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The Round Table – Catching up with Kristy Gazes

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Full Tilt Pro Kristy Gazes has been a busy woman! If she isn’t working on options trading she’s playing poker, both online and live and traveling the world on holiday. She sat down with me at the Bike in California recently to catch up on what she has been getting into lately.

KL: What have you been up to?

I just played the World Series and then I went on holiday. Before the World Series I was on holiday…I like to go on holiday! I went to St. Marten and that was really great. Then I came home and I have just been doing my other business which is options trading, which I do about 20 hours a week from my home. The other time I have been playing a bit more online and actually enjoying it. It’s the first time I have really been taking it seriously and realized how much money there is to be made online. It’s quite different than the way that I play, so I am learning a whole new thing, which is interesting. It’s helping me play with these new online players when I play live. I play 1-2 a month and every table I have been at there has been at least 4-5 online pros and they are really good. They play quite differently, they are sharp and I just wanted to improve my game.

KL: What made you decide to work on your online game?

A friend of mine just sort of came over one day and was playing an infinite amount of games. I used to do that during the days of Paradise Poker Bill [Gazes] and I used to play 10 at a time, but I got burnt out at that point. So I saw how my friend played and how well he did and how much there was about it that I didn’t know. I’m interested because I am learning something new about poker. I try to study my game but I don’t play enough to keep sharp for these so it’s always good if you have an avenue that is interesting.

KL: How many events did you play at the World Series?

I played 11 events and I had 3 cashes. It actually was my best World Series so far. Usually I only cash once, I have a real shit record, so 3 was good.

KL: What did you base your decision on what tournaments you wanted to play?

I literally based it on when I was in town. It was funny I had like 25 events I wanted to play, including the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. but then I got there and I was out of the first event, the $10,000 pot limit in the first level so I immediately flew home and said fuck it like the psycho I am! I said I was just going to come back for the H.O.R.S.E. and the Main Event. I did come back and forth a few times from LA and I just picked and chose. When I felt like playing them I would. On the day of the $50,000 I hadn’t slept the night before and I’m not going to burn my backers money, I would never disrespect our business partnership and play a $50,000 event unless I was 100% and I wasn’t 100% that day so I missed it. I played a lot of funky events, only 3 no limits; I played a fun little mix. I had fun at the WSOP this year, which is the reason I did it like this, just taking it as it comes rather than forcing myself to race for the bracelet. I really respect full time tournament players for being able to do that but because I have other means and other interests I can’t pursue it. I guess I don’t want it as bad as they do but I respect my money enough to give myself a real chance. That’s really what it’s about at this point.

KL: What are your thoughts on ladies events? You won one at the Bike, do you think they should be bracelet events at the WSOP?

Sure, the thing is about ladies or any specific category; I understand why they do it. They want to get the ladies in the casino; it’s the largest growing demographic so it can’t be a bad thing. If they have ladies only they should have men only, they should have gays only, latins only and on and on. I think it’s quite funny when those guys dress up for the ladies events.

KL: Should they be allowed to play?

No, they should just leave it alone and if they want to have a men’s only, have a men’s only. Let the ladies play. It’s a great thing for poker. I got invited to the one at the Bike and won it, played another in London that I won. Last year I played it for 10 minutes and then I missed it this year. To me, I should play it but I am bad at the poker promotion. If I get invited I always like to come play. I’m shocked when I get invited! I say yes usually, so if you invite me somewhere I will probably go!

KL: What is your favorite game?

My favorite game is stud high lo. I think it’s my best game too. I don’t play it that often; I used to play it live. They have it in this private game I play in about 2 times a month in LA. I play cash and that’s the only cash game I play now.

KL: So you don’t play cash as much as you used to?

No, I don’t. That part of my poker career is sort of on hold. I would but I don’t really have the time to come to the clubs. I do play in the private game a couple times a week if I am in town, although I have been taking time off that too and just concentrating on my options. Online I will only play at Full Tilt, I will play my $1-$2 Kristy Gazes table, I play the pot limit Omaha hi lo split, which is a really fun game. So I will play that and then also tournaments when I am on Full Tilt.

KL: You were playing a lot of poker and now have made this switch to options. Why did you do that?

It was a gradual decision, really. I got the opportunity to learn from one of the best options men in the world, my business partner, and he was on me about teaching me. I was like a lazy poker player; I didn’t want to do shit. I saw how little he worked, how much he made, how smart he was and the way he thought about it. It reminded me of sports betting, which I did years ago and I said I could probably do this. I decided to take the opportunity to learn from him. It’s been sluggish the last couple months, but I am really learning and I am really grateful that I am still in action. It’s a more conservative form of gambling but the market is so crazy these days. I’m enjoying it and it suits my laziness portion of my life.

KL: So you mentioned your holidays – do you plan them out or are they spur of the moment trips?

My last trip was a dare, and picked out of a hat so that was fun. I love traveling for leisure rather than poker. I find when I travel for poker I don’t do as much in the town as I should because I am in work mode. When I travel for fun I am the total leisure traveler, get up whenever, no agenda, party at night, go to local spots. I feel so lucky, I have traveled a lot and there is so much more to see.

KL: Favorite place in the world you have been.

Maui, bar none. Second would be South Island New Zealand, a town called Nelson that’s like heaven on earth. I love the water, that’s my thing.

KL: What do you have coming up?

I just want to play World Poker Tour events, I love WPT. I am thinking about Aruba and then maybe Niagara in October, and then Bellagio.

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