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Event #16 - $2,000 Limit Omaha Eight Final Table

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Unable to get down to the final nine in the previous day's play, players returned knowing that they would be in for a long day. It would not be until nearly 7 p.m. that the final table would be established. The final table included three well known professionals with hopes of adding another bracelet to their collections in Scott Clements, Ralph Perry, and Ted Forrest. Final table seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Ralph Perry (Las Vegas, Nevada) 340,000
Seat 2: Andrew Brown (New York, New York) 344,000
Seat 3: Scott Clements (Mt. Vernon, Washington) 397,000
Seat 4: Jim Pechac (Phoenix, Arizona) 193,000
Seat 5: Jimmy Fricke (Mahomet, Illinois) 51,000
Seat 6: Soheil Shamseddin (Houston, Texas) 300,000
Seat 7: Ted Forrest (Las Vegas, Nevada) 313,000
Seat 8: Kia Hooshmand (New York, New York) 162,000
Seat 9: Allan Enciso (Los Angeles, California) 120,000

Jimmy Fricke came in extremely short stacked and knew that he would have to get lucky if he was going to have any chance at winning the bracelet. Early on at the final table, Fricke made his move and was re-raised by Andrew Brown. Fricke stuck the rest of his chips in the middle and turned over A-K-Q-6 while Brown had 3-4-6-9. The board came 7-3-J-6-9 with the river missing every possible out Fricke had to scoop or split the pot. Jimmy Fricke finished in 9th place winning $21,135.

Allan Enciso was the next short stack to fall when he got his chips all in pre-flop with the veterans Scott Clements and Ted Forrest, who would end up splitting the pot and knocking out Enciso. For his 8th place finish, Enciso would win $28,684.

Scott Clements came into the final table with high hopes after a disappointing 9th place finish earlier in the Series. Unfortunately for Clements, the cards never hit for him and he was eliminated by the young chip leader, Andrew Brown. An impressive performance nonetheless for the young professional out of Washington. For his 7th place finish, Clements would take home $36,232.

Ralph Perry
would be the next player to hit the rail. Perry managed to survive for a considerable time with a short stack but he ran into the buzz saw that was Andrew Brown who flopped a set of 7's to eliminate the transplanted Russian in 6th place. Perry would win $46,297 for his finish.

Kia Hooshmand made things interesting at the final table but not in a good way. The volatile New Yorker was constantly berating dealers, tournament personnel, and other players. Ted Forrest became everyone's new best friend when he knocked out Kia when his A-2-7-10 hit two pair to best Kia's A-2-8-9. Kia Hooshmand finished in 5th place winning $58,877.

After losing a huge pot to Forrest, Soheil Shamseddin would be the next player to be eliminated when he was unable to hit anything with his A-6-8-Q and Andrew Brown turned a full house. Shamseddin finished in 4th place and would collect $71,961 from the cashier for his play.

Jim Pechac started today with only two 1,000 tournament chips to his name. Remarkably, Pechac survived all in after all in and outlasted player after player. Pechac's incredible run finally came to an end after Andrew Brown crippled him and then finished him off the following hand. Pechac started out with the better hand, Q-Q-8-5, but Brown's 3-4-6-J would make two pair to do the job. Pechac finished in 3rd place winning $88,065.

Forrest and Brown entered heads up play relatively even in chips, so it was anyone's game. Over the course of the heads up match, it seemed that Brown hit every draw that he was on and Forrest would whiff. Pot after pot went Brown's way and he found himself suddenly desperate. Forrest managed a remarkable recovery from 150K in chips to taking back the chip lead and it looked like the veteran was going to find his way to the winner's circle. Then the following hand went down and it was the hand that would decide the tournament.

Pre-flop, Brown raised and was called by Forrest. The flop came J-8-3 all diamonds. Forrest bet and was called by Brown. The turn was a 5. Forrest checked, Brown bet, and Forrest made the call. The river was a 2. Forrest checked again, Brown bet, but this time Forrest check raised. Brown called. The cards were turned over. Forrest had A-4-5-10 for the wheel. He grimaced when he saw what Brown had. A-2-4-6 for the wheel low and a higher straight. Brown took in ¾ of the pot and Forrest was crippled. Brown would eliminate Forrest moments later to win the title. Ted Forrest put up a valiant effort and was the 2nd place finisher winning $143,320.

With notable players like Ralph Perry, Scott Clements, and Ted Forrest at the final table, no one probably gave 25 year old Andrew Brown much of a chance of winning. Brown, however, showed no fear and took on all comers with fearless aggression and well timed raises. Andrew Brown is the winner of the 2008 World Series of Poker $2,000 Limit Omaha High Low Split event and takes home $226,483 for his victory. Congratulations Andrew!

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