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Here We Go – Day Four Of The WSOP

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11:45 a.m.

The first Monday of the World Series. It'll be a lot quieter today than this past weekend but there will be three events going on at one point later today so in that regard it'll be busy. I'll be curious how many people play a $1,500 PLHE event as compared to a $1,500 NLHE that starts on a weekday (of course there'd be no comparison to one that started on a weekend). Personally, with no antes I'd much prefer the PLHE crapshoot as opposed to the NLHE crapshoot.

They played “Let's get it started” again. Do they know there is more than one song that can kick off a tournament? What's even funnier is that the 2nd song they've played each day has been the same one. I'm going to let them borrow my CD's tomorrow... they need a song like Bodies by Drowning Pool or Down with the sickness by Disturbed to get things started.

12:30 p.m.

It's a smallish field, at least relative to the other $1,500 events. I would guess that the field size will be less than 1,000. They have had to create a few tables for late registrants and it's not surprising that there is a smattering of pros at those tables including the likes of Phil Ivey. I imagine he's going to try and get as many chips as possible or go busto so he can play in the 5:00 event.

I did run across Bryan “Devo” Devonshire who has been on a sick rush of late including a 2nd place finish at a WPT event. Devo is feeling chipper as usual and I'll be talking with him more in-depth later about the year he's had thus far.

There was a giant walking through the room searching for his table. No, really, a giant. Dude had to be at least 7 foot tall. When he sat down at the poker table, he couldn't even get his knees under the table. I heard a rumor a NBA backup center was playing in the events. My guess is that's him.

Winner of the “I really don't want to be here” award of the day is the cigarettes/candy lady who is walking through the aisle with the most unenthused, monotone “Cigarettes, candy,” sales pitch in history.

1:30 p.m.

The other day Lyle and Bradley Berman were seated at a table with one another. Today, it's the husband and wife team of Dan and Beth Shak at the same table. I asked Dan how often this had happened and he told me it was only the 2nd time. I waited around to see what would happen on Dan's big blind since Beth would be the button. Beth turned to me and said under her breath “I'm going to raise with any two if it's folded to me.” The cutoff ruined her fun though by raising. The two are at a tough table as Michael Mizrachi and T.J. Cloutier are also at the table.

Another particularly tough table I saw contained Brandon Cantu, Kenna James, and two young internet pro's I got to know last year, Michael Banducci and Alex Melnikow. The two young guns both made it deep on several occasions at last year’s WSOP. I had talked to Alex since the WSOP and he had said that he was not going to play poker professionally anymore, so imagine my surprise when I saw him the other day. Once a poker player, always a poker player. It's a hard apple to resist.

2:45 p.m.

I was talking with a player agent near the rail and Andy Bloch walked over and joined in on the conversation. Andy is taking his 2nd place finish with a sense of humor as he is wearing a Full Tilt shirt that says in white letters across the front “I can't finish anyth”

We had a conversation about the juice that Harrah's takes out of each event and the “comp” players get for signing up for a tournament. The comp? A $10 food voucher. At least they are cumulative. The player agent was joking how he was going to set up a stand outside the Amazon Room and buy food vouchers for $8 apiece. Andy laughed and said he'd pay $9.

I ran into resident nice girl (who happens to be gorgeous) Erica Schoenberg. She was focused on the game so I didn't get the chance to talk to her long but I did notice she wasn't wearing her engagement ring. I haven't heard anything about her breaking up but just thought it was interesting that she wasn't donning the big rock. Maybe it marks the cards up or gets in the way of stacking her chips.

Funny scene from a table of the $1,500 NLHE event. An older gentleman was facing a large bet from a young kid and the kid called the clock on him. The gentleman made the call and pushed all in quickly on the turn. After about four seconds, he asked the dealer to call the clock on the kid. Ah, gotta love petty revenge. The floor deemed that reasonable time had not passed and gave the kid time to think. He eventually made the call with a flush and inside straight draw to the older guy's pair of 9's (on a ten high board) and was eliminated when none of his outs arrived.

3:40 p.m.

They are on the bubble in the $1,500 and Michael Binger , who had eight cashes in last year’s WSOP, was just eliminated three short of the money. The usually stoic Binger stormed off in disgust after an early position raiser called his squeeze play all in for half his stack with A-10. Binger only had 7-6 off and even though he flopped decent on the 10-9-6 flop, the 6, 7, or 8 that he needed never came. The squeeze play works in these types of tournaments, but only if the initial raiser is willing to fold. I'd been watching Binger's table for a while and the open raiser was definitely not in what I would call the “folding” category. I'm sure Binger was frustrated by coming up short and honestly it is good to see a professional care about losing or winning that much in just a $1,500 event.

This wraps up my early coverage of Day Four. Catch the rest of the comings and goings of the day later tonight.

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