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Battle Royale - Day 1D Of The WSOP Main Event

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5:35 p.m.

Rick Fuller was just dealt a cooler but the way his elimination went down is interesting, and well…perplexing to say the least. Fuller opened the pot for 800 and was re-raised by a woman to 2,800. Fuller pushed all in for about 12,000 and the woman took off her earphones and asked for a count of Fuller's stack. After nearly a minute of thought, she called and turned over aces. Fuller seemed a big perturbed by the slow roll. “What took you so long?” he asked. The woman explained by saying, “if you had me covered, I would have folded.” Huh? Really? Wow. Wow. That's all I have to say.

6:20 p.m.

I have two friends playing in today's event. Christina is from Canada and this is her first trip to Las Vegas and her first time playing in a poker tournament with more than 100 people. I had dinner with her last night and gave her some ideas on what to do. She seems to be holding her own as she had nearly 30K the last time I walked by. I asked her if she was having fun and she whispered, “I'm having a great time.”

Jimmy Burgess just recently got out of the Army and is making the transition to civilian life where he is soon going to be a police officer. Jimmy is one of those die hard poker players who gets excited just seeing a big name. When he found out he was playing with Men the Master, he sent me a text to tell me. Jennifer Tilly joined his table later and he ended up taking her out when his 10's bested her A-K and he got some ESPN camera time as a result. Jimmy asked me if I could do him a favor of setting up a picture with Shannon Elizabeth, so we walked over in the middle of the tournament and I asked Shannon if she wouldn't mind. She did so, with a smile on her face, and told me later that “it was cute.” I told Jimmy he owes me. Big time. He's having a good time too I think and was at almost 50K at the dinner break.

The numbers are in. There was a total of 6,844 entrants for a prize pool of $64,333,600. They are paying 666 places. When that was announced a mixture of murmurs, oohs, and laughs went across the room. Seriously, couldn't that have added just one spot to that number? 666th place will pay $21,238. Make the final table and you'll almost be a millionaire as 9th place pays just over 900K. Win and you'll take home a whopping $9,119,517. Sigh... I wish I was playing.
9:10 p.m.

More than any other event I have covered, the Main Event is always the one that has the highest emotion. When a player wins a big pot, they often pump their fists or let out a loud yell celebrating their victory. I know many people don't like seeing that type of behavior at the poker table, but I think as long as it is within reason, it's fine. It's only natural to be happy, to want to let out some type of celebratory gesture, after winning a pot when you have so much money on the line. Just don't rub it in your opponent's face. In addition to the highs, you will see the biggest lows. When a player is eliminated, it is devastating. Players will often leave, angry, sad, or a combination of both. It is not uncommon to see a player kick something, yell out loud in anger, or for tears to start falling down their face. It is this human element... this emotion... that makes this event the tournament it is.

10:05 p.m.

Every once in a while I will be walking among the rail and will see a fan struggling to take a photo of their favorite poker player. I'll ask them if they want me to take the picture for them and if they say yes, I'll get close up and get a nice snapshot. A security guard is providing the same service right now for these three women on the rail who wanted a photograph of Shannon Elizabeth. Glad to know there are nice guys besides me here.

There isn't much exciting to report from the floor right now besides the usual people going broke with over pairs against sets and people grossly misplaying A-K and A-Q. I saw one guy move all in for 15,000 on 7-3-2 flop with 4,000 in the pot with A-Q. He was called by 3's and was gone. Deservedly so for that donkalicious play.

A fun hand just took place in the Orange section of the Amazon Room. I joined in on the action with a large bet in the middle and an all in after it on a board of 10-9-8 with two hearts. Another player was contemplating whether he should call or not. The one player that was all in was pacing back and forth and said, “Gamble, gamble,” to the player who had over half his stack already in the middle. Finally, the third player went all in and the other player called and the three hands were turned over. 10-8 of spades, A-J of hearts, and pocket 8's.

The set of 8's was ahead but would have to fade all kinds of outs to avoid elimination. The turn made it even more interesting as it was a 3 of spades giving the player with 10-8 of spades a flush draw. Amazing enough, the river was a blank and the 8's held up to win a huge main pot, the 10-8 of spades stayed alive by winning a sizable side pot and the A-J was left with about 10K after the hand. “I can't believe I won that hand,” the player with the 8's said. Yea, me either.

11:35 p.m.

At one table, a player was complaining loudly about how a dealer had mucked his hand for him. The floor was called over and the situation was explained. The floor person said, “you need to protect your hand sir.”

The guy laughed and said, “I had my hand on my cards and the dealer moved my hand and grabbed my cards.”

The person next to him said that was true. Nothing they could do with the cards already in the muck, but that's the first time I've ever heard of a dealer actually moving a player's hands. I can just imagine the look on the player's face when the dealer did that. Kind of funny if you ask me, but I'm easily amused.

My friend Christina just called me to tell me she was out. She got it all in with former WSOP Main Event tournament director Matt Savage on a jack high flop with A-J. Savage had Q-J and turned a queen to eliminate Christina. Tough going but there's always next year.

12:15 a.m.

The tournament area had gotten quiet as most players were focusing on making it through the end of the day without making a stupid mistake. Suddenly out of nowhere, a loud FU** came down. It was loud enough for the entire room to hear it. Most everyone started laughing and a few jeered. I walked over to the table and asked what happened. “I don't know,” the red faced player said. “I'm just tired and was letting it out.”

Turns out he wasn't even in a hand, the dealer had all 52 cards in front of him, and he let out the obscenity for no apparent reason. The floor man came over and gave him a light hearted warning. A nice light hearted moment at the WSOP as day 1D comes to a close.

Play will conclude in 30 minutes and the players will all have a day off tomorrow. I'll be back on Tuesday with day 2A action.

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