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Event #31 - $2,500 WSOP NLHE Six Handed Final Table

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With only six players, most people would expect an action packed, betting and raising final table. The participants of the $2,500 WSOP NLHE six handed event would not disappoint as it would take eight hours and nearly 200 hands before a winner was determined. The final six, their seating assignments and chip counts, coming into the final table was as follows:

Seat 1: Kevin Song (Rowland Heights, California) 1,173,000
Seat 2: Justin Filtz (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) 891,000
Seat 3: Dario Minieri (Rome, Italy) 1,721,000
Seat 4: Stuart Marshak (Chicago, Illinois) 183,000
Seat 5: John O'Shea (Dublin, Ireland) 589,000
Seat 6: Seth Fischer (Palm Harbor, Florida) 508,000

The first nine hands were uneventful but short stack Stuart Marshak knew he could not wait too long to make a move. On hand #10, Kevin Song opened the pot for 47K and was called by Justin Filtz and Dario Minieri. Marshak moved all in from the small blind hoping he had enough chips to induce everyone to fold. It might have worked if Justin Filtz did not have pocket kings. Song folded and Filtz re-raised to isolate the short stack which was enough to get Minieri to fold his cards. Marshak only had Q-J and even though he flopped a queen was unable to overcome the cowboys of Filtz. Stuart Marshak finished in 6th place winning $73,784.

On the 19th hand of action, Seth Fischer raised first to act to 55K and was called by Kevin Song and the big blind, John O'Shea. The flop came A-5-2 with two spades and O'Shea checked. Fischer bet 110K and Song folded. O'Shea didn't think too long before pushing all in and he was quickly called by Fischer who had the A-9 of spades for top pair with the nut flush draw. O'Shea had 4-2 off suit (yes, he called a raise with 4-2 off suit) and was going to need a non spade 2, 3, or 4 to take the lead. The turn was another ace meaning the only way O'Shea could win now was if a non spade 3 hits the river. It was a queen and John O'Shea was eliminated in 5th place winning $98,923.

It would not be until the 50th hand that we would lose our next player as usually a pre-flop raise was enough to take the pot down. Kevin Song raised to 75K and Dario Minieri re-raised to 155K from the big blind. Song, who appeared to be frustrated by the Italian whiz kid's constant small raise aggression, came over the top of Minieri for all of his chips... a total of 642K. Minieri contemplated what to do and ultimately made the call with only A-8 off suit. Amazing enough, his hand was ahead as Song only had K-J. Song was unable to improve and was eliminated in 4th place collecting $141,983 for his efforts.

Minieri came in as the chip leader and with his win against Song took an even more commanding lead over the remaining two players. Justin Filtz completed from the small blind and Minieri made it 72K to go from the big blind. Filtz called and the flop came Q-10-2. Filtz checked and Minieri bet 140K. Filtz check raised all in and Minieri snap called with A-K. Filtz had K-10 meaning the only way Minieri could win the hand was with an ace or jack. The turn was a 9 and the river was a king and Filtz doubled up through Minieri.

A short time later, Minieri got it all in pre-flop with Seth Fischer. Fischer had jacks and Minieri had A-K. The jacks held up and Minieri doubled up his second opponent and his commanding chip lead was gone. That did not last long, however, as Minieri continued his aggressive ways and continued to win pot after pot as Fischer and Filtz relented each time Minieri would make a bet or raise.

On the 106th hand, Filtz and Minieri would tangle in a huge pot that would have the Italian on the verge of tears. With a flop of A-10-2 with two diamonds, the two players exchanged bets until all the chips were in the middle. Filtz had 5-3 of diamonds for a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. His flush draw was no good, however, as Minieri had Q-J of diamonds. Filtz would need a 5, 4, or 3 to not finish in 3rd place. The turn was a miraculous 4 and the river was another 4 and Filtz doubled up yet again evening up his stack with Minieri's.

Minieri would regain control of the tournament on the 140th hand of play when him and Fischer exchanged a series of raises that saw Fischer calling Minieri's all in re-raise. Fischer had A-J but was dominated by Minieri's queens. No ace came and when a queen hit the river for good measure, Minieri raked in the monster pot and the chip lead.

It wasn't all fun and games for Minieri though as he would end up doubling Filtz for what seemed like the tenth time at the final table. The two players saw a flop of 10-7-2 with two hearts and the chips went a flyin'. Minieri was way ahead with Q-10 to Filtz's J-10 but a miraculous jack on the river won the hand for Filtz and he jumped in the air to celebrate his miracle win.

Imagine Filtz's joy when he picked up pocket aces and there was a raise and re-raise before it even got to him. Filtz moved all in over the top of Fischer's re-raise of Minieri's raise. It was a bet totaling 1.3 million in chips. Minieri folded but Fischer made the call with A-K. Fischer had Filtz covered by 10K so with the loss to the aces he was certain to finish in 3rd place. The flop gave Fischer the slimmest of hope as it contained a king. Fischer's friends and families begged the dealer, the tournament director, anyone who would listen for one of the two remaining kings in the deck. The turn was... a king. A crushing king to Filtz who would now need an even bigger suck out if he was not going to be knocked out. The lone ace did not come on the river and Justin Filtz was eliminated, stunned, in 3rd place winning $214,139.

In a surprising change of pace, Fischer seized control during heads up play and took the chip lead from Minieri. On the 191st hand of the night, Fischer raised it to 180K and Minieri moved all in. Fischer nearly jumped out of his chair as he called and flipped over pocket kings. Minieri had 4-3 of spades and grabbed his coat, certain that defeat was inevitable. Ah but poker is a fickle, cruel, and mysterious game and the flop would be one that would give Minieri the slightest glimmer of hope. It was J-8-2 with two spades giving Minieri a flush draw. The turn was a 4 giving Minieri even more outs. Any spade, 4, or 3 and he would double up and have a commanding chip lead over Fischer. The river was not a spade. It was not a 3. What it was... was a 4. Trip 4's for Minieri and the massive cheering section rooting for him went berserk.

A few hands later, Fischer moved the remainder of his chips in with K-10 and was called by Minieri who had pocket queens. For a change, no suck out came and the tournament was finally over. Seth Fischer was one card away from winning a WSOP bracelet but instead had to settle for a 2nd place finish and $330,519.

Prior to this event, Dario Minieri was best known for accumulating enough player points at PokerStars to buy a Porsche and for his deep run at last year’s Main Event. Now he will be known for winning a bracelet at one of the most action packed, suck out filled, final tables in recent memory. Dario wins $528,418 for his excellent victory.

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