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Event #46 - $5,000 NLHE Six Handed Final Table

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805 players started the $5,000 NLHE Six Handed event three days ago in hopes of winning nearly a million dollars. The number of entrants and the first place prize of $911,830 were both records for this event. While there were no big names at the final table, they had navigated their way through a field filled with stars and proven themselves. The final six were as follows:

Seat 1: Sam Trickett (Nottingham, United Kingdom) 1,000,450
Seat 2: Davidi Kitai (Brussels, Belgium) 298,000
Seat 3: Joe Commisso (Las Vegas, Nevada) 1,961,000
Seat 4: Richard Lyndaker (Chaumont, New York) 2,345,000
Seat 5: Tom Lutz (Dayton, Ohio) 1,493,000
Seat 6: Edward Ochana (Elgin, Illinois) 928,000

Tom Lutz started off the final table very aggressively picking up the majority of the pots over the first ten hands. On the eleventh hand, Richard Lyndaker opened the action by raising to 70K and was called by Edward Ochana. The flop came A-10-3 with two clubs and Lyndaker bet 85K. Ochana came over the top for an additional 200K and Lyndaker put Ochana to the test by moving all in. Ochana called quickly with the Q-J of clubs for a flush draw and gutshot straight draw. Lyndaker had A-4 off and was in the head momentarily. The turn was not a club, but it was a king and that gave Ochana an unbeatable hand. Ochana doubled up to 1.3 million while Lyndaker fell to 1.9 million... still in great shape though.

Davidi Kitai came in as the short stack and was the lone player at the table who owned a WSOP bracelet. Kitai's bracelet had come at this year’s WSOP, and he would add a 6th place finish to go along with that when he got it all in with pocket tens and was called by Lyndaker who had pocket kings. The kings held up and for his 6th place finish, Kitai received $120,693.

On the 21st hand of action, the aggressive (pretty much a requirement though in a 6 handed event) Lyndaker would again open the action with a raise to 85K from the cutoff. Tom Lutz re-raised to 210K from the button and Lyndaker made the call. The flop came Q-9-8 with two clubs and Lyndaker led out with a 275K bet. Lutz re-raised it to 550K and Lyndaker moved all in over the top. Lutz called and showed pocket aces. He had, however, been out-flopped as Lyndaker had pocket 9's and had flopped middle set. The turn and river were no help and Tom Lutz was eliminated in 5th place winning $174,041.

On hand #28, Sam Trickett raised first to act to 90K. It was folded to Ochana in the big blind who made the call. The flop came 10-8-6 with two hearts and Ochana led out for 105K. Trickett told the dealer that he was re-raising and carefully placed out a bet totaling 510K. Ochana moved all in and Trickett made the call for the remainder of his chips. Once again a big pair had been out flopped as Ochana had pocket 6's to Trickett's kings. Like before, the big pair was unable to get lucky and Sam Trickett was our 4th place finisher winning $245,927.

Three handed play started out with the players taking small jabs at one another. It was not until hand #53, that we would see the first big swing. Ochana limped in from the small blind and Joe Commisso raised an additional 110K from the big blind. Ochana called. The flop came J-9-2 with two spades and Ochana check called Commisso's 160K bet. The turn was a 5 and Ochana led out for 280K. After asking how much Ochana had left, Commisso made the call. The river was another 5 and this time Ochana bet 500K, leaving himself with just under one million in chips. Commisso quickly called and showed J-7 and Ochana mucked to the better hand. After the hand, Commisso was the commanding chip leader with nearly 5 million in chips.

Ochana hung on for awhile but the 69th hand of action would be the end of his day. Ochana opened the action by raising from the button and Lyndaker made the call from the big blind. The flop came 8-3-2 with two diamonds and both players checked. The turn was a 9 and Lyndaker checked again. This time Ochana bet 130K and Lyndaker check raised to 310K. Ochana called. The river was a ten and Lyndaker quickly bet enough to set Ochana all in. Ochana made the call with his last half million in chips and showed Q-10 for a rivered pair of tens. It was no good, however, as Lyndaker had hit a gutshot straight draw with his J-7. Edward Ochana was eliminated in 3rd place and won $368,891 for his play.

Heads up play commenced with Commisso holding a 2:1 chip advantage over Lyndaker. The two players swapped chips with one another as if they were best friends with Commisso getting the better of Lyndaker early on in the heads up match. On the 38th hand of heads up play, Lyndaker doubled through Commisso when his A-7 bested Commisso's K-4 suited. That hand put the chip counts at 4.9 million for Commisso and 3.2 million for Lyndaker. Commisso would regain control, however, raising virtually every time he was the button and not meeting much resistance from Lyndaker. A medium sized pot where Commisso rivered two pair put the Las Vegas poker pro firmly in control with a 7 million to 1 million chip advantage.

Lyndaker would double up twice though and even things up.

On the 159th hand of heads up play with Lyndaker holding a slight chip advantage, the two players saw a flop of A-Q-8. Commisso checked and Lyndaker bet 250K. Commisso called. The turn was a 7 and Commisso again checked. Lyndaker made another bet, this time of 725K. Commisso looked at his hole cards again and proclaimed that he was all in. After receiving a count, Lyndaker made the call with A-K. Commisso was behind on the flop with his Q-7 but the turn had given him control of the hand and the monster pot. The river was a blank and Commisso doubled up and crippled Lyndaker in the process.

It wasn't over yet, though, as just like before Lyndaker doubled up twice again through Commisso. The first time with A-Q against Q-6, and the second time with K-J against K-9. Lyndaker would double up a third time, this time with the lesser hand (10-8 suited) improving against Commisso's A-9, to regain the chip lead yet again. Inexplicably, Lyndaker would end up giving it all back when he open shoved for 4.3 million with J-10 and Commisso, perplexed, made the gutsy call with A-8 and for once was able to out flop Lyndaker.

In what had to be the most topsy turvy final table of the WSOP, Lyndaker would again double up three times to regain the chip lead. Each of these three double ups, Lyndaker had the worst of it pre-flop (although none of the hands were what you would call being dominated) and hit to prevail. Lady Luck smiled lastly on Commisso as he got all his money in with an open ended straight draw against Lyndaker's top pair and hit the draw to once again take a dominant chip lead. This time it would hold, on the 210th hand of heads up play, as Commisso's A-Q held up against Lyndaker's 9-7. Richard Lyndaker finished in 2nd place winning $570,551.

In what was one of the most bizarre and insane final tables in recent memory, Joe Commisso overcame the alligator blood of Richard Lyndaker to win his first WSOP bracelet. For his perseverance, Commisso won $911,855. Congratulations on your victory Joe!

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