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Event #3 – WSOP $1,500 PLHE Final Table

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After two days of play, 800+ had been narrowed down to a final nine that included a former WPT champion in Joe Tehan and a well known Full Tilt professional, David Singer. The final nine and their chip counts was as follows:

Joe Tehan 458,000
Jacobo Fernandez 428,000
Robert Lipkin 305,000
Al Barbieri 271,000
Russell Harriman 242,000
Gregory Alston 179,000
Zachary King 139,000
David Singer 83,000
Glen Bean 75,000

David Singer came in as the 2nd shortest stack but he wasted no time in changing that. First, he doubled up against Gregory Alston when the two got it all in on a Q-5-3 flop and Singer's A-Q bested Alston's jacks. A few hands later, Singer opened the action with a raise and was called by Al Barbieri. The flop came Q-3-2 and Singer placed out a bet that was instantly called by Barbieri. The turn was an 8 and Singer moved all in and once again was insta-called by Barbieri who had K-Q. He was way behind, however, as Singer had aces. The aces held and suddenly Singer had gone from 2nd to last in chips to 2nd in chips.

It was not long after that Glen Bean found himself forced all in from the big blind. His J-8 was live against Zachary King's A-Q and an 8 flopped to put him in the lead. An ace on the river (isn't that a book?) though sent Bean packing in 9th place which was good for $19,464.

Gregory Alston had an interesting sequence of events. First, he folded aces face up after chip leader Jacobo Fernandez check raised him on an 8-7-6 flop. Then he got it all in with jacks against Al Barbieri's pocket queens and managed to suck out when he hit a jack. It wasn't long after that Barbieri would go visit the cashier's cage when he moved all in under the gun with K-6 off suit and was called by David Singer who had A-Q. An ace on the flop sealed Barbieri's fate and he was our 8th place finisher winning $26,764.

Zachary King was the next player to exit when he raised first to act and Alston re-raised enough to set him all in. King called with A-8 and found that he was drawing virtually dead as Alston had Aces. King didn't get the miracle and finished in 7th place winning $34,063 for his three days of play.

Joe Tehan came in as the chip leader but had difficulty winning a single hand during the course of the final table. Right after losing with A-J to Russ Harriman's 9-8, Tehan put the rest of his chips in with J-10 and was called by David Singer and his pocket nines. Even though Tehan picked up a ton of outs when the board came A-Q-2-8, none of them materialized and he heads home in 6th place and $43,796 richer.

Russ Harriman followed soon after as he only had 100K left in chips when he picked up pocket queens and moved all in after Greg Alston raised first to act. Alston had A-J and delivered a knockout blow to Harriman when an ace flopped. Harriman's day ended in 5th place which was worth a not too shabby $55,474.

Robert Lipkin made the mistake of making a re-steal against David Singer. Singer opened from the button and Lipkin tested the Las Vegas professional with an all in re-raise. Singer quickly called with pocket jacks and Lipkin was in bad shape as all he had was 7-5 suited. No save from the poker Gods for Lipkin and he was our 4th place finisher winning $67,640.

When three handed play started it was the David and Jacobo show as they both had 900K+ while Alston only had a little over 200K. Alston picked up a big hand at the perfect time... when Jacobo had a big hand as well. Alston was dealt pocket jacks and opened the pot for a raise. Jacobo re-raised enough to set Alston all in and Alston was glad to oblige. Jacobo had pocket 8's and would need to hit a miracle if he was going to take out the short stack. Alston found out that sometimes things aren't just meant to be as an 8 came on the turn to end his tournament. For his 3rd place finish, Alston took home $82,725.

The heads up battle between Jacobo and Singer was a roller coaster affair. It went like this:

Singer re-raises Jacobo pre-flop to 180K total and is called. The flop comes K-8-2 and Singer bets 200K and is check raised by Jacobo to 500K. Singer folds.

Singer raised and was re-raised by Jacobo pre-flop. Singer called and check-folded to Jacobo's 250K flop bet.

With Singer down to 320K, the two get it all in on a Q-7-2 two spade flop. Singer has K-2 off suit and Jacobo has 8-3 of spades. Amazing enough the pair of 2's hold up and Singer doubles up.

Singer clawed back, winning a number of small pots, and by the time they took the dinner break they were even in chips.

Singer takes a 2:1 chip advantage over Jacobo when he hits a straight on the river with A-6 on a 4-5-3-3-7 board.

Jacobo picks up a couple of small pots and then another 200K to re-take the chip lead when he calls Singer's pre-flop raise and raises his 110K flop bet to 275K and Singer folds.

Jacobo picks up several small pots and a medium sized pot in succession and takes a 2:1 chip lead over Singer.

Singer wins a huge race against Jacobo with A-K against pocket 5's when both an ace and a king flop. Singer takes a huge chip lead after the hand of 1.7 million to 400K.

On the very next hand, Singer finished Jacobo off. With the board reading 3-5-7-6, Singer bet, Jacobo raised, and Singer re-raised enough to set Jacobo all in. Jacobo made a reluctant call with two pair, 7-3, and found he had four outs if he wanted to stay alive as Singer had Q-4 for a straight. No 7 or 3 on the river and Jacobo Fernandez was our 2nd place finisher winning $136,643.

David Singer came in as one of the short stacks but valiantly fought his way back into contention and would not be denied. The Full Tilt poker professional from Las Vegas won $214,131 and his first WSOP bracelet after numerous close calls in the past. Congratulations David on your win!

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