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Event #33 - $5,000 Seven Card Stud High Low Final Table

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Relegated to a corner in the Amazon Room, fans stood four to five deep to watch one of the more star studded final tables at this year’s World Series of Poker. While many of the fans didn't understand the game they were watching, there was no shortage of thrills for them as the likes of Marcel Luske, Annie Duke, and Chris Ferguson battled one another for the bracelet. In the end, it would be an unknown who would come out on top.

The final table participants and their chip counts coming into the event were as follows:

Sebastian Ruthenberg 663,000
Chris Ferguson 434,000
Alessio Isaia 398,000
Marcel Luske 308,000
Bob Beveridge 280,000
Annie Duke 277,000
Steve Sung 207,000
Bob Lauria 44,000

After being on the losing end of a pot that was chopped by Chris Ferguson and Marcel Luske, Bob Beveridge found himself with only 60,000 in chips. Beveridge got all of those chips in early in a hand against Marcel Luske and when all the cards were dealt all he could manage was an A-4-5-6-8 low and A-K high. Luske had A-2-5-6-7 for a low and a pair of 5's and scooped the pot to eliminate Beveridge in 8th place which was worth $36,801.

Steve Sung and Annie Duke were about even in chips when the two battled in a pot that would propel one of them to healthy stack status and eliminate the other. With bets on every street, Sung put in the last of his chips on 7th street and mucked when Annie showed A-2-3-4-6 for a low and a pair of kings for a high. Steve Sung finished in 7th place winning $46,001.

Alessio Isaia was trying to become the 3rd Italian to win a bracelet this WSOP but his A-4-5-7-8 low was unable to best the A-2-4-5-7 low of Ruthenberg and he was eliminated in 6th place winning $58,268.

Annie Duke had started the final table by running up her chip stack but then she lost a large pot to Chris Ferguson when she raised with a pair of aces and was called by Ferguson who ran her down to hit two pair on 7th street. Ferguson would take even more of her chips moments later when he hit trip sixes and ultimately would deliver the knockout blow on his fellow professional when his kings and jacks were good enough to defeat Annie's lone pair of 10's in the hole that did not improve. Annie Duke finished in 5th place winning $73,602.

Marcel Luske had one heck of a ride at the final table. He'd be short, then healthy, then short again. Finally, his luck ran out and his pair of 5's with no low was bested by Bob Lauria's rivered pair of 7's. Marcel Luske finished in 4th place winning $95,069.

Bob Lauria came into the final table with only 40K in chips but had managed to survive five other players and at one point had even threatened for the chip lead. Lauria was no match for Chris Ferguson though as the cowboy hat wearing pro slowly chipped away at the stack Lauria had managed to accumulate. It was Ferguson who would again deliver the fatal blow as he hit a full house that Lauria was unable to best. Bob Lauria finished in 3rd place winning $125,737 – nearly $90,000 more than he would have won if he had finished in 8th place.

With Ferguson having the chip lead heading into heads up play, most people assumed that he would go on to add another WSOP bracelet to his collection. Those people forgot to tell that to Sebastian Ruthenberg though who won a monster pot with trip aces when Ferguson held trip 5's to take the chip lead. Ferguson proved he was not going to go down quietly, however, as he won a number of small pots to regain the chip lead.

At one point, Ferguson held a 2.2 million to 400K chip lead and it seemed as if there was no way he was going to lose. Two consecutive double ups, the second happening when he had aces up to best Ferguson's smaller two pair, changed the momentum and gave Ruthenberg back the chip lead. It would be mere moments later when Ferguson got his remaining chips in the middle with a pair of aces showing while Ruthenberg had a pair of 4's with a low draw. Ruthenberg was the first player to reveal his 7th street card. It was a 7, giving him two pair, 7's and 4's. Ferguson would need another ace or to pair one of his other cards if he was going to stay alive. It was the 3 of spades though and was no help. Chris Ferguson came so close but finished in 2nd place winning $202,406.

With pro's like Luske, Duke, and Ferguson at the table, no one probably gave Sebastian Ruthenberg much of a chance other than the twenty or so railbirds cheering him on. Ruthenberg never lost his composure and managed to get the right cards at the right time to take home his 1st WSOP bracelet. For his win, Ruthenberg collected $328,756. Congratulations Sebastian!

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