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More From Day 2B Of The WSOP Main Event

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6:30 p.m.

Gavin Kelly started the day with an average stack but as play entered the third level of the day he was no where to be found and his stack had dwindled to under 15,000. Someone found out that Gavin had flown back home to Ireland because his grandmother had passed away. A sad moment but proof that there are more important things in life than poker, even if it is a $10,000 poker tournament. It would be nice if Harrah's would refund him his buy in, but I'm sure that would probably set a bad precedent.

Ramzi Jelassi and Phil Hellmuth are going at it verbally and it has Hellmuth a bit on tilt. Jelassi has re-raised Hellmuth five times in the last hour and Hellmuth was letting Jelassi know that all of his chips were going to be his. “How many of those hands have I won, Phil,” Jelassi asked. “Four right?”

Hellmuth went on about players with all the chips playing pots they shouldn't be playing and Jelassi told Hellmuth, “You're a good player, Phil.”

To which Hellmuth sarcastically responded, “You think? You're smart too.”

A non-English speaking reporter came up to speak to Jelassi and Hellmuth called over the floor to ask them to quit crowding him (they weren't). Ah, the life and times of “The Ego” -- that's my new nickname for Hellmuth.

8:35 p.m.

Players are returning from dinner break. There are 1,223 remaining so they are all playing within the cozy confines of the Amazon Room now. Steve Lade is the current day 2B chip leader with 380K but there is a flock of professionals with more than 150K and in good position including Victor Ramdin, Steve Billirakis, David Singer, Thomas Keller, and Nenad Medic. The Ego checks in at nearly 120K. With the blinds going to 500/1,000 there will likely be a group of players hitting the road in the next few hours.

10:40 p.m.

Day 2A chip leader Brian Schaedlich has been hanging around the press box most of the day today enjoying his one day of fame. ESPN conducted several interviews with him and Schaedlich has already been approached by the relentless poker agents about securing a logo deal if he makes the final table. Brian feels comfortable and confident that he can continue to accumulate chips. “I haven't really bluffed that much this tournament, but people continue to not believe me when I bet and they've been paying me off,” Brian told me.

As we were talking about poker, sponsorship deals, and agents, Phil Hellmuth became involved in a big hand. “I want to go watch this,” Brian said.

He walked down to the Hellmuth's table and stood in the background watching The Ego at work. “This is cool,” he smiled, watching the poker great live and in the flesh. If I was a fan of Brian yesterday, I'm an even bigger fan today.

The players are on their final break of the day and there are 1,015 players remaining. I predicted about 850-900 would be left at the end of the day, it might actually be 800 or so.

11:30 p.m.

I'm sitting here minding my own business, waiting for the break to end, when a guy comes up to me and asks me where I am from. I tell him and he tells me I look familiar. Never seen him before but I'm a nice guy so I don't say anything. He asks me who I write for and asks me if he can do a little shameless self promotion. “Sure, whatcha got,” I say. I'm kind of bored anyway and don't have a lot to write about other than Phil Hellmuth and I know people get tired of that. He tells me he is a stand up comedian who has a somewhat famous pregnant girlfriend. OK, you have my attention, I thought. He tells me how he won his seat at Full Tilt through a free roll.

“Who's your girlfriend,” I ask. He tells me it is Caroline Rhea. I recognize her name because I'm kind of a reality show junkie and have watched The Biggest Loser before. “What's your name,” I ask. He tells me but it's much too hard to understand so I start to ask him to spell it, but he hands me a card. It's Costaki Economopoulos (is it ok if I just call him Snuffleuffagus?). I take a look at his website, seems like I've heard of him before, and he's definitely legit so I go over take his photo and write this little blurb. Not sure what kind of “promotion” Costaki was looking for but here ya go, your one minute of PokerWorks.Com fame.

1:00 a.m.

The end of the day in a tournament like this takes on a completely different dynamic. Players are tired and are afraid of making a mistake... they just want the day to end and be able to come back the next day and start all over. Many players tighten up and some are able to take advantage of this tight play almost as if it were the money bubble. 855 players remain according to the tournament clock with the actual number probably being a few lower. Tomorrow will start with approximately 1,300 players. When will the money be reached? It's anyones guess, but if I were a betting man I would say late tomorrow, in the last level of the day.

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with day 3 action.

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