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Event #11 - $5,000 WSOP NLHE Shootout Final Table

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Six players had battled through two extremely tough single table matches to reach the final table of the $5,000 NLHE Shootout at the World Series of Poker. Unlike other tournaments, each player would start the final table with the same number of chips... one million total. The seating assignments were as follows:

Seat 1: Greg Mueller (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Seat 2: Thomas Roupe (Houston, Texas)
Seat 3: Philip Tom (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Seat 4: Leo Wolpert (Fairfax, Virginia)
Seat 5: Timothy West (Los Angeles, California)
Seat 6: Sirous Jamshidi (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The action in the beginning was fast and furious as hands were being dealt and chips were flying fast. No one was going broke though as usually a pre-flop raise or a bet on the flop was enough to take it down. Greg Mueller was easily the most aggressive player at the table as he doubled up in chips without even seeing a showdown. Tim West was having nothing go his way. Every time he raised, someone re-raised and he found himself down to less than half his starting stack when he re-raised Leo Wolpert's opening raise to 400K, leaving himself with 15K. Greg Mueller made the call from the button and Wolpert folded. West put in his last 15K in the dark and Mueller called. West had A-K and Mueller pocket 9's. The flop came with a king and West doubled up to over 800K.

Mueller continued his winning ways winning nearly 500K off of Philip Tom with Q-10 on a 4-3-4-Q-6 board. Mueller would end up giving them all back to Tom though when they got it all in on a 9-3-J-A board with Mueller having A-10 and Tom having A-Q. There was then a series of double ups with the shorter stacks winning each time. First Tim West doubled up twice and then Philip Tom took his turn with the doubling up fun when he took kings against Sirous Jamshidi's aces and hit a king.

A huge hand took place between Greg Mueller and Thomas Roupe. Mueller raised to 80K under the gun and Roupe made it an additional 200K. Mueller called. The flop came 7-3-3 and Mueller checked. Roupe announced that he was all in. Mueller stood up and let out a deep breath, knowing that if he called and lost he would be out. “All right,” Mueller said. “I call.” The cards were turned over... pocket 8's for Roupe and pocket 9's for Mueller. Mueller clapped his hands together, knowing what a great call he made and how close he is to doubling up if he can avoid disaster. Avoid it he does and Roupe is crippled. Roupe goes out a few hands later and is our 6th place finisher winning $38,070.

It had taken over 100 hands to eliminate our first player but it wouldn't take nearly as many after that. Tim West moved all in over the top of Leo Wolpert and found out that he was in big trouble as Wolpert had kings to his nines. West didn't find the nine that he needed and finished in 5th place winning $63,450.

It would only take seven more hands before we lost our next player as Sirous Jamshoudi moved all in over the top of Philip Tom and found out that, like West, he was in big trouble as Tom had Aces which crushed Jamshoudi's Jacks. Again no miracle card and Sirous Jamshoudi finished in 4th place winning $118,440.

The frenzied pace returned to normal after that as Philip Tom took control of the match winning the majority of the hands that were being played with raises pre-flop or making well timed flop bets. Leo Wolpert was ground down in the process and found himself with only 425K. Desperate, Wolpert moved all in from the small blind with K-3 off suit and was called by Mueller who had K-2 off suit. The flop came A-Q-8 and the turn was a 5 meaning that the pot would be split unless a 3 or a 2 came on the river. Much to Wolpert's displeasure the dealer flipped over a 2 and he was done for. Leo Wolpert finished in 3rd place winning $187,812.

Philip Tom had about a 1 million chip advantage on Mueller entering heads up action but would increase that lead significantly when he moved all in over the top of a 650K flop check raise from Mueller that caused Mueller to toss his cards into the muck. Mueller managed to double up to 1.5 million when he pushed on a 9-8-7 flop with Jacks and was called by Tom who had 8-6. No straight card or two pair cards came and Mueller was back in it for the time being.

The final hand took place with a board reading J-9-5-3. Tom bet 150K and Mueller made it 350K to go. Tom moved all in after about a minute of thought and Mueller insta-called with J-8. He was way behind though as Tom had A-J and unless he could get another 8 on the river Philip Tom was going to be the champion. The river was... you guessed it... not an 8. Greg Mueller finished in 2nd place and won a very nice $298,638 for his three days of work.

Philip Tom got off to a rocky start but recovered nicely and once play got three handed was in complete control of the tournament. For his outstanding play, Tom won $477,990 and a World Series of Poker bracelet. Congratulations Philip!

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