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Event #23 - $2,000 WSOP NLHE Final Table

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1,344 players took part in the $2,000 NLHE event at the World Series of Poker creating a prize pool of $2,446,080. While it was a final table full of obscure amateurs and lesser known professionals, it turned out to be one of the more exciting final tables that the 2008 WSOP has seen. The seating assignments and chip counts when play began were as follows:

Seat 1: Andrew Jeffreys (Melbourne, Australia) 1,051,000
Seat 2: Blair Hinkle (Kansas City, Missouri) 1,030,000
Seat 3: Dominik Kulicki (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 241,000
Seat 4: Daniel O'Brien (Las Vegas, Nevada) 456,000
Seat 5: Mark Brockington (Edmonton, Alberta) 552,000
Seat 6: Chris Bjorin (London, United Kingdom) 247,000
Seat 7: Dustin Dirksen (Iowa City, Iowa) 867,000
Seat 8: David Steicke (Hong Kong) 611,000
Seat 9: Stephan Tayar (Saint Mande, France) 323,000

With the blinds at 10,000/20,000, David Steicke opened the pot to 60,000. Stephan Tayar moved all in over the top of Steicke and Jeffreys asked for a count of Tayar's stack. In the meantime, Steicke was frozen like a statue, staring straight ahead and not moving. Jeffreys folded and Steicke did not hesitate and called with pocket queens. Steicke was well ahead of Tayar who had A-10. Tayar did not get the help he needed and he finished in 9th place winning $45,252.

Andrew Jeffreys started the final table as the chip leader but lost nearly 300K to Blair Hinkle on the second hand. Jeffreys picked up a big hand - pocket kings -with a raise and re-raise in front of him and had to be dreaming of the chips coming into his stack. Unfortunately for him, David Steicke AKA “The Card Rack” had pocket aces and made the call. The flop came with an ace and just like that Andrew Jeffreys was our 8th place finisher winning $63,598.

A hand after doubling up, Dominik Kulicki moved all in again over the top of Blair Hinkle's opening raise. Without a moment's notice to think, Hinkle made the call with A-J of spades. Kulicki was ahead with pocket queens but that inevitable ace (or in this case, two of them) came on the flop to send him on his way home. Kulicki finished in 7th place and won $81,944.

Chris Bjorin came in as the short stack but by virtue of his patience he was able to move up three spots in the money which meant an additional 61K in winnings. I guess patience really is a virtue. With only 113K left, Bjorin moved all in over the top of Hinkle's 65K raise and even though he didn't like it, Hinkle made the call with A-3. He was ahead of the K-Q that Bjorin held and Bjorin was unable to get any help. Chris Bjorin finished in 6th place winning $106,404.

Dustin Dirksen finished 2nd place in a NLHE event at last year’s WSOP and was looking for his first bracelet. With 400K of his money already in the pot on a 6-3-7-3-J board, Dirksen laid down to a 300K re-raise of his 200K river bet from Hinkle. Dirksen pushed all in a few hands later with A-2 and was called by Hinkle who had A-8. The flop came with a 2 putting Dirksen in the lead but an inopportune 8 on the turn meant the end of the tournament for the Iowa City native. Dustin Dirksen finished in 5th place and won a more than respectable $135,757.

Daniel O'Brien used some Irish luck to double through Hinkle when he got it all in with Q-J and was called by Hinkle with A-Q. The flop came 10-9-5 and the 8 that was delivered on the river gave O'Brien the straight and the 1.25 million chip pot. Next up in the double up department was the short stack Mark Brockington. Again doing the honors was Hinkle, who had done a great job of maintaining his stack due to his relentless aggression. Brockington doubled up yet again, this time at the hands of Steicke, when his A-6 held up against Steicke's K-J.

Steicke started off the final table on a mad rush but his luck would end. In a four way raised pot where Hinkle raised to 100K and the other three called, Steicke moved all in on a Q-8-6 all club flop. Hinkle moved all in and the other two folded. Hinkle had 8-6 for bottom two pair. All Steicke had was a draw with 10-2 off suit with the 10 being a club. No club would save Steicke and he finished in 4th place winning $166,333.

It was the Blair Hinkle show after Steicke's elimination as Hinkle would win hand after hand as the other two folded to his pre-flop raises. With all the blinds and antes that Hinkle was able to pick up, it was merely a dent in his stack when he doubled up O'Brien with A-9 against A-Q. Even when Hinkle doubled up his other opponent, Brockington, a few moments later with A-Q against jacks, he still retained the chip lead. Hinkle won the next six hands in a row and then proceeded to double up Brockington yet again, this time when his pocket 5's lost to flopped quad queens. That didn't deter Hinkle for even a second as he raised and won the next three pots.

O'Brien and Brockington appeared to be waiting for hands to take on the aggressive Hinkle as he seemed more than willing to take some shots at knocking them out. Hinkle raised first to act for what had to be the twentieth time out of the last thirty hands and O'Brien moved all in for 1.2 million. Hinkle thought for a few moments and then made the call with pocket 6's. O'Brien had pocket 8's and was in great shape to take the chip lead away from Hinkle. Great shape until a 6 flopped that is. Daniel O'Brien finished in 3rd place winning $198,132.

Hinkle won the first seven hands of the heads up match. It went walk, Hinkle raise and Brockington fold, walk, Hinkle raise and Brockington fold, complete and check fold post-flop, Hinkle raise and Brockington fold, complete and fold to a Hinkle raise. It was understandable then when Hinkle raised again from the button why Brockington moved all in. Hinkle made the call with pocket 6's and they were off to the races as Brockington had A-K. The flop came with an ace but it was clearly Hinkle's day as a 6 also came. That would do it for Mark Brockington and he finished in 2nd place winning $326,552.

Blair Hinkle's brother, Grant, won a WSOP bracelet earlier this Series. The two become only the 2nd brother tandem to ever win bracelets and became the first siblings in WSOP history to win bracelets in the same year. For his win, Blair collected $507,563. Congratulations Blair on your victory!

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