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More From Day 2A Of The WSOP Main Event

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4:40 p.m.

Shortly before the break I was talking with Shaun Deeb who had just doubled up with pocket jacks against pocket kings when he hit a straight flush on the turn. Maya Antonius is sitting next to Deeb and I noticed the size of her wedding ring. I tapped Deeb on the shoulder and said, “look at the size of that thing.”

Deeb glanced over and Maya must have overheard me because she asked, “Are you talking about my purse?”

I didn't even see her purse but I looked underneath the table and saw it. Yep, Maya does things big. She's holding her own in the tournament and was telling me about how she has been playing poker for a couple of years but had to take some time off because of the baby girl her and Patrik had. “She's a mini Patrik,” Maya told me. “It's a good thing Patrik is good looking,” she added.

Maya's not so bad herself, so I'm sure that's a good looking baby.

5:05 p.m.

The players got an extra long break, 40 minutes, as they are coloring up the green 25 denomination chips. They finished the color up in an efficient 25 minutes and players are wandering in trying to get back to their table and they decided to let them in with 15 minutes left on the break instead of 5 minutes like they normally do.

8:50 p.m.

I went to dinner with a friend at The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. Fantastic and moderately affordable for a Vegas restaurant. The room was quiet when I returned but that changed quickly when the 665 players remaining from those that started today came back. We have our first player at the half million in chips mark. His name is Brian Schaedlich. I'd lay the odds at about even money that he even makes the money.

9:40 p.m.

My first report of the morning was titled “The Silence Of Loss.” The reason I titled it this is because after losing, a player is often numb, unable to make out any rhyme or reason to the world around them. The world is silent. Today as I watch players get eliminated, many of them stand up and look as if they have found out someone close to them has died. It's a look that combines anger and sorrow. Rare are the players who smile and wish everyone good luck. I imagine those players are the ones who won their seat on line for $10 and are essentially free rolling.

When Erick Lindgren busted out, the ESPN cameras followed him like a duckling following its mother. Lindgren paid no attention to them and made a hasty exit out of the door. The cameras paused at the door but then decided to follow him into the hallway to see if they could get more of a reaction. The hazards of being a poker “superstar” is not having those moments of silence to yourself.

Kathy Liebert raised a limper pre-flop with Q-10 out of the big blind and the limper called. The flop came Q-Q-4, a dream flop for Kathy. She checked and the limper checked. The turn was a jack. Kathy bet 13K, leaving herself with around 11K. Her opponent called. The river was an ace and Kathy moved all in and was quickly called. Her opponent had K-10 and Kathy's slow play on the flop backfired and she was eliminated. Kathy stood up, not pleased. She didn't want to leave but she knew her tournament was over. No cameras followed her out of the Amazon Room. She made the quiet walk alone.

10:50 p.m.

You know what would suck? Playing poker for nearly two full days, building a nice stack, and picking up kings when a bigger stack magically finds aces. In the last fifteen minutes, I saw four hands just like this. What can you do? I suppose you could say don't go all in with kings pre-flop unless you have your opponent covered but who in their right mind would play that passively with the second best possible hand? Coolers suck but if you play poker long enough you're going to get a ton of them... just have to hope it's not during the $10,000 WSOP Main Event or that you have your opponent well covered.

12:15 a.m.

I made one last walk through for the night and in the back corner I saw the massive chip stack of Brian Schaedlich whom I mentioned earlier. Brian is up over the 800K mark. I had stack envy for a moment and asked Brian if he was running good. He smiled and said that for the most part when the money went in he had the best hand. I asked him what his name was (I didn't know it was him at the time) and one of his table mates said “Golden Rod.” I laughed and suggested “Horseshoe.” Some of his table mates were giving him grief about some of the hands he had been playing but Brian explained he was merely playing position and well... the chips talk.

Brian told me a bit about his story... he won a low buy in satellite at a West Virginia casino besting 300 players to win his seat here. He told me he doesn't play that often and is an amateur in every sense of the word. He didn't even have a hotel room for the week but after being among the chip leaders at the end of day one, he went to the front desk of the Rio and asked for a room. They ended up comping him. Brian grinned and acted like a kid in a candy store when he told me his room had a couch in it. It's this wide eyed innocence that I love to see at the Main Event. He said he had a friend out here with him but that he went back home the other day and is kicking himself for doing so now. I told him to not pull a Dmitri Nobles (blow a big stack in a matter of hours) and he said his friend told him the same exact thing. Really nice kid... I'm pulling for him to continue his dream like run.

There is 45 minutes left and just over 500 players remain. I'll be back with day 2B action. Until then...

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