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More From Day 1B Of The Main Event

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My dream of playing in the WSOP Main Event is over, at least for this year. I played one last mega and made it very deep, deeper than I had in the previous two and close enough that I could almost envision playing on Sunday. It's a story filled with bad beats so I'll spare you all the details. Let's just say I'm irritated and leave it at that.

Back in the action at the WSOP, other players were experiencing their own bad beat stories, and at a much higher buy-in than the $330 mega I was playing. 1,158 was the official number for the day bringing the total to 2,455. Maybe it won't top 6,000 after all. The low numbers are kind of surprising to me, but I guess people that are winning their seats on line are keeping the 10K cash in lieu of playing.

Since the early morning, Jamie Gold had been short stacked but had managed to survive. The ESPN camera crews were close by, waiting to record the inevitable bust out hand by Gold. Gold looked at the boom microphone hovering nearby and nodded to the large instrument directly above his head and said, “it's like the Angel of Death.” Gold would not make it much longer and was eliminated shortly before the dinner break.

The sick hand of the day award had to be when two players got it all in on a 4-K-Q-Q-4 board. Player #1 had pocket 4's for rivered quads. Player #2 had Q-Q for quad queens. The hand caused quite the commotion and had players from the table and probably the next twenty over, shaking their heads and going “wow.”

There's a guy playing in a bathrobe. At least he's comfortable and will be able to save time when he needs to use the restroom.

Olga Varkonyi is married to former Main Event winner Robert Varkonyi. Olga moved all in for 24K into a 6K pot on a J-7-4 flop with pocket queens. The only thing that's going to call you there is someone that has you beat, and sure enough when she was called by well known PokerStars pro William Thorson, she was beat. Thorson had jacks and Olga went off to find hubby.

The gutsy call of the day award goes to Rob Eckstut. On a flop of 10-6-3, Eckstut was check raised by Kathy Liebert and made the call. The turn was another 10 and Eckstut called Liebert's bet of 4K. The river was an ace and this time Liebert bet 8K, and Eckstut again called with 7-3 for bottom pair. It was good though as Liebert was on a stone cold bluff with 8-5 off suit.

Here's something that irritates me to no end. The Gaming Expo is going on right now and Harrah's has stationed security guards at each end of the long hallway to make sure that the only way you can get to one end or the other is by walking through the Expo. Now I have a media pass and can circumvent the circumvention, but I still think it's a load of crap that they FORCE people to walk through the multitudes of vendors trying to sell you junk you can buy at the dollar store for about 1/5th the price they are charging. If there's one thing I don't like it's being told I have to do something, and that's exactly what Harrah's is doing here. If people don't want to walk through the Expo, they shouldn't have to.

Today when I went to the restroom, I was sitting in the stall next to the handicapped stall and I swore I heard two voices coming from the stall next to me. I couldn't quite make out the conversation but it had something to do with money and someone owing someone quite a bit of it. I had to peek under the stall to see if there really were two sets of feet in there or if I was just losing it. There weren't two sets... there were three. Only in Vegas.

They have about 30 minutes left to play and Patrik Antonius is cruising with over 100K in chips. It's almost unfair to be that good looking and be good at poker too. Almost every female friend of mine that knows anything about poker, say he is without question the best looking player in poker. I shaved my head like him, but I'm not quite achieving the intended effect.

I just recently got off the phone with a friend of mine. She won a WSOP seat through a site and just got into town. She's never played in a live tournament with more than 30 people in it. Her only live experience is in small bar league type of tournaments. The thing is, she's a really good player, but I worry that the experience of playing in such an intimidating environment (and for a first timer, it is definitely that). I'm going to meet up with her tomorrow and give her some pointers and take her over to one of the other casino's so she can get her feet wet playing in a tournament before she plays on day 1D.

I wish it were me playing, but for now I'll just have to live vicariously through my friends. And on that note, I'll wrap things up for the day. Back soon with day 1C coverage.

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