figure on 2+2 but I don’t know. The attention doesn’t bother me. Sometimes it’s just kind of surreal, like I guess I’m kind of puzzled by it. You see all the trash people talk about these poker players on 2+2, people that they have never met, and are never going to meet. I live in a different world. I see all these people that all this shit has been talked about on a daily basis. When you know everyone, you know all the gossip and what everything is about, I guess it just seems kind of silly.

KL: How much do you play poker?

For a pro poker player I play quite a bit. A lot of the time I will be sitting around my house reading a book or watching TV and I will be looking to see if any soft high stakes games come online. The no limit games $50-$100 plus aren’t very often anymore so a lot of the times I will just be hanging around my place waiting for those games to go and then I will also play $10-$20 and $25-$50, smaller games while I’m waiting. I would say I probably play or am waiting to play, about 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

KL: When you say you are looking for a soft table what exactly are you looking for? What can you pick up or notice?

Well it’s a very small player field at those stakes so you know all of the regular good players. Basically, for me to sit down, I just have to see one player I know is bad or one player I don’t recognize. If there is one bad player and five good players, that’s enough of a reason for me to sit down and play.

KL: On which sites do you play?

I play on Full Tilt, PokerStars and Prima Poker.

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