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Flack Is Back - $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha With Rebuys Final Table

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320 players started the craziness but only one could win. Once people weren't allowed to rebuy, the play settled down and some real poker was played. The final table wasn't lacking in names as both Ted Forrest and Layne Flack found themselves contending for another bracelet to add to their already impressive collection. The final nine and their chip counts were as follows:

Kyle Kloeckner 845,000
Ted Forrest 757,000
Michael Guzzardi 751,000
Dario Alioto 659,000
Layne Flack 601,000
Daniel Makowsky 493,000
Frank Vizza 378,000
Jacobo Fernandez 348,000
Tim West 187,000

For most of day two, Frank Vizza was the chip leader. He lost ground at the end of the day but still survived to make the final table. Vizza limped in with 6-4-4-3 suited in diamonds and was raised by Dario Alioto. Vizza made the call and the flop came 10-9-2 all diamonds. Vizza pushed the remainder of his chips into the middle and was immediately called by Alioto who had K-J-9-3 double suited with one of the suits being diamonds. Alioto's flush was bigger and Frank Vizza was eliminated in 9th place winning $54,160.

The chip lead changed hands multiple times over the next twenty or so hands as Kloeckner, Alioto, and Flack all took their turn reigning supreme. Tim West was on the other end of the stick and finally found himself facing elimination when he moved his remaining 156K in with Q-Q-7-6 and was called by Alioto who had 10-9-7-3. The flop was magical for Alioto as it contained two tens to give him trips. Tim West finished in 8th place winning $72,213.

Michael Guzzardi had been crippled early at the final table and afterwards survived countless all ins. Guzzardi's luck would finally run out when he moved all in on a 7-5-2 two diamond flop with Q-J-9-8 double suited in clubs and spades. Layne Flack called him with K-Q-6-4 double suited in diamonds and spades and hit the diamond flush on the turn. Guzzardi finished in 7th place winning $90,267.

Kyle Kloeckner came in as the chip leader but had difficulty getting anything substantial going at the final table. In a three way pot with Layne Flack and Daniel Makowsky, Kloeckner check raised all in on a 6-2-2-K board with K-8-5-2 for a full house. He was called by Flack who had a bigger full house as his hand contained pocket 6's. The unfortunate cooler ended Kloeckner's tournament and he finished in 6th place winning $144,427.

Ted Forrest fought an uphill battle for most of the final table and was never able to reach the summit. On his final hand, he raised pre-flop for most of his stack and was called by Makowsky and Fernandez. The flop came J-7-4 with two diamonds and Makowsky bet the pot... a total of nearly 400K. Fernandez folded and Forrest made the crying call for his last 70K with A-K-9-8. Makowsky's hand contained two jacks for a set and Forrest was going to need running cards or a 10 to stay alive. The turn was a 5 giving Forrest additional outs to a 6 but the river was an 8 and Ted Forrest was eliminated in 5th place. For his finish, Forrest received $144,427.

Dario Alioto was trying to add to the impressive collection of Italian bracelet winners at this WSOP but he was unable to overcome the man on a mission... Layne Flack, who time and time again punished Alioto until there was no punishment left to be inflicted. On Alioto's final hand, he got it all on a Q-8-7 two club flop with 6-5-4-3 suited in clubs. A ton of outs but behind the A-A-6-5 of Flack and sharing some of the same straight outs. The turn was a jack and the river was another queen and Alioto was knocked out in 4th place which was good for a nice payday of $180,534.

Layne Flack's next victim was Jacobo Fernandez when he called Fernandez's all in bet on a 10-10-6 flop. Fernandez had aces but Flack had once again flopped a full house with the two sixes in his hand and Fernandez was going to need some assistance from the dealer if he was going to stay alive. The turn was a 4 and the river was a king and Jacobo Fernandez finished in 3rd place winning $222,659. This was Fernandez's third final table and his finish put him in the lead for WSOP Player of the Year.

Heads up play started with Flack holding a commanding 4.3 million to 700K chip lead over Makowsky. It would not take long for the two players to go to battle. Flack opened the action by raising pot and Makowsky re-potted it. Flack put in a second raise, one large enough to set Makowsky all in and Makowsky made the call. Makowsky had A-K-4-4 with the king suited in diamonds while Flack had K-K-J-2 suited in hearts. The flop came 10-7-5 with two diamonds giving Makowsky a diamond flush draw. The turn was a 6 and Makowsky either needed a diamond or an ace or Layne Flack was going to be the winner. The river was neither of those cards and Daniel Makowsky was eliminated in 2nd place winning $355,050.

It had been over five years since Layne Flack last won a WSOP bracelet and he had admittedly gone through some tough times since his glory days. Perhaps the success of his fellow professionals at this year’s WSOP inspired something in Flack as he controlled the final table from beginning to end to win his 6th bracelet and $577,725. Flack is one of the most good natured professionals on the circuit... always smiling and laughing. After his win today, he'll be smiling and laughing for many more days to come. Congratulations on your victory Layne!

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