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The Round Table – Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy Main Event Updates

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Adam has cashed for over a million online and already has 5 cashes going into the Main Event of the 2008 WSOP. He shares the roller coaster that was his first 2 days of the biggest event in poker.

I started out the Main Event with a decent table draw in the Brazilia room. I got up to 28k early, but then we got moved and I dusted off a few chips and was up to 22k. The rest of the day I fluctuated between like 18,000 and 25,000 and was down to 15,000 at one point, which was my lowest point and finished the day with 19,000.

The table I got moved to, the two toughest players, and I wouldn’t say they were better than me but they were the two toughest players and they were on my left and they both had chips. It sort of handcuffed me a little bit at the second table and everyone else was decent at the second table. I sort of had to chill out there. It was a pretty blah day.

The next day I was down to 12,000 early, doubled with 6-6 versus Brad Booth’s A-J. The flop came 2-2-4 turn J and I rivered the 6 so that was nice. After that I got up to 28,000 and then got back down to 10,000 at 400-800. I just had some continuation bets, raise, folding, it was just ridiculous. Then I had K-10 clubs versus 9-9 and I hit a flush to double me up to like 25,000. From there I had Q-10 clubs, raised it a guy calls in the big blind. The flop comes K-J-9, 1 club. I bet he calls, turn is the 8 of clubs so I have the nuts with a straight flush redraw. I checked, he bet, I called. The river paired the jack but I still shoved and he called. I think he had a king there. I doubled up to 50,000 there.

What was really lucky about that table was Brad Booth was to my left with over 100,000 and the other guy to my right had a 100,000 and then two other stacks with 100,000 got moved in to the left of Brad so it was just a brutal table draw. For whatever reason they decided to move a bunch of players from the Brazilia into blue 22 which never gets broken on a normal day but I got lucky and got moved from that horrible table and was at this table where I ended up fluctuating again. Immediately I made a bad call with 9-9 versus J-J. A guy shoved 20 big blinds in the small blind after a limper at 400-800. I decided to call for some stupid reason out of the big blind and he had jacks. It was pretty weird. Maybe had I been there an orbit or so I would have done something different.

I was down to like 40,000 and then by the dinner break I was down to 28,000. I had nines and I rivered a set on a three spade board and I just had to call the river and the guy had the nut flush and so that was sort of brutal.

I generally like to eat with other poker players on dinner break because you need to let off some steam and bitch about our hands, talk about our hands, stuff like that. Generally I always try to think about a couple hands that I want to talk about just to get other perspectives on the hand.

When I came back from dinner break I immediately lost another 10,000 from a continuation bet. I really didn’t need to make these raises but I did. I don’t know, I guess I was a little tilted for whatever reason. I went from 18,000 to 26,000. I picked up kings and then I had queens versus nines on a 10 high board, we got it all in on the turn. That got me back to 52,000 and then I ended up raising, missing, continuation betting, having to fold flops that I bricked, raise fold because I have A-J and a guy would shove on me. I found myself back at 30,000.

Then, I just started picking up hands. I had jacks and a tight guy flatted preflop. It came 4 high, I shoved he folded and said he had A-K. That was 10k. Then I had Q-Q another tight guy reraised me, I shoved on him thinking that maybe he would fold A-K. I wasn’t really sure, maybe he would fold jacks cause it was late position and he did end up folding that which I didn’t want but I will gladly take the 10-12k chip up.

There was a hand before break at 500-1000 where I have deuces and the flop comes Q-6-2 rainbow in the small blind. It was 4 ways and it gets checked around. The turn is the 7 of spades. I bet 3700, dude in the big blind calls, the initial limper makes it 20,000 to go. I’m like wow, this is great he probably has 7-7, this sucks well I’m all in. big blind fold and the guy thinks forever and ends up folding A-Q. That put me up to 76,000.

The very first hand back from break at 600-1200 blinds that same guy limps under the gun, I make it 4800 on the button with K-K, the big blind shoves for 40,000, this other guy who limps under the gun over shoves and I’m thinking oh my God. He hesitated for like a split second and I was pretty sure he didn’t have aces. He had queens and the other guy had jacks and I held for a full double up and like 2.5 x up. I was up like 195,000 and I slowly just chipped up a little more after that. It was a pretty sick day. Unreal how day 1 nothing, and then day 2 just up and down, up and down then all the sudden just straight up.

I didn’t play the WSOP last year so it has been cool this year. I have 5 cashes and hopefully I will have a sixth one at the end of the day today, we will see how that goes. In 2006 it was horrible, I went 0 for 17 and this is just a complete reversal. I have 2 final table bubbles this year. It has been a good World Series.

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