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$10K WSOP Main Event – Day 2B Perspectives

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For many players, Day 2B looked to be a grind, only one of numerous steps toward the 2008 WSOP main event final table. For others, it would be an opportunity to make the most of a chance at millions of dollars. Winning a seat into the biggest tournament of the year is not something to take lightly, and one player in particular was acutely aware of that.

George Price, who blogs under the moniker Loretta8, was one of the 2,378 players who returned on Day 2B, all of whom survived Day 1C and 1D to work their way through the second grueling day of the WSOP.

After winning a seat in the Battle of the Bloggers on Full Tilt Poker, George was in for a rewarding experience – a trip to Las Vegas to play in the 2008 World Series of Poker main event. For a 23-year old who had never played a live tournament, this would not only be an opportunity to play on the biggest stage there is, but it would be a challenge to put his already tested and proven online skills to work in a different environment.

Upon speaking to George before his second day of the WSOP, he discussed his Series journey thus far.

JN: Tell me how you won your WSOP seat.

It was in this online freeroll on Full Tilt. It was set up for bloggers, and there was a series of private tournaments over a few months, and if you won one of those, you got a seat in the Tournament of Champions. There were 46 people in the Tournament of Champions, and the top two got a main event seat. I was lucky enough to get there and get a seat.

JN: Did the package you won give you hotel and accommodations?

No, it was just the buy-in.

JN: Have you ever played at the World Series before?

No, I’ve never even played live tournaments before.

JN: Interesting! How was your first day of the main event?

It was good! I was expecting to be more nervous, but it turned out that I was more nervous at getting everything going – getting registered, getting to my seat on time, stuff like that – but once I got there, it was just another tournament. It was just poker, and even though I hadn’t played live, I’ve played a lot online. I just analyze the players, see who I’m up against, and play accordingly. I was pretty comfortable when I started.

JN: What has been the toughest adjustment going from online poker to live poker?

I think it’s how slow the hands are dealt. I’m used to playing a lot of tables online usually, and live takes much longer. That was the biggest difference for sure.

JN: Tell me a little about yourself, i.e. what you do for a living, etc.

I’m 23 and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As of right now, I don’t have a job, but I worked as an engineer for about a year. I’m not doing that anymore; right now, I’m training to do computer programming and statistical analysis.

JN: Anyone here with you in Vegas?

I met up with some friends and some guys I know online.

JN: Is this your first time in Vegas?

Yes, it is! I’ve gone to the Strip, lost money at the table games. I’m really bad at pai gow and blackjack, I guess. I just don’t have the skills for those games. (Laughs)

JN: Any hopes of going pro in the poker biz?

I would have to get real deep here. I’d have to have a six-figure cash to even consider it. I don’t know if I want to play poker for a living because it’s so intense with so much variance.

Author note: Approximately midway through Day 2B of the WSOP, George was eliminated from the main event. I knew this because the seat previously occupied by the very serious player with a Boston jersey was filled by another body. With the money bubble not scheduled to hit until Day 3, possibly even Day 4, it was certainly disappointing for George, as indicated by the singular post on his blog entitled “Busto.” It read: “Out of the main event. Recap after alcohol consumption.”

Personally, I hope that George enjoyed his first experience at the WSOP – and in Las Vegas – and will be back. He made a valiant run in his first live tournament. Congratulations, George!

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