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Event #26 - $1,500 WSOP Razz Final Table

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People that play Razz will complain to anyone that will listen to how frustrating a game it is. There is nothing like getting dealt A-2-3 as your first three starters, get a 4 or 5 on 4th street, and then have your last 3 cards pair up or be high cards. Secretly though, the players will tell you they love Razz. They just don't want to admit it. 453 of these players signed up for the Razz torture and eight managed to survive the field and make the final table. The final table players and their starting chip counts were as follows:

Chris Viox 359,500
Barry Greenstein 243,000
Brandon Leeds 206,500
Joseph Michael 155,000
Archie Karas 113,000
Mark Tenner 108,500
Chris Klodnicki 105,000
Mike Wattel 74,000

Mike Wattel had a WSOP bracelet to his name already but if he was going to add another one to the trophy case he had his work cut out for him. Wattel could get nothing going and ended up getting the rest of his chips in on 3rd street with a 4 showing and was called by Greenstein with a 6 showing and Viox with a 10 showing. There were bets on every street and Viox ended up scooping the main and side pot with a wheel. Mike Wattel finished in 8th place winning $16,386.

Archie “The Greek” Karas is one of the world's most famous gamblers. Best known for turning chump change into thirty-some million dollars solely by gambling and then losing it all, Karas is also widely recognized as one of the best Razz players in the world. After a crippling hand to Greenstein early on at the final table, Karas could never recover and was eliminated by Brandon Leeds in 7th place. Karas won $19,478 for his excellent finish.

Joseph Michael was the next player to be eliminated when he got it all in with chip leader Chris Viox before 4th street was even dealt. Michael had 7-6-4 and Viox had 7-5-A giving him a slight lead. It would depend on the remaining cards that were dealt and in the end the best that Michael could make was a nine low which was not good enough to best the eight low that Viox made. Joseph Michael finished in 6th place winning $25,661.

Brandon Leeds started off the final table well but had a couple of crippling hands that left him short. Viox once again did the honors of knocking off a short stack when his A-2-4-5-6 knocked off the respectable A-3-4-6-8 hand that Leeds had. Leeds finished in 5th place winning $33,081.

Viox went back to work, this time crippling Mark Tenner when his 2-3-5-6-8 low just barely edged Tenner's 2-4-5-6-8 low. It would not be Viox this time knocking Tenner out as Chris Klodnicki would be the one to finish him off when Tenner could not improve his A-2-6-7 and was bested by Klodnicki's 2-3-4-6-7. Tenner finished in 4th place winning $43,284.

Greenstein started to take control of the event, winning several huge confrontations with Viox. At one point the chip counts were Greenstein 725K, Klodnicki 340K, and Viox 300K. Klodnicki then took a pot from the former chip leader, Viox, that left Viox on fumes with only 100K. Viox would double up against Greenstein soon after to remain in contention and would then work his way back up to almost even with Greenstein before doubling up Klodnicki and returning the chip counts back to Greenstein having a 2:1 chip lead on the other two.

Viox's roller coaster ride would finally end when he and Klodnicki got it all in on 5th street. Viox had 2-4-6-7-K and Klodnicki had 2-3-4-9-Q. Viox was dealt an ace on 6th street giving him an A-2-4-6-7 and Klodnicki was dealt a 5 giving him a 2-3-4-5-9 low. Viox had taken the lead but any ace or six on 7th street would give Klodnicki the knockout card. Sure enough, he was dealt an ace and that was that. Chris Viox finished in 3rd place winning $58,743.

Greenstein entered heads up play with a 2:1 chip lead and it would be a tumultuous affair that would see Klodnicki narrow the gap only to see it widen time and time again. The final blow was dealt though when Greenstein entered a hand with a 100K chip lead but hit an A-2-4-5-6 low that saw Klodnicki's stack drop to 160K. Greenstein would end the event a couple hands later and Chris Klodnicki would have to settle for a very respectable 2nd place finish. For his outstanding play, Klodnicki received $97,389.

Barry Greenstein started off the final table on shaky ground but once he won a couple of pots and took the chip lead, he retained control of the final table from beginning to end. This is Greenstein's 3rd WSOP bracelet and the $157,619 he won puts him over six million in lifetime winnings. It is a Greenstein trademark to give a signed copy of his book when he is felted. This time he gets to take the book home. Congratulations on the win Barry!

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