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Let Us In! Day 23 Of The WSOP

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Nothing like a weekend $1,500 event to get the day started. I walk in and there is a line stretched around the corner. It is family members and friends waiting to get in to watch the tournament, several of them pleading with the guy guarding the door to let them in. I try and sneak by before they let them in since they have the doors locked by the media area but right as I do that, they decide to let them all in. I nearly get trampled in the mad rush. I survived though and here I am.

Last night, I went to the airport to pick up my girlfriend. There is no airport quite like the Vegas airport. The first thing you notice is the steady stream of taxi cabs going in and out of the airport. There must be 100-200 cabs a minute driving through. When I went down to baggage claim, there were about 10 people in suits holding up signs for the parties that they were picking up. What cracked me up (again, remember I am easily amused) was how they would scurry back and forth between the different escalators as people came down them. It was almost as if they were playing a video game and trying to capture some elusive treasure. The last thing I noticed was the outrageousness you could only find at a Vegas airport, including five women wearing bikini tops coming down one of the escalators and a guy carrying a huge beer bong. Only in Vegas.

12:30 p.m.

This guy three tables in front of me was busted and he started singing and flew out of the room. Literally. He stretched out his arms like he was a plane and went sprinting out of the room. His former table mates, security guards, and spectators all laughed as he blew by them. Like I said earlier... only in Vegas.

There are a few more recognizable faces in today’s tournament than in the usual $1,500 but it's still not what I would call a star studded field. The usual NLHE players such as Jared Hamby (who whispered to me as I was walking by that the $1,500's are pure torture), Alex Jacob, Hevad Khan, Joe Sebok, Theo Tran, and Scott Siever and a few who usually play the later events like Andy Bloch, Chris Ferguson, Barry Greenstein, John Juanda, Erick Lindgren, and Mike Sexton.

2:00 p.m.

As the 2,000+ players go on break and I hide in my corner, a couple quick notes. One of the funnier t-shirts I've seen recently, at least to me, said “I live in my own little world, but it's ok they know me here.” Also there was a hand that went down recently where quad kings lost to a royal flush. I once lost with quad aces to a royal flush in a tournament and it hurt, so I can only imagine what the quad kings is feeling right about now. The player that had the royal flush hit a one outer on the river to get it.

It's amazing how quick this room goes from being dead silent to sounding like a million crickets chirping. The chips in player's hands are being shuffled in unison even before the cards are being dealt.

4:00 p.m.

This time of the day, there is a lot going on usually. The $2,000 PLHE is in the money and they are down to 6 tables. Michael Binger and Shane “Shaniac” Schleger are having a conversation about Binger's work out habits. Binger told Shaniac that he doesn't mind coming in late to a tournament if the alternative is missing his daily work out. I wish I had that kind of dedication. Binger said he was about an hour and a half late to Day One of the event yesterday but considering he is the chip leader, perhaps that wasn't a bad thing. Maybe we should start calling Binger “Hellmuth Jr.”

Speaking of... Hellmuth was over sweating the $10,000 Omaha High Low Championship event. He was seated comfortably in a chair inside the rail. Here's a thing that bugs me. A friend of Clonie Gowen was sweating her from a distance, inside the rail, and was told to leave by the tournament director. The tournament director at the $10,000 Omaha event essentially handed Hellmuth a chair. I'm sorry, but I don't care how many bracelets you've won, if you're going to enforce a rule against one person you need to enforce it against all people.

In the $1,500 tournament, a young Asian kid opened the pot from the button. The small blind moved all in for 2,500 in chips and the big blind moved all in for about 3,500. The kid had about 5K in front of him and decided against making the call. He mucked pocket 7's face up and his opponent's turned over A-K and A-Q. To add more insult to injury, a seven flopped. The final gut punch was the fourth seven that came on the river. It's a good thing there weren't any ledges to jump off of nearby.

Early night for me as I'm off to see a show! More fun from the WSOP tomorrow.

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