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It's Ladies Night, Oh What A Night – Day Fourteen Of The WSOP

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8:15 p.m.

I decided to come in late tonight, mainly because I was winning an online tournament but also because I wanted to provide everyone with the late night view of a day at the Series. I get here and Vanessa Selbst is already heads up in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha tournament. Her opponent, Jamie Pickering, is having a grand old time, drinking and laughing with the rail. He doesn't even look at his cards half the time. Quite the contrast from what you usually see in a heads up match with a quarter of a million on the line. The rail is boisterous and I'm not sure who they are rooting for. They seem to all be friends of Vanessa but perhaps Jamie has won them over a little because they are laughing it up with him as well. In the end, Vanessa won the event, and the smile on her face said it all.

Over at the other final table, Daniel Negreanu was still in with three players remaining and it is quite obvious who the fans in the stands want to win as they cheer loudly for him after he wins any pot. Negreanu is being his usual jovial self and if he wins another bracelet, he probably won't stop smiling for a month.

The $5,000 NLHE is in the money and it's a stellar field including a slew of top Internet professionals and a couple well known experienced circuit veterans. I joke around with Scott Seiver all the time, so when I saw he was still in the event with a healthy stack I walked over to him and put my hand on his forehead and asked him if he was feeling ok. He glanced at me and said, “I just lost a 200K pot.”

Bad timing of the day award goes to me. I came back later after Scott won a pot and apologized. He shrugged it off and told me he knew I didn't know.

Kathy Liebert was still playing, her fourth cash of this World Series already. Other people I recognized included Adam Geyer, Michael Mizrachi, Eli Elezra, Alex Melnikow, Adam Levy, Cody Slaubaugh, Hasan Habib, Noah Boeken, Humberto Brenes, Anna Wroblewski, Eric Baldwin, John Murphy, and Scott Freeman. From the looks of it, it could end up like a final table at a PokerStars Sunday Million.

Over in the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. there is also a large number of big names. Phil Ivey is playing and for a change seems very focused on the tournament, which is a moderate surprise considering the Lakers are in a nail biter with the Celtics. Ivey is the chip leader as of the time I write this. In fact, there are about 30 poker players gathered in front of the big screen in front of the media area watching the game. Jennifer Harman is looking good, she's 3rd in chips. Still a long ways to go in this event but it is shaping up to be a good finale.

I talked with Michael Binger on the rail for a few minutes. He was sweating John Murphy while his tournament was on break. We talked about his Series thus far and even though he has cashed twice already, I could tell he was disappointed in his play so far. He told me how he had a really good shot in cashing in the H.O.R.S.E. event but lost 35K in a matter of three hands in the Stud Hi Lo part of the game. “I played bad at the end,” he told me.

I'm still trying to bribe his agent to let me get the video clip of Binger dancing but I am facing much resistance now. Ah well, you'll just have to trust me that it's hilarious.

9:45 p.m.

They have finally made the money in the H.O.R.S.E. event when a short stacked Billy “The Croc” Argyros took out an even shorter stacked Leo Fernandez. Billy is wearing a Poker News patch and Tony G. was sweating the hand to see how his horse did. After winning the hand, Billy celebrated, saying, “You can't mess with the Croc!” and doing a little dance before looking at Phil Ivey and adding, “I'm coming for you. You and me heads up.”

Ivey laughed and the players stopped play to take a well deserved dinner break.

I was standing in between two tables, one containing Tom Schneider and Jennifer Harman and the other had Phil Ivey. Steve Zolotow walked over and started talking to Ivey about the Laker’s collapse in game four of the playoffs tonight and Ivey responded, “Welcome to my world.”

Zolotow laughed and said, “Yea, you've been running real bad the last five years.”

Ivey looked at Zolotow, a sly smile on his face, and answered, “Actually, I have been. No one knows it though.”

There was a mind boggling hand in the $2,000 NLHE. The following hands were dealt out to the table. Jacks... queens... kings... and yep, you got it... aces. Remarkably enough the jacks and queens were able to avoid going broke but the aces were not as a king flopped. T.J. Cloutier who was seated at the table started telling anyone who was within listening distance about the hand. I guess even old timers can be surprised by a poker hand.

Negreanu won the limit hold em event and when it was announced over the loud speakers the room let out a nice round of applause. Negreanu has really been a lot of fun this World Series, so I'm glad to see one of the nice guys in poker win something. Medic, Lindgren, Matusow, and Negreanu. It's been a good series so far.

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