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WSOP Diary of Scott Clements: Hitting Halftime

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More than half of the events of the 2008 World Series of Poker have been completed. Nearly half of the actual days of WSOP play are yesterdays. And the players are feeling it. For those committed to playing quite a few events and accomplishing specific goals, it is crunch time.

A less inspired or dedicated player than Scott Clements might be satisfied with three cashes, two of which were final tables, in the first half of the 2008 WSOP. While the amount of money that he has spent on events is not going to be made public, he has cashed for $62,420 thus far. But instead of getting some rest or slowing down, the cashes are only more incentive to work harder, play stronger, and do everything in his power to win a bracelet.

For a man who puts a great deal of importance on exercise, a healthy diet, and family time, the World Series is the exception. Though none of those areas of his life suffers to any sort of serious degree, it is a challenge to maintain some sort of normalcy and health during the long, seven week stretch. At the halfway point of the 2008 WSOP, Scott discussed how he’s doing.

JN: How do you feel at this point in the Series?

I would say I’m tired and frustrated. I made it deep in a few events, busted out about 20 away from the money in the Omaha $1,500 rebuy last night, and that was frustrating. I thought I played really well and was only in for $3,000, and I actually built up a pretty decent sized stack of over 70,000, but then I misplayed one hand. The guy was 60/40 and I was getting the right odds, but if I would’ve played the hand differently, I could’ve lost a lot less, maybe even just the original raise. I’m a bit frustrated overall. I haven’t been doing much in hold’em. I’ve had a lot of over pairs to higher over pairs and haven’t been running so well there. To me, though, the World Series is all about playing the other games, and I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to get over the hump.

JN: Are you feeling tired or physically worn down?

I am pretty tired. I haven’t been able to get much sleep, but it’s just going to be that way. I feel like I’m going to be able to adjust to that better than most.

JN: What’s your diet and exercise routine like outside of the World Series?

I always keep up with the healthy eating, but exercising has been a little bit tougher. We’re still going a few days a week, but usually I like to go six days a week. But if I play until 3am and start at noon the next day, the exercise is tough to fit in. I’ve missed a few days. Sometimes, my wife makes food for me to bring, or I stop at Port-o-Subs on the way to the Rio, so I try to have something that’s healthy everyday.

JN: Is this year any different from last year? Is there any extra pressure to win a bracelet for the third year in a row?

I was exhausted last year, too; it was the same kind of schedule. I think I’m playing the same this year, and I did make two final tables, but I ran better then. When I made the hold’em final table last year, I didn’t play my best. There were a couple of situations that would’ve been tough to get away from, but also I felt like I could’ve lasted longer. But the two final tables I made this year, I was a little cold-decked, so there wasn’t much I could do there.

JN: Are you doing anything special to try to stay focused at this halfway mark, i.e. taking breaks to get outside, calling your wife?

I don’t do anything special to try to stay fresh except try to get enough sleep. That’s the toughest thing to get, and I have a tough time sleeping in in the mornings, so even if I play at 3pm, it’s still tough for me to sleep in past 9am. That wears down on me; I wish I could do a better job, but it’s something that my body doesn’t like to do.

JN: Would you consider taking a day off?

Only if the schedule allows it. I’m playing everyday. I think there might be one day that I would have off because it’s the seniors’ event, but if I make Day 2 of the event from the day before, there will be no day off.

JN: What are you doing outside of the Rio, maybe catching a movie?

SC: Nothing. My wife’s going with her brother to a movie tonight. I’m pretty much just trying to relax. Probably at the end of the Series, I’m going to have an average of ten hours a day of poker, so if I can relax a little now when I can and try to hit the gym in the morning because that’s one thing that keeps me fresh in the tournaments.

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