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And Down The Stretch They Come – Day 7 Of The WSOP Main Event

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1:55 p.m.

Jeffrey Pollack gathered the 27 remaining players around one table and had a discussion with them about if they make it to the final nine. He told them there would be a meeting tomorrow between one and four where they will go over what will happen over the next four months and how Harrah's is going to do everything they can to take care of them and make the transition smooth for them.

Tiffany Michelle had a very rough level and has slipped to five million in chips. She lost two sizable pots where she was check raised and folded and then called a 1 million pre-flop re-raise and folded on the flop. Her boyfriend was talking about how she might be filled with negative energy because of the swarm of attention she has been receiving and the pressure she's had from various people and organizations to do certain things. It's a shame really... just let the girl play poker. She's still near average stack so she's not out of it yet, but it will be interesting to see how she lets the pressure affect her the rest of the day.

At the main feature table, Joe Bishop has been causing some good natured trouble... well, good natured to him that is. After raising to 280K, Niklas Flisberg moved all in. Bishop has a habit of standing up and walking when faced with a big decision, and he did the same thing here. He asked Flisberg if he had an ace and then made the call. Flisberg turned over A-10 of spades and Bishop clapped excitedly before turning over A-K. The way Bishop handled the call caused some of the players at the table to accuse him of a semi-slow roll. “Ok, fine, fine, I'm the bad guy,” Bishop said. “Give him a ten in the window,” Bishop joked (he had to be joking because he surely didn't mean it). The flop was A-J-8 with one spade and people in the audience and at the table asked for the 9 of spades to give Flisberg additional outs. The turn wasn't the 9 of spades, but it was a spade and the entire room buzzed at the possibility. The river was a brick though and Flisberg was eliminated.

Security is heavy today. They have 12 guards and one supervisor patrolling the three tables. Access is actually pretty good for media, all things considered. One thing I've noticed thus far is that it seems like people are afraid to see flops. There have been a large number of hands involving large re-raises and all in bets... putting people to the test for their entire stacks.

Paul Snead had taken a big pot off of Tiffany Michelle earlier in the day but gave a huge chunk of it to Ylon Schwartz. On a K-J-J flop in a raised pot, Schwartz checked to Snead who made a bet. Schwartz called. The turn was another king and Schwartz led out with a sizable wager. Snead didn't take long before moving all in and was snap called by Schwartz. Schwartz had A-K and Snead turned his hand over in disgust... A-J. The one outer did not hit the river and Snead is beside himself. His wife tries to console him but he's pissed, walking back and forth. He says out loud, “Why couldn't it brick out one time? Just one time?” He comes over to his wife and tells her, “The tournament is over if I won this hand.”

I don't know about that, but he would have been in good shape to make it to the final nine.

Schwartz has a friend on the rail, Christopher, who told me he flew in Saturday to watch his buddy play. “When I got in, Ylon was 116th out of 116 players and I didn't even come right away to the Rio,” Christopher told me. He gave me a little background on the New York native, Schwartz, telling me that he is a chess master and backgammon player who turned to poker about ten years ago.

The blinds are now 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante. The average stack is approximately 6 million and there are 23 players remaining.

4:35 p.m.

Brandon Cantu's wild and crazy ways finally caught up with him. He made a re-raise pre-flop only to face an all in raise from Dean Hamrick. Cantu took the better part of five minutes to decide what to do. He shrugged his shoulders, and said, “All right, I call” and turned over a monster... 10-5 off suit. The crowd immediately buzzed over the somewhat crazy play by Cantu. Hamrick had aces and was looking great. The flop came 8-7-5 giving Cantu a glimmer of hope. The turn was another 8 though meaning the only way Cantu could win the hand was with a 5. The river was a 10 and Hamrick doubled up, thankful that the 8 had come on the turn to give him two pair. Cantu would go out with pocket 9's against A-Q a few minutes later.

In addition to Cantu, we lost two more players in a matter of minutes and we were down to 18 players. It was chaos as players changed tables and got set up for the cameras.

Tiffany Michelle, in the meantime, is slowly leaking away chips and honestly I have to say it looks like the pressure is getting to her. She has made bets and folded to raises countless times today. It's as if she is trying too hard to make things happen when all she really needs to do is wait for the right spot as the men are jumping all over her.

Over at the other table, a player was all in and a railbird yelled, “It's fu**ing over” and then added, “Sorry about the language.” It was too late though as the crowd in the No Limit Lounge let him have it.

There are 17 players remaining with the blinds moving up to 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante. The average chip stack is 8 million. I'll be back later with the rest of the action from Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event.

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