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The Noise Of Victory – Day 2B Of The WSOP Main Event

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11:00 a.m.

The floor people and dealers have officially lost it. They just had a competition where one side of the room (Orange and Red) yelled Aces and the other side of the room (Green and Blue) yelled kings. They did it three times and each time the Aces side was clearly louder. Jimmy Sommerfield was the judge and he grabbed the mic and said, “Kings never beat aces.” Not sure what they won but it was definitely a different way to get the day started.

2,379 players are starting today. Yesterday we lost 63% of the players that started the day. If that holds true today, we'll lose around 1,500 players today and will start day 3 with about 1,350 players, which means there will still be 700 players to go until the money is reached. Day 3 could be a very long day.

1:25 p.m.

With tables down at Buzio's and the Rio Poker Room, I made the long trek to see who had drawn the bad beat of getting a table down in Never Never Land. Jennifer Harman is right on the rail by Buzio's and has about 30 people hovering over the rail watching her... which of course slows down traffic in the hall as people walk by.

I walked over to watch the intros and an ESPN producer told me, “This is going to be the greatest moment in World Series of Poker history.”

I didn't see anyone of that kind of fame walking around so I asked him what he meant. He explained to me that one of the people that works for their production company has a birthday today and she's always wanted to do the shuffle up and deal announcement. Whatever ESPN wants, ESPN gets. She got up and made a small announcement as her colleagues, including Norman Chad and Lon McEachern, looked on. She came down to hug after hug and I heard her whisper to someone, “That was amazing, I almost peed my pants.”

Yesterday I talked about the silence of loss. The opposite side of the spectrum is what a player does after they win a big hand. It's usually a completely different reaction. While some players will sit there and quietly stack their chips, usually the importance of the event causes a mini celebration of some sort. A fist pump. A big exhale of air. A quick but loud “Yes! or Yeah! ” A smile often comes over their face, mixed in with a look of relief, and if they won because of a bad beat it is a look of amazement.

A recent hand I watched had two players showing this noise of victory in the same hand. The two got it all in pre-flop with player #1 having pocket 10s and player #2 having A-K. The flop came ten high, all diamonds, and player #1 pumped his fist before realizing that the board was all diamonds and that his opponent had a diamond. Player #2 said, “Give me a diamond” and his wish was fulfilled. He slapped the table in celebration but had little time to enjoy it as the dealer quickly turned over the river card, an 8 that paired the board. Player #1 gave a fist pump and survived, while player #2 could only bemoan the suck re-suck he had just gone through.

Phil Hellmuth is playing in the satellite room and as I walked by there he was talking with his opponent and said, “I think you have ace queen.” The board was K-J-x-x-J and his opponent made a 4,000 bet. Hellmuth called with pocket 10's and sure enough his opponent turned over A-Q. Ummm, why bet if he's called your hand and is obviously going to call?

2:05 p.m.

Damn, no more free dinners at Buzio's for me this year. Rich Murnick was facing an all-in check raise from a kid in the 1 seat on a 9-9-Q-7 board. Murnick looked at the kid and said, “If you got the boat, you got me, I call.”

The kid told Murnick he had a 9 and Murnick knew he was ahead and said, “I got one too,” and proudly turned over A-9.

The kid had K-9. The river a king. “Oh my God,” Murnick yelled almost falling over a chair behind him. The kid just shook his head and said, “I'll take it” and Murnick headed out of the room.

2:38 p.m.

Phil Hellmuth just moved two tables in front of the media area. His wife is sitting over to the side in a chair. Why does she get to do that? Any other player who wanted his loved one to watch would be given a big fat no. Oh that's right... he's God. My bad.

3:14 p.m.

They have cleared out most of the tables from the other side of the Rio and now players are left to the Brasilia and Amazon rooms. I didn't see anything too exciting on my walk through other than my friend, Catherine Calhoun, doubling up her short stack of 10K or so with pocket aces. There was one table that had three players sitting next to one another wearing identical Poker Stars garb, it was kind of funny to me so I snapped a photo of it.

4:00 p.m.

A player lost a big all in pot with A-J against A-K on a K-J-K-x-J board. The pot contained about 75K and the player with A-J was irate after the hand. He threw his headphones off and stood up and started calling someone right away. “Hey,” he said to whoever answered. “I just lost a 300K pot with A-J when I flopped trip jacks on a K-J-J board and the fu**ing idiot called me with A-K.” I went back over and counted the chips the guy with A-K had won. Yep, 75K. Funny how a 75K pot turns into 300K and funny how a K-K-J flop turns into a K-J-J flop. I wonder if it was a backer that he was talking to and wanted to make it seem like he took a bad beat for most of his stack.

Players will be going on the extended color up break shortly. I'll be back later tonight with more from day 2B of the Main Event.

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