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Rebuy! Day Five Of The WSOP

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12:05 p.m.

One of my favorite tournaments of the year... the $1,000 NLHE rebuy is about to kick off. They are running a few minutes late as players go to the cashier’s cage to get casino chips in order to make rebuys. The action during the rebuy period in this event is absolutely nuts. I love it.

12:35 p.m.

My first course of action was to find Daniel Negreanu as I knew he would not disappoint. He didn't. First hand, he made it 500 to go and got a call from Kevin O'Connell. Flop came 10-7-5 and Negreanu went all in. O'Connell called. Negreanu had A-4 and O'Connell had Q-10. Negreanu lost the hand, rebought, and proceeded to double up the next hand when he made it 1000 to go, an opponent moved all in, and he called. Negreanu's 10-8 suited bested his opponent's A-4 when he hit a flush. “You all wanna play a hand or two?” Negreanu jokes as he limps in the next hand. That table is in for a long afternoon, well at least until the rebuy period is over.

A few tables away I saw three players going all in blind pre-flop including Sorel Mizzi. They each turned over one card and sweated the river card. Rinse, repeat, do it again on the next hand. Mark Vos joins the table a little late and Sorel asks “all in blind pre-flop?” Peer pressure is a beautiful thing as Vos says “Alright, but I only have 6K.” Sorel proceeds to win the next pot, a 20K pot, with 8-4 offsuit. Play calmed down after that.

On my way back to the press box, I had my first Mike Matusow sighting of the World Series. If it wasn't for his recognizable mouth I wouldn't have even recognized him as he's lost a ton (pun intended) of weight. Rumor has it that he has a 100K prop bet with Ted Forrest and has to get to a certain weight by the 5th or 6th of June. Not sure if he's there yet, but he's got to be close. He's acting a bit weird, as if he hasn't played poker in a year and doesn't know what to do. Maybe it's all an act?

The other day I noticed that Erica Schoenberg was not wearing her engagement ring. A fellow reporter checked with a couple of his French sources and said her and David Benyamine were still together. The two walked in together today, looking very happy with one another, so sorry guys... she's still not available.
1:35 p.m.

It's funny how in a rebuy event it's usually pure insanity the first 30 minutes and then settles down into a routine. There's still more “gambling” than what you might find in a regular event but it's not the all in fest that you see in the initial moments. It's a pretty good sized field as it's filled over ½ of the Amazon Room. Even though it's a rebuy, some players have said enough is enough and have given up their spot in the tournament. One of the players who had gone all in blind with Mizzi and Vos earlier was no longer in his seat, so he must have lost the gamble that was in him. Either that or all of the money he brought with him. I'd bet on the latter.

They've re-started the $1,500 NLHE event that played until 6 in the morning. They have another long day in store for them as they will play until there are nine players, move over to the ESPN final table and continue until only one is standing. Among those still in the running for the bracelet are Chris Ferguson, Perry Friedman, David Bach, Minh Nguyen, and Theo Tran.

2:15 p.m.

Weird. They are giving the players in the $1,000 rebuy a one hour lunch break two hours after play started. My guess is so they can do all the accounting that needs to be done to account for the rebuys and add ons. One thing I wonder though is if they are going to give the players a dinner break still.

I went to use the restroom before the mad rush created from the break and while normally I would not talk about my breaks, I had to share this with everyone as it has to be a first. Most urinals in men’s restrooms have deodorizer cakes to alleviate the smell. Well imagine my surprise as I stepped up to the urinal and saw a deodorizer cake that was a freakin' billboard complete with red flashing lights. I gotta give them props for their originality. That's definitely one place I would have never thought to put an advertising message and well... they certainly reach a captive audience. Only in Vegas!

4:00 p.m.

Here's a hand to wrap up the early coverage. It's in the no limit portion of the $5,000 mixed event and the blinds are 1,000/2,000. Danny Wong opened the pot for a raise and is flat called by Isaac Haxton. Stephen Wolff in the cutoff re-raises. Adam Westell puts in a third raise out of the blinds. Danny Wong moves all in with a FOURTH raise. Anyone ever heard the saying “the fourth raise means aces?” Wolff and Westell haven't apparently as they both went all in as well. Wolff had kings... understandable. Westell had queens, a hand he should have been able to get away from with all the action in front of him. Wong, of course, had aces. Hey, that saying is true! The aces held up and Wong tripled up. Wolff won a small side pot and Westell was eliminated.

More later from day five of the WSOP!

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