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More From Day Ten Of The WSOP

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4:30 p.m.

I hate to keep turning these articles into a Theo Tran love fest but when you're running as sick hot as he is right now he deserves the publicity. I was covering the final table of the $5,000 NLHE Shootout and Theo came by on break and told me how he had just won a 200K pot that had put him up to almost 250K which was good for 2nd in the tournament with about 90 players left. I said, “I wonder if anyone has ever won Player of the Year playing only no limit events?”

Jon Friedberg chimed in, “I wonder if anyone has ever won Player of the Year making 19 final tables and not winning any of them?”

This was a crack at Theo's two final table finishes thus far without getting a win. Theo gave Friedberg the bird and headed back to his table. About an hour later I walked by Theo's table and he had lost about ½ of his stack. I went back 5 minutes later and he had it all back)

I had a long conversation with a player agent that I've gotten to know over the past year. He showed me the funniest video clip in history of Michael Binger dancing with a belly dancer at Garfield's. I begged him to let me have the clip so I could post it but he said he'd be putting it up on YouTube soon. As soon as he does, I'll post the link.

6:00 p.m.

The $2,000 WSOP Yawnfest, err I mean Limit Omaha Hi Lo, has begun. I am so thankful that I am not doing live updates this year because there is nothing worse than covering a limit event - it honestly doesn't matter, any limit event falls into this category. I play limit tournaments all the time and I don't get bored playing them but I know from experience that playing in them and watching them are two completely different stories. Among those taking part in the excitement are Ted Forrest, Kristy Gazes, Jeff Lisandro, Justin Bonomo, Mike Matusow, Jordan Morgan, Scott Clements, David Chiu, Tom Schneider, and Layne Flack.

7:30 p.m.

What Phil Ivey wants, Phil Ivey gets. Ivey wanted to see the Lakers-Celtics game on one of the big screens in the Amazon Room but the technicians weren’t able to get it up. So what did they do? They brought in a television and stand. I guess if I had seven figures at stake on a playoff series (as is rumored with Ivey on the Lakers), I'd be wanting to watch the games too. The question I have is if he requested to watch Oprah is if they would go to such lengths. They are on a dinner break now so he can watch it uninterrupted for an hour.

8:25 p.m.

A very loud, verbal confrontation took place right in front of the press box between Marcel Luske and Allen Kessler in the $2,000 Omaha 8 tournament. Luske checked on the river and Kessler made a bet. Luske was contemplating whether to call or not and held the chips in his hand and put his hand slightly out above the table. It was close enough to look to Kessler like he was going to call and Kessler said “this was a sick hand” which Luske took to be a sign of strength. Luske folded. Kessler looked at Luske in shock and said something to the effect of “I can't believe you just did that. I'm going to go on the Internet and tell everyone what you did.”

Luske bolted out of his chair, his face red, steam almost emitting from his ears. I couldn't really make out what he was saying but I've never seen Marcel this angry. The floor came over and intervened and it was ruled that Marcel did not have to call. You could still feel the tension at the table though as Kessler kept shaking his head and a red faced Luske stared intently at the table making sure to not make eye contact with Kessler.

11:15 p.m.

Theo Tran is human. He just finished 25th when his A-9 went against A-8,Theo was short, and his opponent hit an 8. Greg “FBT” Mueller was out roaming the hallway with a box in his hand. I took a peek in the box and it was a stack of hundred dollar bills. Greg let me take a picture of it. That's probably the closest I'll ever be to $100,000+ in my life.

Paul Wasicka was on the rail sweating someone in the $2,500 NLHE tournament. He told me he's been teaching cash game player Napoleon Ta the fine art of tournaments. Paul told me that it's thrilling to see someone that you've been teaching do well and that he gets more nervous watching Napoleon play than if he was playing himself. We talked a little more about how many events he was planning on playing. He said 10 or so because if he played more than that he would get burn out and that doesn't lead to good decisions.

That will wrap up day ten. More fun coming from the felt!

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