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Late Position Every Hand – Day Eighteen Of The WSOP

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12:05 p.m.

The only new event kicking off today is the $2,500 Six Handed NLHE event. Obviously, this is a unique event because only five to six players will be at a table on any one given hand. This means more hands will be played and you can't afford to sit back and wait for a hand because the blinds will kill you if you do that. It's a game that requires aggression and knowing how and when to pick your spots.

It's a fairly large field for a $2,500 event as there over 800 people registered already and there will probably be a small number of stragglers who register late. I'll go make my walk through and see who is here, who is not, and what kind of beats are being suffered already.

12:45 p.m.

If you come to the WSOP every day, it can become a lot like the movie “Groundhog Day.” You see the same faces over and over again. Walking down the hall, it's the same booths, the same people handing out advertisements with bored looks on their faces. I can walk by the Cardrunners booth and almost recite word for word what is going to be said on the video that is playing because I've heard it so many times. It is tough at times choosing who to take a picture of because I know I've probably taken their photo five times already.

Beth Shak is playing in the six handed event. When I did the tournament recaps from the night before I saw that she was still in the NLHE event that is just short of making the money. I looked at her, puzzled, and asked her, “Aren't you playing in the other event?”

She laughed and answered me. “Yes, I am, I just thought I'd have some fun.”

I asked her if she was donating $2,500 and she said, “I'd rather donate $2,500 in this event where you have lots of room than one of those $1,500 events.”

You could have just given me the $2,500 Beth, I would have put it to good use.

1:30 p.m.

I'm glad I wasn't playing today because I would have been distracted along with about half the room. The tournament staff tormented players by putting up the U.S. Open golf playoff between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. As they came down the stretch and Mediate was up by one, the room was more captivated by the two big screens showing the golf than they were their cards. When Mediate lined up for a birdie putt on 18, the room was silent, almost as if the players were actually on the course watching the putt. Mediate missed the putt; Woods made his and eventually won in sudden death. A lot of people don't understand the fascination with watching grown men hit a little white ball, but poker players do because there are a lot of similarities to the two games. They both require concentration, discipline, and aggression at the right times and there is an element of luck to each. Besides, you can gamble on golf and we all know how poker players love to gamble.

2:45 p.m.

They have made the money in the $2,500 NLHE tournament. They were on the bubble and I walked up to Kathy Liebert to congratulate her on making it into the money again. She said “I haven't made the money yet.”

I told her that she was going to make it and she looked at me as if I had just stolen her favorite stuffed animal. “Oops,” I said. “I didn't mean to jinx you.”

Kathy grinned and said, “if I go out now, you owe me $5,000.”

Errr, yea. Thankfully, Kathy cashed and shared with me that this cash now put her ahead of Annie Duke for all time WSOP winnings by a female. It is also her 5th cash of the Series. Ryan Young is sitting immediately to her right and has cashed for the 4th time this series. He said, “I guess I'll have to start playing three events at once like everyone else does.”

Beth and Dan Shak both cashed. This is the first time the pair of them have done so in the same event. Out of the 72 remaining players, 5 of them are women, which is a strong accomplishment in an open field like this. I was taking a picture of one of the women, Kristy Gazes, and accidentally cut off the top of her head. I told her, “I accidentally cut your head off, I was aiming too low.”

Kristy laughed as she is wearing a low cut shirt that is showing some cleavage. I knew she'd take it in good humor though (or I wouldn't have said it).

The bubble hand was an interesting one. Roberto Romanelo entered the hand with over 100K in chips and could have easily made the money. Instead he got into a raising war with the one player at the table that could bust him with pocket queens. His opponent, Alex Zaslavsky, had aces and flopped a set of aces to knock out Roberto. If Romanelo had taken the cautious route, he could have seen a flop and gotten away from the ladies. A $5,000 mistake learned the hard way.

It looks like it is going to be an action packed rest of the day. The $5,000 PLO final table is about to get underway and it is a star studded final table containing the likes of Hellmuth, Chan, Benyamine, Juanda, and some top internet professionals like Phil Galfond. I'll be back later with more from day eighteen of the WSOP.

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