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Poker News Cup Austria, Final Cup

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Erich Kollmann came into the final with the chip lead and the native Austrian made sure the Poker News Cup would stay in Austria as he took home the title without ever having to play a hand heads up.

The final table seating assignments and chip counts was as follows:

Seat 1: Hugo Felix (Portugal) - 376,000
Seat 2: Christian Wissmann (Germany) - 133,000
Seat 3: Jordy Veenboer (Netherlands) - 285,000
Seat 4: Rudolf Russegger (Austria) - 124,000
Seat 5: Andrew Nicholson (UK) - 250,000
Seat 6: Werner Lorenzoni (Austria) - 179,000
Seat 7: Erich Kollmann (Austria) - 480,000
Seat 8: Niki Kovacs (Austria) – 199,000

Rudolf Russegger came in as the short stack and he decided to make his move in a blind versus blind confrontation against Jordy Veenboer. On a 9-8-2 flop, Russegger moved all in after Jordy re-raised his initial bet. Jordy called with 9-5 and Russegger was in big trouble with 7-2 of diamonds. Nothing materialized for the Austrian and he was the 8th place finisher winning €4,090. freeroll qualifier Christian Wissmann picked A-J as his hand of choice to get all his chips in. Unfortunately for him, he picked the wrong time as Andrew Nicholson had queens. A jack on the flop gave Christian some hope but it was not to be for the German and he finished in 7th place picking up €5,260 for his efforts. Not bad for a freeroll!

The short stacks continued to fall as Werner Lorenzoni was the next to exit when his A-2 could not best the 3-3 of Niki Kovacs. Lorenzoni finished in 6th place and won €6,430 for his four days of play.

A big pot took place between Jordy Veenboer and Andrew Nicholson in another blind versus blind battle. On a flop of Q-8-4 Veenboer led out and Nicholson called. On the 9 turn, Veenboer checked and called Nicholson’s bet. The river was a 10 and Veenboer moved all in with 10-8 for a rivered two pair. It was a bad card for him to get though as Nicholson had turned the nuts with his J-10. Veenboer finished in 5th place and took home a respectable €7,600 for his play.

Kollmann had been aggressive throughout the final table and Hugo Felix decided to look him up from the big blind with 10-9 of spades. Both players checked the 10-6-2 flop. The turn was another 6 and Felix decided now was the time to bet his 10. Kollmann took some time before announcing a raise. Felix moved all in and was quickly called by Kollmann who had K-6 and had turned trip 6's. No 10 on the river for Felix and he was our 4th place finisher. He took home €9,350 for his hard earned lesson on slow playing top pair.

The final hand of the tournament took place between Niki Kovacs and Nicholson when they got it all in pre-flop. Kovacs had A-J of spades while Nicholson had pocket threes. Nicholson flopped a set and turned a full house and Kovacs went to the cashier to collect his €11,690 third place prize.

Nicholson and Kollmann took a break to discuss a deal and after reaching a suitable agreement for both parties, Kollmann was declared the winner. Congratulations on the victory! Erich Kollmann is the winner of the Austria Poker News Cup.

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