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Event #48 - $2,000 NLHE Final Table

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$500 did not do much to deter NLHE players from coming out in large numbers for this $2,000 NLHE tournament that started Friday afternoon. The 2,317 starting field was down to nine with Marco Johnson, Kirill Gerasimov, and Gabe Costner headlining the final table which was relegated to a side table due to the 50K H.O.R.S.E. final table going on. The participants and their chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Dan Rome (Millington, Illinois) 650,000
Seat 2: Ryan D'Angelo (Blacksburg, Virginia) 520,000
Seat 3: Marco Johnson (Walnut Creek, California) 2,135,000
Seat 4: Kirill Gerasimov (Moscow, Russia) 1,145,000
Seat 5: Robert Brewer (Sherman Oaks, California) 1,050,000
Seat 6: Gabe Costner (Long Beach, Mississippi) 1,475,000
Seat 7: Alan Cutler (Vernon Hills, Illinois) 535,000
Seat 8: Alexandre Gomes (Curitiba, Brazil) 1,075,000
Seat 9: Sverre Sundbo (Oslo, Norway) 685,000

Dan Rome made one of the classic blunders that many poker players make. It was folded to him in the small blind, Rome decided he was going to win the big blind's money and rather than get re-raised or called, he moved all in for 475K total. This bet is all fine and dandy if you can get your opponent to fold, but usually when you're called, you're going to be heading out the door. Rome was called, and quickly at that, by Ryan D'Angelo who had pocket aces. Rome had 5-4 of spades and was unable to hit a miracle thus finishing in 9th place and winning $71,687.

Gabe Costner came into the final table 2nd in chips and in excellent position to make a deep run at the final table. He doubled up Sverre Sundbo early on and could never regain any momentum. His final hand found him all in with A-9 against Robert Brewer's A-10 and when no nine came to save him, Costner was our 8th place finisher winning $103,315.

Sverre Sundbo was not afraid to put his opponents to the test. Several times at the final table he would move all in for a large over bet and induce his table mates to fold. Ryan D'Angelo waited for the right moment and picked off Sundbo at the right time... when he was bluffing. D'Angelo opened the pot for 125K and Sundbo moved all in for nearly 1 million in chips. D'Angelo quickly called and showed A-Q which crushed the Q-6 suited that Sundbo had. The flop came A-5-4 and when the turn was a 10, Sundbo's all in days were over... at least for today. Sundbo finished in 7th place winning $134,942.

D'Angelo's rush would continue when he would get it all in pre-flop with Kirill Gerasimov (who was making his 2nd final table this WSOP) and his A-Q would best Gerasimov's pocket jacks when an ace hit on the river. A disappointed Gerasimov would have to settle for 6th place and $177,111 for his river demise.

Poor Alan Cutler. Cutler opened the pot from the button to 175K and Alexandre Gomes moved all in over the top of him from the blinds with an amount that would leave Cutler with about 700K if he called and lost. Cutler asked to take a look at the payout sheet but decided this was a hand he had to go with and made the call. Cutler had A-Q and Gomes had 7-6 of spades. The flop came A-Q-J with one spade and Cutler was looking in great shape to knock out Gomes and guarantee moving up a pay spot. Only running spades, 7's, or 6's could change this. The turn was a 6 of clubs meaning only one of two 6's would save Gomes now. Yes, you guessed it... the 6 of hearts came on the river and the Brazilians cheering on Gomes roared their approval. A stunned Cutler could only stare at the board and wonder what just happened.

The very next hand, Cutler raised again, this time to 200K. Perhaps thinking Cutler was tilting, Marco Johnson moved all in over the top of him. Cutler quickly called and showed he was not tilting... he had queens. Johnson had 5's and was in bad shape. Some days though it's just not your day, and today was not Cutler's day as a 5 flopped and Cutler was eliminated in 5th place winning $223,497.

Robert Brewer joined Dan Rome in making a classic final table blunder... putting all your chips in on a draw. Brewer called Ryan D'Angelo's pre-flop raise and led out on a K-8-5 two heart flop for 325K. D'Angelo flat called the raise. The turn was a 4 and Brewer checked. D'Angelo moved all in and Brewer quickly called with 10-7 of hearts. D'Angelo had pocket kings for the flopped top set but still had to avoid a 6 or a heart that didn't pair the board. He did avoid those cruel cards and Robert Brewer finished in 4th place winning $274,101.

D'Angelo's hot streak would come to a crashing halt when he doubled up Gomes. After betting 420K on a 2-2-Q-2 board and getting called by Gomes, D'Angelo moved all in when an ace hit the river. Gomes called and proudly flipped over A-10.

“Nice river,” D'Angelo said, flicking his cards with slight disgust into the muck.

That hand put Gomes up to 3.5 million and dropped D'Angelo down to 2.8 million. The two would get it all in moments later in a race situation with Gomes holding 9's and D'Angelo A-Q. The flop came with a 9 and just like that, D'Angelo was bust.

D'Angelo finished in 3rd place winning $326,812.

Heads up play commenced with the Brazilian, Gomez, holding a 6.7 million to 2.5 million chip advantage over well known Internet professional Marco Johnson. That would change quickly when the two players got it all in pre-flop in another race situation. This time Johnson's jacks would best the A-Q of Gomes and he would take over the chip lead with 5 million in chips to the 4.2 million of Gomes.

Johnson picked up several pots and increased his advantage to a 2:1 chip lead when he picked up pocket aces and opened the pot to 280K. Imagine his delight when Gomes moved all in. Johnson called and when he saw Gomes' hand of A-10 he knew he was only moments away from his dream of winning a WSOP bracelet. The flop came K-10-3 giving Gomes the smallest hope of one of the worst beats possible. The Brazilian fans cheering Gomes on screamed in disbelief when another 10 came on the turn. Unbelievable! The jack on the river did nothing to change the outcome of the hand and now things were nearly back to even.

Perhaps tilting a bit from that incredible misfortune, Johnson moved all in for over 3 million in chips when Gomes raised to 300K. Gomes had A-K of spades though and called and was ahead of Johnson's Q-J of spades. An ace on the turn brought a disappointing end to Marco Johnson's tournament as he finished in 2nd place and won $491,273.

He might not have been the best player at the final table, but he was certainly the luckiest and sometimes in poker... especially if it's at the right time... that is all you need. Alexandre Gomes won the $2,000 NLHE tournament on the strength of two of the most incredible bad beats ever given at a final table with this much money on the line. In the end though, all the chips were Gomes and this is how we keep score in poker. For his victory, Gomes won $770,540. Congratulations on your win Alexandre!

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