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Tired of Bad Beats? Play at Duplicate Poker

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The most crippling play in all of poker definitely has to be the infamous bad beat.  It takes place when a player clearly has the edge on their opponent in a hand, and bets their strong hand, only to get beat by their opponent with minimal outs as things progress.  Bad beats are typically the result of a bad call by one person who gets bailed out as the board gives them what they need.  And depending on the size of the pot, many players have quit for days, weeks, months, and even for good after being the victim of a bad beat.

And the thing is that bad beats are everywhere in both live and online poker.  No matter where a person turns, they will eventually run into another bad beat as it is inevitable.  But there is one exception to this fact that some people out there don’t know about.  And that exception is Duplicate Poker.

Developed in 2004 using techniques borrowed from the game of Duplicate Bridge, Duplicate Poker sought to apply the duplicate principles towards Texas Hold’em and become the world’s first entirely skill-based form of poker.  And when Duplicate Poker first hit the online world in 2006, it was clear that the goal of establishing a brand of poker where luck and bad beats didn’t exist was accomplished.

In order to get in on this skill-based phenomenon right now, simply download Duplicate Poker using the POKERWORKS bonus code so that you get the full deposit bonus of 100% up to $350 plus the $3 given upfront that are completely free.  To hear about how Duplicate eliminates bad beats, please keep reading.

The interesting thing about Duplicate Poker is that, instead of having everyone at a single table playing against each other, the players are sitting in the same position as someone else yet being dealt the same cards.  And basically, these two people are competing against each other to see who plays the cards the best.  So it doesn’t matter if one is dealt a crappy hand as they know that their opponent will hold the exact same thing.  This truly eliminates the whole bad beat effect too.  

Whoever has the bigger stack at the end of a playing session is declared the winner and can be rest assured that it was because of their own skill rather than because they got lucky or just had a good run of cards.  So why not test your skills at Duplicate Poker and see if they are good enough to win you some major money.  

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