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CD Poker Presents 8 Easy Steps to Playing Hold’em

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CD Poker believes in helping players who are new to poker learn the ropes and improve their playing skills. With that in mind, CD Poker offers the following eight easy steps to playing limit Texas Hold'em poker. With CD Pokers easy tutorial, anyone can learn the game easily!

All you need is between two and 10 players, a dealer and a deck of 52 cards to play the game. The goal of a hand is that each player tries to win the pot by having the best 5 Card Poker Hand. In front of one of the players will be a button with a "D" on it. This is called the dealer button. The dealer button moves one position to the left before each game round. It is used to determine the betting order for each hand played. Now let’s go over the 8 Easy Steps.

1) Before the cards can be dealt, two players have to put out the Small & Big Blind Bets to build the pot (this is similar to an ante in Stud games). The player to the left of the Dealer Button bets the Small Blind Bet (SB) and then the player to his/her left has to double the Small Blind Bet. This is called the Big Blind Bet (BB).

2) The Dealer then deals two cards faced down (the Pocket cards) to each player in the game.

3) In the 1st Betting Round, the individual seated to the left of the player who bet the Big Blind “opens” the round and it the action continues clockwise. Every player can fold, call, or raise the Big Blind Bet.

4) The Dealer deals the Flop Cards, which are three cards facing up, placed at the center of the table. The Flop cards are "community" cards that the players can use to make up their five-card poker hand.

5) The 2nd Betting Round is carried out exactly as the first, only the betting starts with the first player with cards, seated to the left of the Dealer Button.

6) In the 3rd Betting Round, the Dealer deals the Turn Card, which is the fourth community card. This round is carried out just the same as the previous round and in the same betting order with the exception of a limit betting structure – in a limit game, the big bet round would apply on the Turn Card.

7) In the 4th & Last Betting Round, the Dealer deals the 5th community card, called the River Card and the final betting round begins just as the previous rounds with the big bet round applying in a limit betting structure.

8) Now it’s time for the showdown. After the last betting round, the players reveal their cards. Each player must make the best 5-card combination using the community cards and/or his or her Pocket Cards. To make the best 5 Card Poker Hand, the player may use one, two or none of his or her Pocket Cards.

The player with the best hand wins the pot! Then the Dealer Button moves to the left to another player and a new game begins.

Now you are ready to sign up at CD Poker through PokerWorks and use the bonus code: ‘pworks’! And when you do, you will get a special bonus of 150% up to $500 and an exclusive 70% up to $500 monthly reload bonus! Then you are set to take a seat around CD Poker's tables and enjoy the thrill of online Texas Hold'em Poker. Take a seat at CD Poker today and get in on their great promotions and some Texas Hold’em action!

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