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Event #52 - $1,500 NLHE Final Table

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Even with the action at the Rio winding down as the Main Event gets ready to start, there was still an event to be settled with a large amount of money at stake. The last $1,500 NLHE tournament of the 2008 WSOP started with 2,693 participants and the winner would take home an amazing sum of $625,443. The final table seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Dan Heimiller (Plymouth, Michigan) 544,000
Seat 2: Matt Matros (Brooklyn, New York) 1,472,000
Seat 3: Farzad Rouhani (Germantown, Maryland) 212,000
Seat 4: Andrey Zaichenko (Moscow, Russia) 521,000
Seat 5: Scott Sitron (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 504,000
Seat 6: Voitto Rintala (Helsinki, Finland) 553,000
Seat 7: Jeff Courtney (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) 1,443,000
Seat 8: David Daneshgar (Westlake Village, California) 1,178,000
Seat 9: Corwin Cole (San Diego, California) 1,668,000

Scott Sitron didn't waste any time moving from a medium stack to a large one when he opened to 60K and called the all in re-raise of Voitto Rintala. Rintala had pocket 8's and was way behind the queens of Sitron. The queens held up and Rintala was left with a paltry 50K in chips. Rintala would go out the next hand when Farzad Rouhani hit quad 5's with Q-5 off to best Rintala's 6's. Voitto Rintala finished in 9th place winning $57,712.

Rouhani continued his hot streak when he doubled up against Jeff Courtney when the two got it all in on a Q-3-2 all spade flop. Courtney had K-Q for top pair and Rouhani had A-J with the ace of spades. The river was a spade to give the pot to Rouhani. Next on the double up express was Andrey Zaichenko who moved all in with K-J over the top of Corwin Cole's raise and was called by Cole and his A-10. The flop came A-K-5 but the river was a miracle king for Zaichenko giving him nearly one million in chips after the hand.

Jeff Courtney looked down at jacks and facing an opening raise from Rouhani decided to risk his tournament life. Rouhani wasn't sure what to do but ultimately decided to make the call with A-Q suited. A queen on the flop gave him the hand and Jeff Courtney was eliminated in 8th place winning $84,546.

David Daneshgar had the unfortunate problem of picking up kings at the wrong time... when Dan Heimiller had pocket aces. The action was crazy on the hand as Rouhani opened for a raise and was flat called by Zaichenko. Daneshgar made it 306K to go and Heimiller moved all in from the small blind. The other two players quickly got out of the way but Heimiller wasn't going anywhere with the rockets and doubled up when they held.

The action didn't stop there though as Matt Matros and Corwin Cole got it all in on an A-K-6 two diamond flop. Cole had pocket 6's for a flopped set but he was going to have to dodge a ton of outs if he was going to survive as Matros had Q-J of diamonds. The turn clinched the hand for Cole as it gave him a full house and just like that Matros had gone from one of the chip leaders to almost out.

Andrey Zaichenko not only won $112,116 for his 7th place finish but he also won the bad timing of the day award (I'm sure Harrah's can come up with a suitable sponsor for this) when he moved all in first to act from the button for 770K and was quickly called by Scott Sitron from the big blind. Sitron had kings and Zaichenko sheepishly turned over 9-6 of hearts knowing he'd made a huge blunder. A king on the flop left the Russian drawing dead.

Matt Matros moved all in over the top of Corwin Cole's opening raise and when Cole called and showed A-9 of hearts, Matros had to be thinking he would soon be back among the chip leaders as he had A-Q. The flop ended that hope as not only did it contain two hearts to give Cole the nut flush draw, but it also contained a 9. The turn was a heart and Matt Matros was our 6th place finisher winning $148,875.

Corwin Cole's hyper aggression and big bets would only last so long though as he lost a big pot and then moved all in first to act for 870K from the cutoff and was called by Scott Sitron in the big blind. Sitron's A-8 of clubs crushing the 9-8 off suit of Cole. An ace on the flop and Corwin Cole was out in 5th place winning $189,311 for his play.

Farzad Rouhani had come in as the short stack, moved up to over 2 million and the chip lead, and then went back down to the short stack all in a matter of hours. Down to his last 500K, Rouhani moved all in from the button with A-9 and was called by Sitron who had pocket 10's. Sitron's incredible hot streak continued with a ten on the flop and Farzad Rouhani was eliminated in 4th place winning $231,584.

There was some mind boggling, almost baffling, play going on at this final table. It was as if the players had somewhere better to be. An example of this would be when Dan Heimiller moved all in over the top of Sitron's 225K raise for a total of 1.6 million with A-3 suited. Sitron made the call with A-10 and Heimiller went from having a comfortable stack that he could play with to out in 3rd place. For his excellent tournament, Heimiller received $275,695.

Heads up play started with Sitron holding a 4.9 million to 3.2 million chip advantage over Daneshgar. The heads up match was all Daneshgar as he seized control and never let go. On the 50th hand of the heads up match, Sitron limped in and Daneshgar made it 400K to go. Sitron moved all in for 2.9 million and Daneshgar was quick to call with pocket 10's. Sitron had A-8 and was unable to improve and was eliminated in 2nd place winning $385,974.

David Daneshgar had a quiet final table, but used a controlled, patient game coupled with cards at the right time to win his first WSOP bracelet. For his win, Daneshgar will take home $625,443. Congratulations on your victory David!

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