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Sweating Tiffany Michelle (kinda) – Day Six Of The WSOP Main Event

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4:50 p.m.

They improved the rail and I once again have better access for watching Tiffany Michelle playing. I joined the action right as she lost a big pot to Ivan Demidov. She had made a bet of 500K on the turn and 800K on the river and he re-raised to 2.2 million. She folded and was down to about three million after the hand.

She didn't let this deter her. The very next hand she limped from early position and both the blinds called. The flop came nine high rainbow and Cristian Dragomir led out for 60K. Tiffany raised to 200K. Dragomir studied Michelle for a moment and put in a re-raise to 600K total. Tiffany didn't wait too long before saying, “I'm all in” and just as quickly Dragomir mucked. Tiffany talked about the hand later (I won't actually reveal the hands she had unless they were shown to not reveal any information) with her boyfriend, Dave, and said she felt Dragomir was making one of those push the girl around plays. Obviously with his quick fold, her read was right on.

The next hand she limped in again and this time Kido Pham raised. Everyone folded to Tiffany who made the call. The flop came 10-3-2 all spades and Tiffany grabbed one of her 40 deep 25K chip stacks and took a small chunk of them off the top and then pushed the big chunk into the middle. A ¾ of a million chip bet. Kido looked as if he was mulling over whether to push all in or not and decided against it but not before telling Tiffany, “I know you don't have anything but I'm going to let you have this one.”

Tiffany and Dragomir tangled in another pot when on a flop of Q-10-9, Tiffany check called a bet from Dragomir. The turn was a 3 and the action was the same. On the 4 river though, Tiffany reversed the action by moving all in first to act. Dragomir wasn't as quick to fold this time, but eventually did and Tiffany was now up to 5.3 million in chips.

Shortly before the break, Tiffany, Kido Pham, and Ivan Demidov saw a K-6-5 flop. It was checked around and the turn was a 9. Kido checked, Demidov bet 100K, and Tiffany raised it to 300K. After about two minutes of thought, Kido flat called, and Demidov called as well. The river was a 4. Kido and Demidov checked to Tiffany who placed out a bet of 600K. Kido folded quickly but Demidov wasn't as quick to act. Eventually he laid down his hand and Tiffany raked in the large pot and entered the break with approximately 5.7 million. There are 44 players remaining and the average stack is just over 3.1 million. Phil Hellmuth was just eliminated in 45th place when his A-Q could not overcome jacks.

8:15 p.m.

Tiffany was moved to the feature table. The only other real notable name at the table was Kido Pham. Make no mistake about it, the reason they are at the feature table is because of her and no one else.

The round doesn't start off well for Tiffany. She raises Joe Bishop's limp to 200K and it is folded to Joe who calls. The flop comes 10-10-8 with two clubs. Joe checks to Tiffany who best 300K. Joe calls quickly. The turn is a 5 of clubs and Joe checks and then looks away as If he is disinterested in the pot. Uh oh, I am thinking... he hit something. It was such an obvious “act” that I'm surprised Tiffany didn't pick up on it. She bets 400K and after ten seconds of thought, Joe makes the call. The river is the 3 of hearts and Joe checks and once again does his I'm not interested in the pot act. Tiffany pays no attention to it though and places out a bet of 600K which Joe quickly calls with the 7-6 of clubs. Tiffany mucks, having lost nearly 1.5 million in the hand.

Despite the loss, Tiffany remains upbeat. Kido Pham goes all in and is called by Joe who has A-K. Kido has A-Q and Tiffany goes over and starts rubbing Kido's shoulders. The tournament director jokes, “Kido went all in so he could get a massage from Tiffany.” Tiffany is good luck for Kido as he hits a queen to double up.

Tiffany then picks up two big pots in succession, making up for her loss. In the first hand, Ivan Demidov raised her to 325K pre-flop and she made the call. The flop came K-J-8 with two spades and Tiffany checked. Demidov bet 525K and Tiffany came over the top for 1.6 million. Demidov folded and Tiffany added nearly 1 million to her stack. A few moments later, Tiffany makes it 150K to go in early position and Garrett Beckman re-raises from the small blind to 425K. Tiffany calls and the flop comes A-6-6. Garrett leads out for 300K and Tiffany moves all in, having Garrett well covered. Garrett folds and Tiffany picks up almost another million in chips.

Maria Ho is in the stands rooting Tiffany on and they make an announcement that there is 39 players left. Tiffany looks at Maria and says, “I just want to finish 37th.” This would be one spot better than Maria finished the previous year. Maria laughs and when it is down to 37, Dave Stann yells to Tiffany, “you're done!”

I have to give credit to Tiffany. She wasn't sitting on her hands waiting for big hands. She continued to play position and her opponents. Cristian Dragomir opened for 150K from early position and she flat called one seat to his left. Everyone else folded and the flop came A-8-3 with two diamonds. Cristian check called Tiffany's 150K bet. The turn was a 6 and Cristian again checked. As Tiffany was counting out chips to make a bet, Cristian was studying Tiffany closely, leaning back in his chair and looking at her as if she was a five year old lying about stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar. Tiffany bet 500K and Cristian didn't waste too much time in calling. The river was a 9 and Cristian again checked and did his careful study of Tiffany. Tiffany made a small bet of 600K into the 1.7 million or so pot and Cristian called. Tiffany turned over 3's for a flopped set and raked in the sizable pot to increase her chip stack to over 7 million.

Tiffany played a few small pots and lost them and entered the dinner break 6th in chips with 6.8 million. 35 players are remaining and the average stack is just under 4 million.

1:00 a.m.

It's late so I'm just going to do a quick recap of the last level and a half. Right before the dinner break, Tiffany and her friends were up in the media area having a conversation and Dave mentioned that if she made the final table she could get some tutoring from Annie in preparation for November. Tiffany tells Dave, “Dude, I don't wanna mess with my game.” I agree Tiffany, just keep doing what you're doing.

One thing I noticed was Tiffany had a camera on her at all times. With Mike Matusow busting, ESPN is praying, begging, pleading, for Tiffany to make it through to the final nine.

Tiffany won 900K off of Cristian when she called flop and turn bets from him and bet 500K on the river when he checked. Cristian let out a big sigh and starts talking to Tiffany. He asks her if she is bluffing and she tells him to call and find out. Cristian is talking to himself, Tiffany smiles and engages him in conversation. Cristian says out loud, “I'm not folding” and slams down the 500K call. The board was 8-6-2-A-K and Tiffany shows Q-8. Cristian smiles and says, “That wasn't a bluff, that was a value bet” as he shows 10-8. The one quiet crowd starts talking to one another about the hand.

Tiffany got tricky by limping in early position with aces and picked up nearly 600K when an opponent caller her flop and river bets on a 7-6-2-10-6 board. She is up to 8.3 million and loses a chunk of it back when she re-raises an under the gun raise to 550K and folds to his 1.6 million three bet. I found out what Tiffany had on that hand and suffice it to say, she folded a big hand but it was an excellent, disciplined fold that not many players would have made. Tiffany lost a couple of pots and saw her stack go down to just above 7 million as they ended the round.

What does Tiffany do on the break? She does her nails. A Harrah's suit walks by her as she’s doing them and says, “This is a first.”

Tiffany laughs and explains that she doesn't want her nails to look bad on television. She said, “This is really going to make me look like a woman now.”

Well, Tiff... you are.

In the last level of the night, Tiffany picks up two big pots. The first against her Russian friend Cristian (who she pretty much owned all day) when she hit two pair with K-10 and the 2nd against Albert Kim when she called his pre-flop raise and then raised him on an A-6-2 flop and he folded. That put her at just under 10 million in chips as play ended for the day, good for 3rd on the leaderboard.

If there was one thing I learned from watching Tiffany today, it was that she belongs. She's no fluke at all. She played fantastic today. Aggressive at the right times and folding when she needed to fold. She took a couple of hits, but managed to retain her composure and get back the chips she lost. She still has 18 more players to get through to reach the final table, but I won't be surprised at all if she does it.

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