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How to be a SNG Pro at Chili Poker

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Due to the huge popularity of SNGs, Chili Poker wants to make sure you have all the ammunition you need to be a SNG pro, by offering free SNG tips!

What is a SNG?

Sit n’ Go Tournaments (SNGs) are mini tournaments of 2, 6, or 10 players that only reward first, second and third place finishers, with the winner receiving 50% of the profits. As many seasoned players know, SNGs are a great way to grow your bankroll by limiting your risks.

There are three major phases in most SNGs. For the purpose of an example, let’s look at a 10-player game and how to play each phase.

The beginning phase is from the first hand to the elimination of half of the players. When the blinds are small compared to chip stacks with a large number of players, eliminations happen quickly. Bad players dominate the game by taking part in many hands and most of those players quickly disappear. Tips for this phase are:

•    Put a high price on your premium hands. Many players are willing to pay for them. Raise strongly pre-flop and re-raise if someone precedes you to put all the chips in the pot before the flop and avoid any surprises post-flop.

•    Take advantage of the lack of raises in SNGs, and play all hands with potential such as small pairs and suited connectors. The goal is to make a set with the little pairs and either two pair or a straight or flush with the suited connectors.

•    Be selective with your starting hands, play within the strict minimum, and work on your image while saving your chips for later.

•    Bluff little or none. If players pay for your good hands, they’ll pay for your bluff. The rule is the cards are the surest way to stay well positioned in SNGs.

•    Identify opponent styles by studying them while waiting for your hands. Those who play the most hands will likely give you the most chips. Identify gamblers, bluffers and tight players.

Phase two: This phase is a triumph of courage over fear, getting from half the players left to those in the money. Blinds are a growing percentage of the players’ stacks. Players tighten their games and play fewer hands and most hands don’t see the flop as going to the showdown could mean the game. Bluffing is omnipresent among the players. This is when your player study will come in handy. Your image as a tight player will also help now.

•    Steal from the tight players. They will be very wary and only play their good hands. Raise these players when they pay the blinds, even with mediocre hands.

•    Trap aggressive players. Wait for good hands and let them try to bluff you but defend your blinds against aggressive players by re-raising them.

•    Play more hands. The fewer players there are, the more you should be ready to play your average hands.

•    Don’t be afraid of losing when you see your stack shrink against the growing blinds.

Phase Three: This is the end phase where you go from being in the money - to being a winning player. With three players left, blinds are high compared to chip stacks. You want to place first or second to reward your time and investment. But remember, with all players in the money, it becomes a lottery.

•    If you’re not the short stack, try to establish a silent coalition against the smallest stack to get him out of the way quickly and take a bigger share of the money.

•    If you are the short stack, don’t hesitate to go all in quickly to avoid having too few chips to present a threat. Trap the aggressive players. Wait for your good hands and let them try to bluff you. But, don’t hesitate to defend your blinds by re-raising.

As Chili Poker points out, it takes patience, patience, patience and aggression!!! Want to try these great tips in a SNG? Then Download Chili Poker here on PokerWorks and receive a special deposit bonus of 100% up to $600. Now you are ready to take advantage of some great SNG advice!

Log-in to Chili Poker today and see what other great advice and games there are waiting for you!

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