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We're In The Money, Now What? Day Four Of The WSOP Main Event

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12:45 p.m.

There are 474 players remaining and the average stack is 288,776. Blinds are starting at 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante meaning the average stack has nearly 60 big blinds. Because of the length of the bubble yesterday, they started play one hour later today.

1:57 p.m.

We've lost four tables worth of players, or 36 total, in the first 45 minutes of play. I was curious how many women were left in the event and went through and snapped photos of them. There are 14 total of the 438, or a little more than 3% of the field. The odds are none of them will make the November Nine but I can't think of anything that would be bigger for poker than a woman doing just that. The media is going around snapping photos of the attractive women as if they were Madonna or Paris Hilton. The ones getting all the attention are Patrik Antonius's wife, Maya, Evelyn Ng, Kara Scott, Tiffany Michelle, and Carmel Petresco. Men Nguyen's wife, Van, gets some press as does Tracy Nguyen, a well respected online player. The other women playing are from all over the world and include Alana Morin, Chan Do, Comuelo Navamo, Jolyne Thompson, Karen Manfrede, Lisa Parsons, Minna Ritakorpi, and Veronica Dabul. There was one additional woman playing whose name I could not locate on the roster we were given so for now she's a mystery.

Speaking of pretty women, last night I was watching the action and an entire table of male poker players turned their heads. “Who is that?” they asked, referring to an attractive, leggy brunette sitting on a chair over near another section. It's funny, around women I'm terribly shy, but throw the press pass on me and I lose my fear. I walked over to her and said, “You're distracting an entire room of poker players.” She laughed and I asked her who she was here watching. “My boyfriend, Olivier Busquet,” she answered.

We started talking about Olivier and how he was doing. He had won his seat through Poker For Life in a charity tournament in New York, where they are from. Lorelei (that is her name) told me they'd only been dating for about six months but that it was exciting coming here to watch him play. “He plays on line a lot, I'll call him and ask him if he's working and he'll be, ‘yes,’ and I won't come over.” I joked that if I was playing on line poker and she wanted to come over, I'd bust out intentionally. Olivier is playing today and Lorelei is standing on the rail about 100 feet away anxiously trying to see how he is doing.

Cliff Josephy aka Johnny Bax was all in with pocket tens against A-Q. The cameras came to film the action and a ten flopped. “I think that's a good flop for me,”Cliff said. The turn was another ten and Cliff said “I think I have one of those.” His opponent started chanting for a fifth ten so the hand would be a misdeal, but it didn't come and Cliff doubled up.

After losing a big pot at the end of the night, Brian Schaedlich came in short stacked. He was recently knocked out, but will go home with a great story and enough money to pay off some student loans.

The Amazon Room is somewhat eerie right now. It's probably the quietest it has been since the WSOP started. Half the room is empty, the other half is filled with players and spectators but even they are quieter than normal as there is so much on the line. The most prevalent thing heard is the now familiar “all in and call” that the dealers announce every time a player goes all in and is called.

3:12 p.m.

Players are on their first break of the day. We are down to 363 players and the average stack is 377,080. We've lost 111 in two hours of play. The break neck speed of eliminations surely won't continue like this.

One thing I noticed in my most recent walk through is there are a lot of big stacks. Yesterday, you could count on two hands the number of players that had huge stacks but today players are accumulating chips at breakneck speed. There are now five players with over a million in chips and another eight with over 900K. Jeremy Joseph is the chip leader with approximately 2 million in chips.

Johnny Chan
is now seated at the same table as the young Joseph, and Joseph asked Chan what All In Energy Drink was all about. “Why should I get your drink over some other energy drink,” Joseph queried.

Chan went into a sales pitch and Joseph nodded his head as if he were a believer. “You pro's make more money marketing and selling stuff than you do playing poker,” Joseph added.

A new guy comes to the table and sees Joseph's chip stack. “Wow, we have chips over here,” he says. He looks at Joseph and asks him if he is the chip leader. “I think so,” Joseph says quietly. An old guy a couple seats down asks Joseph where he is from. “Buffalo,” the kid says. They have a conversation for a few minutes about Buffalo and the Bills and I head off to check out the action at other tables.

5:45 p.m.

Players are on their 2nd break of the day. There are 280 players, so 83 left us during the last two hours. Greg Mueller is having a grand old time watching the 8 players in his stable still in the action including Victor Ramdin, Jeremiah Smith, and Chino Reem. Considering he had 49 “horses” and 13 of them cashed, I think it's safe to say that Mueller is going to be making some money in this event. He told me that he just swapped 1.5% of Reem and Smith with Jon Turner for 3% of Turner's action.

Poor Dragoslav Timorac had aces cracked twice in twenty minutes and was eliminated. After the hand that knocked him out, he went over to the rail where he was consoled by friends. Dragoslav was so upset, tears started to stream down his face. A fellow media member and I stood there watching his emotional break down and while we were taking pictures of him, we admitted to one another that we felt moderately guilty doing so.

At another table, Alan Jaffray made a move at the wrong time with A-9 of spades for nearly ¾ of his chips and after he lost the pot, he too looked like he was on the verge of tears. His eyes watered up and he leaned back in his chair, shaking his head. I'm not sure if he was more mad at himself or at his opponent for making the call. Jaffray, who tried earlier this year to enter the women's event dressed as a woman, would be eliminated ten minutes later.

Brandon Cantu limps in from the small blind. Hoyt Corkins is the big blind and moves all in, a huge over bet. Cantu questions Corkins on the play and Corkins grins and says, “I can't play after the flop.”

At another table, a fist fight almost took place. The player in the 2 seat won a big pot to stave off elimination and after the river card was dealt he let out a piercing yell that upset the player in the 3 seat. Twenty minutes later, the two would tangle in a big pot when the 2 seat called the 3 seat's re-raise all in with A-3 of spades. The 3 seat had A-K but the flop came all spades and he was eliminated. The 2 seat clapped his hands in excitement and ran off to the rail to tell one of his friends what had happened.

Meanwhile, the guy in the 3 seat hasn't left and seems to be waiting for something. He starts muttering to the floor about the “f***ing idiot” that busted him when said idiot comes back to the table. He puts his arm on the 3 seat’s shoulder and starts to apologize for the beat when the 3 seat jumps back and says “don't fu**ing touch me. You're a joke.”

The floor tries to escort him off but he turns back around and says again, “Don't touch me. F*** you.” He finally leaves but is still pacing around the area. The guy in the 2 seat asks the floor if someone can stay nearby because he doesn't trust the guy. Sure enough, the guy comes back and starts going off about the 2 seat touching him again. The floor escorted the 3 seat out of the tournament area and the drama was over.

Still 3 more levels to go, I'm sure there will be more excitement coming. I'll be back later with more day 4 action.

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