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Your Online Poker Library

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Thirty years ago you could count the number of poker books on one hand. David Sklansky's "Texas Hold ‘em published in 1976 was probably the first definitive book on poker. Although Doyle Brunson's "Super System" published in 1978 had more impact, and today many professional players still cite it as the most influential.

The game has changed significantly. Brunson has even updated with "Super System II." Online poker is probably the newest twist to poker, and the number of books specifically directed at online poker is still quite small. Worse yet, barely a hand full are really good. Many online poker books are simple modifications of regular poker strategies for online play. Others, like the books by Doyle Brunson and Lou Krieger are rather light on strategy, but quite heavy on how to play at their own personal poker site. Here is JB's list of good, must have books for online poker.

"Texas Hold 'em Secrets of an Internet Pro," by Mathew Hilger, is the best book on Internet Poker. If you play poker seriously on the Internet, This book should be on your bookshelf. If you don't own it, order it today. It is +EV and will quickly pay for itself many times over.

"Killer Online Poker" by John Vorhaus, was one of the first "Internet Poker "books. Many books had addressed online play with an additional chapter of strategy modifications, but this one looked specifically at Internet Poker. The portions on preparation to play, and record keeping should put this book on your list.

"Online Poke Ace" by Scott Fischman this book is 50/50. Half of it seemed shallow and reeks of an inexperienced SLAG (Super Loose Aggressive player). The other half was profound and showed great insight into the game, “Go figure.” It is a good book for the serious student of the game.

"Killer Online Poker II" by Vorhaus, takes his first book one step further and addresses some of the recent changes online. It addresses more strategy, and in a niche that has few good books, is another good read.

"Texas Hold'em Theory & Practice "by Sklansky and Miller is not an online Poker book, but NL Hold'em drives the Internet. If you don't already have this book, buy it second.

"Harrington on Hold'em I & II” by Dan Harrington is another non-Internet book with significant value for the Internet player. Tournaments online provide a chance to win large amounts of money every day. Weekly tournaments with prize pools greater than $100 thousand cannot be ignored. Book III is a collection of "Practice" hands and some may find it valuable. Book III just isn't as important as the first two.

Harrington’s new cash game books will probably be added to this list when they are published.

There are many other books that should be on your reading list, but they won't influence your Internet poker that much. "Super Systems II" should be read because many of your online opponents have read it and base their play on it. These books are for Internet poker. If you don't have them, buy them. Once you've finished them, you should find an increase in your online EV, (Expected Value.)

Addendum: I’ve gotten my copy of “Harrington on Cash….” Book 1 did not disappoint. Add them to the list.

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