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Amateurs Are Taking Over! Day Six Of The WSOP

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They might as well call this tournament the “Aaron doesn't know anyone tournament” because I hardly recognize a soul. In fact, I counted how many people I recognized. 32. I know at least 500 players and I'm sure there will be a few people straggling in but with some of the big names still playing in the $1,000 rebuy tournament and preparing to play in the $10,000 Mixed event tonight it's not much of a surprise that there is a dearth of big names playing in this event.

I ran into Eric “basebaldy” Baldwin and asked perhaps the stupidest question a poker writer could ever ask a poker player. “Trying again,” I said, as I shoved my size 11's in my mouth. Baldwin looked at me as if he was not sure what I was going to say, so what did I do? I said it again. He again looked at me and asked “What else am I going to do?” I looked for the closest corner to hide in and ran far, far away.

Speaking of trying again, Theo Tran took 4th in last night’s $1,500 NLHE event and is back at it today. Tran was knocked out when his A-Q was bested by A-4 on a A-K-4-A-x board. I asked Theo about the hand and he said the only thing he thought he could have done differently is to re-raise pre-flop but he was trying to keep the pot small. He mentioned the hand had kept him up most of the night but he didn't want to sit around the house all day doing nothing.

I like Jennifer Tilly and at times she shows signs of being an excellent player but most of the time I walk by her table and see her just throwing her chips away as if they were candy. On this occasion, with a board of K-10-10-5-3 with three hearts, Tilly called two all in's with Q-4 of hearts. The first all in had A-2 of hearts for the nut flush. The second all in had K-K for a flopped full house. “I didn't see the 2nd guy go all in,” Tilly tried to explain. Here's two quick, free lessons for you Ms. Tilly. One, non-nut flushes on paired boards are trouble. Two, pay attention.

2:30 p.m.

The $1,000 rebuy tournament has restarted. I've noticed that Hellmuth actually shows up on time for tournaments when it's not day one. Hellmuth wasted no time in reaching his usual form. Facing a big bet from his opponent with a sizable pot already in the middle, Hellmuth said “Nice hand buddy!” and mucked his hand. He then proceeded to shove all his chips into a haphazard pile in front of him and pounded the table with the palm of his hand. If I had a violin, I would have broke it out and started playing him a sad song.

The final table for the $1,500 PLHE event has gotten underway and David Singer showed up just in the nick of time, his pregnant girlfriend in tow. He grabbed a chair for her to sit on the rail and when Nolan Dalla announced that people could sit up in the No Limit Lounge, he asked Nolan if his girlfriend could get a seat up there. It was really sweet. Seriously, it was; makes me miss my girlfriend even more.

Back over in the rebuy tournament, a fan had posed for a picture with Negreanu and as Daniel sits down in his chair, the fan says, “Daniel, take off your hat, let's see how much you have left.”

Daniel gives him a quick once over and without much hesitation deadpanned, “Why don't you take off your pants?”

The rail that had gathered laughed and the fan thankfully didn't start to unbuckle.

3:45 p.m.

Those of you at home might take some comfort in knowing that even the best of the best have problems folding top pair, top kicker. Phil Ivey opened in early position to 7,500 and called a re-raise to 19,500 from the button, Jon Van Fleet. The flop came A-4-3. Ivey checked, Van Fleet bet 20K, and Ivey check raised all in. That was music to Van Fleet's ears as he held pocket aces and Ivey flipped over A-K, and quickly left the room after the last two cards were dealt. It was a tough day for Ivey who came into play as the chip leader and lost the majority of the hands he played including queens to Van Fleet's A-J earlier in the day that had kept Van Fleet alive.

This wraps up the early coverage; I'll be back with more later tonight.

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