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Poker Plus - Social Poker

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Poker is a social game. If you don’t think so, just watch some old western movies. Most likely you will see cowboys and gunslingers seated around a poker table, in the local saloon. Camaraderie was an integral part of the poker game, just as much as the cards were. Today it is still a social game, which is evident by poker rooms all over the world being busier than ever. Not to mention all the home poker games going on, where friends and family gather to engage in friendly banter at the kitchen table.

With the ease and popularity of playing poker online, much of the social aspect of the game of poker can be lost, but it doesn’t have to be.

All poker sites offer a chat box. In this box the “dealer” gives a summary of the hand and the poker site displays messages like upcoming events. Also displayed in this box is player to player chat and chat from observers. This is the place to keep the social side of the game alive!

Unfortunately much of the chat you see at the tables is negative or a player who got beat hurling insults. If this happens, be sure to report that player. To do this, email support at the poker site you are playing on. Players who abuse the chat rules make the game unpleasant for everyone. But, the chat feature can bring more fun to the game if used properly.

I have met many nice people on PokerStars and the game is more fun when they are in it. One guy from Vancouver even invited me to visit him when I asked his advice on hotels in his area. Too bad I won’t have time as it will be a stop-over for a cruise, but his invitation for homemade bread and pasta was tempting!

The people you will meet in online games are generally nice and more than willing to socialize if given the chance. One simple NH (nice hand) comment when they win, can be all it takes to start the chat interaction in the game.

Do you see someone from your home state or from somewhere you used to live? Ask them where they are, you may be surprised to learn that you come from the same town and know the same people. The internet makes the world a much smaller place and often you will find a wide variety of people from around the globe at your poker table.

The other night I met a man who lives in Berlin, he chatted with me because he owns a parcel of land in the town where I live! This amazed me as I have yet to meet many people who have the slightest idea of where my home is located. Even people who live 100 miles away from me have no clue where I live, so the fact that someone from half way around the world has been here, well it was a pleasant surprise. Now we chat whenever he is in a game with me and it makes the game much more enjoyable.

Chatting in a game will also help keep the loose players there. Loose players like a friendly atmosphere at the table and don’t want to feel like they are drowning in a shark tank. By chatting with them, you will make them more comfortable and increase the chances they will play longer; giving you more chance to beat them! When they are losing, making nice comments about their “bad luck” can also keep them at the table. Criticizing them will drive them away, and when they go, they take their chips with them. You can’t win chips that aren’t on the table!

Chatting can also relieve boredom. If you are a serious player, you know that waiting for a playable hand can take a very long time. If you are not one to multi-task or otherwise keep busy between hands, chatting with your opponents is a great way to pass the time and not become bored.

Most online players like some interaction with other players at the table; they just don’t want to be the one to initiate it. The next time you play, exert a little friendly chatter; it could improve your game!

Grab a Chair…see you there!

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