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You Can't Bring A Gun To This Shootout – Day Eight Of The WSOP

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The $5,000 NLHE Shootout has gotten underway. This is a unique event where the number of entrants is capped to 360. Thirty-six tables of 10 start off the tournament and the winner of each table advances to the next round which will consist of six tables of six. This will take place tomorrow, meaning it should be a pretty short day for most of the players. The winners of these six tables will come back the following day for the final table. With the size of the buy in, it is a professional heavy field. In fact, Phil Hellmuth decided to show up on time for this event, which makes it a “unique” event just because of that.

Because of the small size of the field, though, it is a bit eery as 2/3rd of the Amazon Room is empty. This will change later when the other events start to get going but for now it is about as quiet as you will ever see the Amazon Room at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Dario Minieri is back to wearing the scarf he wore at last year’s WSOP. A few non-cashes must have led him to going back to what worked for him at last year’s Main Event.

I've mentioned this before but one of the new rules this year is a strict no cell phone rule at the table. I've seen many players breaking this rule repeatedly so it looks like it's not a heavily enforced rule. Either that or certain players *cough* Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson *cough* get special treatment.

When I went by Mark Seif's table as he was arriving, he saw the blinds were at 100/200 and he said “100/200? What a joke.” I have to agree with him. To put out $5,000 and only start with 50 big blinds is a joke. It probably doesn't make as big a difference in a shootout format like this, but they still should have at least started the blinds at 50/100.

Funniest line of the early afternoon: Phil Hellmuth folded to Toto Leonidas on an A-J-8-4 board and tells Toto he folded A-K.

John Juanda looks at Hellmuth skeptically and says, “You didn't have ace king, if you had ace king, you would stand up, knock your chair over, and say 'Look what I can fold baby!'”

The entire table, Hellmuth included, laughed.

3:00 p.m.

Three hours into the Shootout and most of the tables are between four and six players. There is one table that is two handed and another that is three handed. People must enjoy playing with Phil Hellmuth because his table still has eight. I overheard Hellmuth telling a player after he raked in a pot, “I had a real hand.”

Can someone please tell me what a fake hand is?

The Omaha-8/Stud-8 event is restarting. I talked with Scott Clements who was wondering how much Harrah's took out for the rebuy event. There was 766 entrants and a total of 2,257 rebuys and add ons meaning before any money was taken out there was $3,023,000 available. The prize pool was $2,894,094 meaning they took out only 4.26% which must mean they didn't take any juice off the rebuys. That was a big complaint last year, so it's good to see they've resolved that.

4:30 p.m.

Went and watched the final table of the $2,000 NLHE for a bit. Shannon Elizabeth is there sweating her good friend, Theo Tran. Her and Gavin Smith were having a chat about reality television shows like Big Brother and Survivor. Shannon told me that for the longest time she didn't want to do Dancing With the Stars but finally decided the timing was right to do it this year. She mentioned she had no background in dance at all and once she found out she was doing the show, she only had one or two weeks to take lessons while others (like Jason Taylor) had almost four months of preparation. She said the one thing about doing the show that she is happy about is it gave her the opportunity to direct her first short and that she really enjoys working behind the camera.

In poker related action, Theo continues to roll and is still the chip leader with six left. Besides Shannon he has pro's Nam Le and Bryan Devonshire rooting him on. The bigger cheering section belongs to Shannon Shorr who has people like Eric Baldwin and Jonathan Little cheering him on. It's a non-televised event, so it's quiet over there but the tension and excitement of a big poker tournament is still lingering in the air.

That's it for now. More later.

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