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The Round Table - Daniel Negreanu gets Hands-On

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When Daniel isn’t winning bracelets he is constantly working with the WSOP to make the event better and better. Now he is also working with poker players on his new training site Poker VT.

KL: First, congrats on winning a bracelet this year; does that take pressure off going into every other tournament?

It does, especially when you win one earlier in the year. I am a groove player, when I feel like I am playing well, things start to go well and they all kind of click together. I played a pretty good series, but getting that out of the way real early makes you feel like you can get a second or a third real quick. You feel like you are in the zone.

KL: Why do you think the series was dominated by pros this year?

I hate to say that it was all due to me, but it had a lot to do with myself and the players and the player’s advisory council fixing the awful structures from last year. There were some mistakes made with the structures specifically last year. This year the structures were fast in the beginning, which is what makes sense, and then they gradually go up so that there is a lot of play late. It makes it a more skillful event later, where it’s not all luck based. You can see by the results, late at those final tables the pro players really shined and they came through at the most crucial time.

KL: Was the tournament structure the biggest change that happened at the series?

There is that and a few more. They buy-ins were raised, so you had more $10,000 events. I really do think the number one key reason was simply that these are the best World Series structures in history. In past years you just had tournaments that were a little bit more biased towards luck. This year they were more biased towards skill. They were very slow increasing blinds and there was a lot less pressure to just gamble foolishly. Pros could maneuver, they could wait, they could bide their time. It was much more like a WPT event.

KL: The players are able to have a lot of input?

It has been great; Jeffrey Pollack deserves a hats off and a kudos from all of us. In the beginning we formed this council and they said they would give us input but we weren’t sure. We have A TON of input; we have meetings all the time and discuss everything from food cost to bathroom issues to tournament structures to types of events that should be played to when they should be played. We have really had a great back and forth with the WSOP and Harrah’s and they have been fantastic by listening. If you look at this World Series it has been the most successful ever. I think it is well run, well organized and it is really difficult to do that on such a large scare with so many people coming in through here. I think they out did themselves this year and a lot of that has to do with our conversations.

KL: Do you think there is anything else in the future that you want to happen?

Yes, and that’s the great thing about it. We have an email chain where we can so, oops we forgot about this. Going into the WSOP we thought we had it all figured but of course little things will pop up. We need to make a little adjustment here, maybe next year we can make these days a little shorter, these days a little longer, and it is sort of a trial and error thing. Each year they key, since Harrah’s has taken over we are seeing a progression forward and it is getting better and better. Next year I think we will do at least as good as this year if not better.

KL: Speaking of making things better, you have a poker training site called Poker VT. What can people expect to find there?

Poker VT is the closest thing you are ever going to get to one on one, personal training from me. We do it in several ways. Not only are you going to see me playing online in online videos, which is common among other sites, we actually have live videos where I cut it up and analyze hands played. I also do these headphone hands where everyone at the table is wearing headphones and they are talking through what they are thinking. There also is an extensive course on small ball and how to apply it. There is so much content there, Q&A’s and stuff like that. Essentially it’s like everything I know about poker, I have spent a year and a half shooting video and putting it into this product and already the reviews we have been getting have been incredible. The response has been overwhelming. Everyone looks at it and the software, no other site without question, even compares as far as the aesthetics. It is really clean, fresh, high end, high technology. Everything about it is top notch.

KL: Does putting yourself and your game out there so much affect you at all?

It doesn’t affect my game per say, it actually helps reinforce when I do the lessons and stuff like that. It certainly gives people more of an insight to how I think but the great thing about what I teach there is even when people know a lot about how you play they great thing about small ball is you can still take advantage of that too. There is a counter strategy to the strategy.

KL: When you bring your game online to PokerStars what do you usually play?

I play $200-$400 limit hold ‘em, I will try to play $500-$1000 H.O.R.S.E. and sometimes $200-$400 PLO, or $100-$200 no limit hold ‘em. I play whatever game is going that is big. I would prefer to play H.O.R.S.E. but most of the players are chicken.

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