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The Round Table – My First World Series of Poker – Mario ‘Pwnasaurus’ Silvestri

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Get to know some of the players that have just turned 21 and are playing in the biggest poker event in the world for the first time.

Mario Silvestri is an online pro that has cashed over a million dollars online and is just starting his transition to live.

KL: What are your thoughts about the upcoming WSOP?

I’m just really excited for the series. I have been playing a lot of events overseas before I turn 21, EPT’S, WPT’s in Canada. I am ready! I really have high expectations for myself and I am just pumped to hang out with all my friends. We got a ten bedroom house and it should be 8-9 people that I am staying with. Some big online cash game players, a lot of my Canadian friends and I will be staying with them. I play a lot of online tournaments, and a lot of people know me online as Pwnasaurus and that’s the name I play on PokerStars and Full Tilt under. Last year I got 17th in the CardPlayer Player of the Year online rankings and I have had a good year so I am just really excited to get to the series.

KL: Do you think there is more pressure because it is the World Series?

No actually, me personally I think there is a lot of pressure with myself. To be honest with you in the past couple months or so I haven’t really been putting up that many good results but I have been self analyzing and looking at myself as a player a lot. I think it’s going to help me for the Main Event even more kind of because when players are going through their bad runs, that is when they are most likely to look at themselves and if I am going to have a downswing the time for it has been perfect for me and not only do I feel like I have been improving, I have been playing really well this year but now I am really hungry for it.

I have high expectations, so if anything, that is what makes me nervous is that I really want to do good and I really expect myself to do good. That is the most nerve racking part. In general the Series is the Series because that’s where everyone goes. I think it’s going to be good, I think that it’s going to be my time to shine. I really hope so.

KL: What event do you think you have the potential to do the best in?

I’m not sure what I am going to be doing the best in, I really just feel like lately in tournament poker my overall game from beginning to end has been pretty sound. I feel like I can be put in any position against any type of players and be able to adjust to any sort of table dynamic or tournament situation faster and better than most players, just because I’ve studied the theories and I have been in the positions so often.

KL: How many events do you plan to play and which?

I haven’t thought about it too much. I don’t like to plan everything to a T, just because it wastes a lot of time and energy; I like to just kind of go with the flow of how I am feeling. Basically I am just focusing on being physically and monetarily able to play the kind of events that I want to play and hopefully I will just be able to play as much as I can. This is going to be my first long series. I played Bellagio in December, I did ok, and I played quite a few events there. This is going to be different, though. I’m not going to have any set plans on how many events I plan to play.

I know the first event is a $10,000 pot limit so it’s pretty big to jump into right away and I may or may not play it. I’m probably going to play a lot of PLO. Any good player has to realize that if there are tournaments full of 2000 players in Vegas, playing pot limit Omaha, that nobody knows what they are doing. It should make for an interesting schedule, but we will see.

KL: Is your age and newness to the series a disadvantage or an advantage?

I have been in some situations already where I have been at tables and people have known who I am and they have been intimidated by me. I have been in situations where people don’t respect me as a player. I feel like it’s very different. It just depends on table dynamics and stuff and I feel like for the most part that just goes along with me being able to adjust to my table. I feel like I can play pretty close to optimally if people are respecting my play and folding. It’s just a matter of playing a different style of poker.

KL: You mentioned staying in a house with lots of your friends. Do you think this could potentially hurt you because so many people will constantly be around or could this be beneficial because there will always be someone there to talk poker with?

That is a good question and something that I weighed my pros and cons on but it was an easy decision for me this year basically because this is my first series. It’s kind of like going to college, you want to do it with people that have been there before and know what they are doing. If it was my second or third year around I might think about having a place to myself so I could be more focused on my own game but being that it is my first time I am really excited to be staying with all my friends and it is just a mutual benefit.

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