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The Round Table – My First World Series of Poker – Mike Sowers

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Get to know some of the players that have just turned 21 and are playing in the biggest poker event in the world for the first time.

Mike Sowers is an online pro that has cashed for hundreds of thousands online as well as live. He plays online under the name ‘Sowerss’ and SowersUNCC’

KL: This is your first WSOP - are you excited or nervous?

I’m just really excited.

KL: Which events do you think you will play?

I plan on putting a high volume in, maybe 20 tournaments. I will play mostly no limit hold ‘em tournaments, perhaps some Omaha and pot limit hold ‘em tournaments also.

KL: Will you go in with a goal of wanting to win a bracelet or make a final table, or are you just going in with no set expectations?

Well I would like to win a bracelet. I really don’t make expectations; I just try to win every tournament. If you do that, I believe in the long run you will end up with a good resume as long as you work hard too.

KL: Is your age and newness to the series a disadvantage or an advantage?

There are many advantages and disadvantages as a whole, but overall I think I'm at an advantage over any large field of tournament players. No one knows me as a super star pro and most people see a young kid and think he’s full of crap every time he puts chips in the pot; therefore it gets my good hands paid usually. I also have an advantage because I am young and can play a lot longer with more concentration than most people.

KL: Why do you think the WSOP is different from other tournaments and is there more pressure?

The WSOP is different because it is one of the only poker events that everyone watches on ESPN etc. It also has the biggest fields and the most events. It is looked at as the Olympics of Poker. I don’t see it as any more pressure on me than any other event I play. Each time I play I’m confronted with different situations so there is always an element of pressure, and I want to win every tournament I play, so no, I don’t think I’ll feel added pressure to win an event.

KL: What are your plans to prepare for long days and playing through the whole series?

The main thing I will do is take a few days off if I can’t concentrate well for some reason or am making poor decisions. I am used to long days although I don’t particularly play 12 hours a day most days, I still do most Sundays. I’m able to play for a long time with a high concentration level, maybe because of my age and determination. One of the big things I do to relax while playing is listening to music on the iPod. I guess I need to get a lot more songs so I don’t get so burnt out during the first week.

KL: What tournament do you feel you have the best shot at?

Probably rebuy tournaments. For some reason I think the extra chips give a lot of extra value and I hope the structure is good enough so that is the case in the WSOP. I also think I have more potential in the higher buy-in’s because you receive more chips than say the $1,500 events.

KL: What is your personality like at the table?

It really just depends on my mood. Some days I show up and talk the whole time without even listening to music, other times I try to concentrate and just relax listening to music. It can change any time, but I don’t think anybody would say I’m crazy loud or annoying at the table, and most of the time I keep to myself.

KL: Where are you staying?

I am not sure yet, I am pretty sure I am staying in a suite at the Rio. If that doesn’t work out I might get a house with a bunch of guys. We’ll see. I kinda live from one day to the next. I don’t plan that far in the future.

KL: Do you plan to talk poker with friends? Does that help?

I am always discussing poker with friends. It definitely has helped me become a better player, and the people I have met have really improved my game a ton. Such as being on the road in several different tournament sites with SCTrojans, Roothlus, Daut44, Menlo. All of these guys have taught me just by listening to how they talk about different situations and plays.

One good thing about being on the road with the top internet players or just top players in general is you always get to hear different ways to play hands than you would have played them, giving you a greater array of knowledge in poker.

KL: Will you go out and party?

Probably, although I will not do it as much as some other people! Honestly Vegas is a great city that never sleeps, so it’s hard to pass it up because it is one of the world’s best cities for clubs and night shows.

*Mike can be found playing at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, Bodog Poker and Ultimate Bet*

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