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Event #22 - $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Final table

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Knowing how to play one game is hard enough. Mastering five and doing well in them is even harder. Switching back and forth between five different games is the ultimate challenge. This is exactly what the players in the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. had to do. Play started today with two tables of eight and by the time they got to the final table these were our participants and their chip counts:

Seat 1: Rostislav Tsodikov 140,000 Chips
Seat 2: Doug Ganger 405,000 Chips
Seat 3: Jennifer Harman 271,000 Chips
Seat 4: Steve Zolotow 180,000 Chips
Seat 5: Jens Voertmann 485,000 Chips
Seat 6: Jared Davis 185,000 Chips
Seat 7: Hoyt Corkins 595,000 Chips
Seat 8: Marcel Luske 572,000 Chips

Jennifer Harman came in with high hopes of winning a bracelet but nothing went her way once the final table started. Harman called bets from Doug Ganger on every street in the Razz portion of the tournament and with so much in the pot on the river she made a crying call for her last chips with a queen low and was eliminated. Jennifer Harman finished in 8th place winning $30,851.

Shortly after Harman's exit, Rostislav Tsodikov was knocked out playing Stud High when his pair of nines was bested by Jens Voertmann's pair of queens. Tsodikov finished in 7th place and won $36,564.

After the dinner break, Steve Zolotow put all his chips in with a pair of 9's in Stud High. Hoyt Corkins called him with four spades and hit the nut flush on 7th street to knock out the Full Tilt professional. Zolotow finished in 6th place which was good for $47,990.

They weren't wasting much time eliminating players. Less than five minutes later, Jared Davis would be our next victim when he was raised on 7th street by Jens Voertmann. The raise was enough to put Davis all in and he made the call. Voertmann showed two aces in the hole which gave him three aces and Davis quietly mucked his hand and stood up. Davis finished in 5th place winning $61,702.

The break neck pace of eliminations would continue when the country boy from Alabama, Hoyt Corkins, would be knocked out fifteen minutes later. Corkins and Luske capped the betting pre-flop while playing Hold Em. The flop came A-K-10 with two diamonds and Corkins had enough to put three bets in, which is exactly what he did. Luske turned over A-9 and Corkins had K-Q. Corkins would need a king, queen, or jack to stay alive. Another ace came on the turn meaning the only card that would save Corkins now was a jack. A three is not a jack and that meant the end of the day for the Doyle's Room pro. Hoyt Corkins finished in 4th place winning $81,698.

Play slowed down after Corkins elimination and Marcel Luske hung on for life for the longest time. Luske was hovering around the 300K chip mark for several hours when he ran a huge bluff as he three bet Jens Voertmann on a K-J-4 flop and then bet on a 5 turn with nothing but Q-6 off suit. That well timed move put Luske back up to 700K. Luske would lose a huge pot in the Omaha portion of the game though, calling bets from Doug Ganger that would deplete his stack back down to the magical 300K mark. Jens Voertmann would do the honors of knocking out the entertaining professional and Luske would finish in 3rd place winning $110,264.

If you would have asked anyone entering play on day two who would be the final two standing, the last two names people would have said would probably have been Jens Voertmann and Doug Ganger. Well except for Voertmann, Ganger, and their friends that is. The two outlasted some of the biggest names in professional poker and now found themselves heads up with a World Series of Poker bracelet on the line. Voertmann started the match with a 2:1 chip lead but Ganger would even that up quickly and the game was on.

Voertmann at one point fell to a 2 million to 500K chip deficit after Ganger hit quads in the Omaha portion of the event but recovered nicely to win a monster pot in the Stud portion to take the same 2 million to 500K chip lead. Despite a double up from Ganger, Voertmann would never relinquish the lead again and took out Ganger when he hit a bigger two pair on 7th street in Stud Eight. Doug Ganger played remarkably and finished in 2nd place winning $182,822 for his efforts.

Despite a roller coaster final table and heads up match, Jens Voertmann persevered and managed to win the $3,000 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event. In addition to a nice, shiny bracelet Voertmann collected $298,253. Congratulations on your win, Jens!

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