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WSOP Diary of Kristy Gazes: Positivity and a Topless Pool

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Everyone knows Kristy. No matter where we try to chat for these WSOP Diary segments, people see her and want to say hello, grab a hug, or ask how she is doing. And it’s easy to see why she is so popular – she is far and away one of the most genuine and thoughtful people in an industry that can be hard and cold.

No matter how Kristy is running at the tables, she cares about how others are doing, in life and in poker. And despite the highs and lows that she might be feeling, she always sports a positively upbeat sense of humor. She is always honest about how life is treating her and will share that information in a raw, uncensored way, but there is always a smile and a joke to lighten the mood.

Kristy is always someone that you want in your corner, and as soon as you get to know her, you want to be in hers.

She will be the first one to say that she has not had a positive experience with the World Series of Poker in the past, but she came to the 2008 WSOP with a new attitude and willingness to try again. The Full Tilt pro has been splitting her time between playing five tournaments thus far, putting in time for business-related projects with Full Tilt, and creating video blog segments about her WSOP experiences for the PokerRoad website. Still, she always has time for friends, acquaintances, and herself.

As this is being written, Kristy is going into her first Day 2 of the 2008 WSOP in the $2000 Omaha hi-lo tournament. As she in her interview, no matter how the negativity might get the best of her in one moment, she will begin the next with positive affirmations. That just might be working…

JN: When we last talked, you were going to be positive and love the Rio. Has that changed?
I’m trying! I played four tournaments and have air-balled all of them. I made a dinner break on the last one, and I almost made it to the end of that day. I was so mad when I went out 30 minutes before the last break, and I took it really hard. I really try not to get in that space where I’m negative, but it’s a battle with myself, beating the shit out of myself for not making any money. And then I sailed off on some other gambling-related stuff last night, and I never do that. Well, I rarely do that, but it’s a part of being in Vegas and working through bad habits. I also haven’t been working out or taking care of myself, so it’s my typical story. Story checks out. (Smile)

JN: But you’re working on that?
I’m really trying to be positive and not have any negative viewpoints, but not doing well this year combined with my history of not doing well at the World Series gets so negative that it takes on a life of its own. Again, I believe that you create your own reality, and I’m trying to be more positive today. I’m taking more days off and playing when I feel like playing. This Omaha event is only my fifth, so I’m not exactly burned out, and I’ll play again on Wednesday [June 11th].

JN: What else have you been doing in Vegas, away from the tables?
A couple of my girlfriends are here, so I’ve been hanging out with them. I was gambling a little, but I’m just having some fun, even though I’m usually in bed by midnight. I just moved to this place called the Signature at the MGM, which is fuckin’ bitchin’! You’ve gotta come over; they have a topless pool over there!

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